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The teachings of Belial and the inevitable destruction of man – Olasubomi Williams

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The teachings of Belial and the inevitable destruction of man

April 26, 2024 10:17 AM
Olasubomi Williams
Ezekiel 27, 32, Job 21, Revelations 13,14,16 and 17, 1 Enoch 6,7,8,9,10 and 12, Genesis 6, 2 Thessalonians 2, 2 Timothy 3, James 3:13-18, 1 John 5:18-21, Jude 1:5-23, Daniel 12

Words of the Adon Yahusha ha masheach

ChatGPT and it’s associates as well as social media are the works of man inspired by the devil. There are many things that are wrong with that technology. My children, watch how you use this technology as so many of you chosen ones who are into tech, need to understand this now.

Not every technology is inspired by me. Some if not many are inspired by the fallen ones. They have knowledge and wisdom that many of you crave for. They(the fallen ones)have had thousands upon thousands of years to hone their craft. They build technologies and weapons of warfare and either sell them to man or inspire them to build such. In fact, the man who invented the space rocket in America was inspired by these satanic entities who later ended up with a tragic end.

Man has always craved for knowledge since the dawn of time. I am the source of all knowledge, I am the source of all innovation, creativity and ideas. It was from me that I am able to create something out of nothing. I am the only being who can actually create something out of nothing. No one else, not even the angels can replicate this power. Yes, not even satan, Lucifer himself can replicate this ability. Only I YAHUAH can. But even I know the limitations of man. For man is not supposed to know everything nor is he supposed to know that which is of the heavenly. That is why I placed an embargo on man. To restrict him, from creating his own destruction and downfall. However, these fallen angels who are renegades before my eyes, teach man forbidden knowledge which I have told my holy ones not to teach. They have no restraint and in the end, they will fill man with so much knowledge to his own destruction and confusion.

I have limited man in his quest for knowledge but yet I encourage him to search for me and to innovate, build and create under certain guidelines and restrictions. However, man is threading the line and he is slowly ever inching towards his own destruction. As the evil men persevere the way of righteous and causes the land to be thoroughly defiled, so too do they bring and teach the doctrines of freemasonry and luciferianism to the masses. They teach my children to love themselves rather than love me and they use echo chambers (in this case social media) to push their propaganda.

Now they have taken it up a notch and are teaching and seducing my children all over the world the teachings of the ancient gods of this world namely the fallen ones. They teach quantum computing, as well as other fields of research that are an abomination unto me. Such are eugenics, transhumanism, communism ideologies, and cross genetics. Combining foods of different species aka hybridisation amongst each other is an abomination unto me, combining animals of different species aka cross gene experimentation is also an abomination unto me, transhumanism is a no go area as you will be crossing the line of salvation and fully entering the kingdom and territory of the enemy at that point. I do not want my children to have any part in this, the scientific research field is an abomination to me in it’s entirety. Technology can still be used but much better limited my children as your world needs technology in order to preach the gospel of my kingdom and for work purposes. But never under any circumstances, you must be allowed into the scientific research field even if it pays well. Trust in me and my ways. Let me guide you to life everlasting.

ChatGPT is a device that will be used in the endtimes. It was created by a Satanist who lies to the public and he is an abomination to me. He doesn’t want to repent so I have given him over to his overlords. He thinks he is wise, however he will soon know what it means when I say, I am the Adon YAH and you shall have no other gods but me. He will be brought to his knees by force. They were a collection of people who went into this project as they sought about to bring their new world order. ChatGPT will be enforced in the time of the end as well as all of its subsidiaries. Enjoy it now my children, while it last as you will be required to take the mark of the beast in order to interact with or use the technology. Any technology whose framework was built with the ChatGPT API(which means application programming interface) will be required in the time of the end to pay allegiance to the beast as it will be seamlessly integrated into the neural link to enforce the mark of the beast. To those in tech, to before warned is to befall hand. This is your God speaking, king of kings and lord of lords. YAHUSHA ha masheach.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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