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The LORD’S School of Silence

April 23, 2024
Sandi Holman

I have been hearing The LORD speak to me about “The Sound of Silence’ and being still before Him.

He gave me a Word a good while back that pertained to the fear and darkness of the world.

He said, “There is much isolation and fear in this time of darkness and there are many who are afraid to reach out or take a stand for Truth.

They are hearing, but they are not listening.

Fear has gripped their hearts and they have become silent.

There has been a distinct sound of silence, but know that the silence is being broken as many are stepping out with bold enlarged hearts to rescue the nations and be the light in the darkness.”

And I have actually begun to see that starting to happen.  But today, I knew I was getting a New Message of Silence and Listening — that demanded my undivided attention.

He actually said, “My daughter, I have been pulling you back into My Presence and you thought it was only to finish writing your Book — and it is true — you are way behind on finishing the Book, and you must make haste to do it quickly.

But today, I must speak to you the urgency of your next important orders from Heaven.

It is now urgent to obtain My heavenly perspective and directive.

It is a time of crossing over into the new day in a special time of preparation.

I AM defining My Prophets and refining them in My Holy Presence for a time of Listening and Learning, to Listen afresh without speaking.

Remember, when you first received The Mantle of a Prophet and you would pray to Me saying,  “Speak LORD, your servant is listening.”

I AM shifting you into a time of quieting your soul.

I AM speaking to My called Prophets directly, but also to all who are in this end-time war time.  For all are the prophets of their lives.

Yes, complete understanding and also prayer demands a quietening of the whole being.

You are entering a time of be still and know that I AM God, with an attitude of waiting and putting your mind in a receptive attitude.

It will be well remembered as a time of preparation for what lies ahead beyond 2024.

What lies ahead all across The Nations is a sobering time.

It is a time of preparation to War, as well as a time to learn how to relax and release yourselves from the stress and pressure of the world.

It is a time to be strengthened in the power of quieting your thoughts and entering into My Thoughts,” says The LORD, “for My Thoughts are not your thoughts.”

As I listened, I was reminded of a time in my life when I went through Dick Eastman’s “Change the World School of Prayer” in 1983 in the time of the early Charismatic movement at Trinity Chapel in Knoxville, Tn.

Our manual spoke of Leonard Ravenhill talking about a “School of Silence” and he said, ‘John the Baptist’s training was in God’s university of silence.”

He said,  “God takes all of His great men there.”

He then referred to Apostle Paul who, after his encounter on the road to Damascus, went through three years alone in Arabia to meet quietly with God.

“I AM putting a border around you,” says The LORD.

“I alone AM The One Who laid down the borders which separate and divide Nations.

Each Nation has a different Destiny.

You have a particular Destiny that has been planned for you from the beginning.

I have separated you unto myself as a treasure.

I AM setting you aside during this time.  You will not be emerged into the melting pot of the popular, the competition of the world, or what is known as the conventional.

I AM calling you to come aside and abide.

Come aside and sit a while with me in ‘silence’. Yes there are two in a conversation but this is a communication time of listening and not speaking but learning the power of stillness and and open heart that only listens.

I AM filling your heart with My Presence.

I AM changing your mind to always want to ‘have the answer’ and interrupt.

I AM teaching you to be still and know — that I AM God!

Many of My called-out ones have begun to lose their Identity and the singleness of heart to their calling in the midst of the chaotic trauma and drama of these last days.

So I say to you this day, “I AM tightening the ‘border controls’ around your life.

I have marked you out for myself.  You must not drift out into the muddy waters of despair at this hour.

You must not lose your high calling for the empty rewards of those who would bargain with you for money in exchange for your life’s calling,”” says The LORD God.

“So, I say LISTEN.  Quietness in a man or a woman is a make of strength.

I AM strengthening your spirit as you shut out the world with all of its noise.

Listening, My Beloved, is heart communication.”

In my school, they told a story of Wordsworth and Coleridge spending a delightful evening sitting by a warm fire for hours without a single word being shared between them.

Finally, at the end of the evening, one of the men declared, “It has been a great evening”.

This was a picture depicting that they had learned The Power of Silence in communication between two friends.

Heart communication is the highest level of communion.

It truly involves the spirit of communicating in silence with the Spirit of God.

Listening is the most powerful weapon of prayer.  It allows the prayer warrior’s heart to open and listen as he reaches out to God.

Since God knows everything there is to know, we should never do all the talking to him in prayer.

“Moving forward in these end-times,” says The LORD of all, “I want your full attention. My prophets are in a testing time of going deeper into understanding.

They are being set apart for special training and new vision as they come up higher in total surrender.”

I keep hearing the words to this song, “Be still and know that I am God. Be still and know that I am God. Be still and know that I am God.”

Immediately, The LORD said,  “In the still of the night, you shall know that I AM God and ever quiet stillness, The Fear of God shall become your new covering of divine protection as you carry my heart wherever I send you,” says The LORD.

“You are entering a time when it is important that you hear clearly and understand completely my instructions.

Just as I taught Jeremiah to call upon Me.  I AM instructing my end time warrior army to call upon me.

I AM ready to reveal marvelous tactics and wondrous things that you could never figure out in your own understanding,” says The LORD.

“Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know.”   Jeremiah 33:3.


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