THE HOUR IS NEAR! – Anonymous


September 13, 2018
Brothers and sisters in Christ,

I was in bed with the light turned on, and my ears started to ring, and it sounded like a bell being rung in the distance. I felt a compulsion to pray for the Lost Sheep Of Israel, and I did. Then I started speaking in Tongues extremely fast, my heart started to beat out of my chest and i felt it throughout my body, the i felt a rush of joy, peace, life and love and I looked around, There was light everywhere in my room, and it was getting brighter, and i started seeing white pillars, holding up some sort of building. And Then The Lord spoke to me and said “TELL EVERYONE WHAT YOU HAVE JUST SEEN! THE HOUR IS NEAR!
Send this to people, friends, Everyone, The Lord is Near. Repent, Lost Sheep of Israel, The Time is Coming!
Have Faith, brothers and sisters. I know people are struggling through maybe persecution, and other things, but stay alive in Christ no matter what!
The Lord bless you all.

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