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May 19, 2023 2:27 PM

“SAINTS UP” – A Testimony – May 19, 2023

On a recent trip to a store two towns over—a trip I take no more than two times per month—I was inspired to do some self-deliverance as I was driving through the scenic mountains and valleys. For the first time, the Holy Spirit encouraged me to cast out not only the “usual suspects”, but the spirits of the nanotechnologies and graphene oxide entering the human body through vaccines, messenger RNA spike protein shedding, and recently even contaminated foods. Though I have not been vaccinated, I was concerned that some of the nanotech had entered my body by other means. I was greatly surprised by how much yawning I was doing in response to the deliverance. This reaction not only indicated some level of contamination but also let me know the deliverance was working.


When I arrived at my destination, I parked my car in its usual spot at the far side of a small strip mall. I turned off the engine, and looked ahead through the windshield only to see graffiti sprayed on the wall ten feet ahead of me. In all my trips to this place, I had never once seen graffiti on the walls of this building in this small mountain town. I felt sad for the building’s owner and its tenants. But soon after I actually read the graffiti’s words and wondered what they meant, I realized this green-painted lettering was no ordinary signature or message. The message comprised of only two words in all caps: “SAINTS UP”. The green color, like a green traffic light, urged “GO!”


I sat in the driver’s seat pondering the message for a few minutes. Had some impassioned disciple of Jesus Christ, hopefully under the influence of the Holy Spirit, sounded a clarion call to God’s End-Time Army of saints? Or had some New Orleans Saints football fan had too much to drink and decided to express himself?


When I stepped out of my car, I was musing about the graffiti and felt emboldened by its message to me as a Christian. Born again and full-immersion baptized about five years ago, I had been stepping up as a disciple doing ad hoc street evangelism by praying for the sick as I encountered them. Sometimes the people I prayed for experienced a tingling sensation, heat, and some relief—and one woman had cancelled her knee surgery—but more often I prayed for their healing and did not receive immediate confirmation of the healing prayer’s efficacy. I had to trust that God was healing them on His own time in ways I might not see. I also knew I needed to step up more as a disciple, going more into the Word and helping to train and equip others in healing and deliverance.


So when I left my car and walked through the parking lot, I immediately noticed an old lady in her 70s, cane in hand, struggling to get out of her car. “Here goes!” I heard the Holy Spirit say to me. “SAINTS UP!”


I offered help to this woman, and she gladly accepted it. She was riddled in pain. I asked her if I could pray for her healing and for the pain to lessen. “I would love that,” she replied. “I’m a Christian. I believe in healing prayer. Go ahead.” So when I prayed over her, going before God’s throne and asking in Jesus’s name for the Holy Spirit to enter her from head to toe and bring healing to every bone, tissue, and organ, I personally focused on casting out the spirits of pain and inflammation. Then suddenly, the Holy Spirit told me, “Cast out the spirits of vaccine nanotechnology and graphene oxide.” I had no idea if the woman had been vaccinated and boostered. As I did this deliverance, I worried that the woman might think I was inappropriate or going overboard, but nevertheless, I obeyed the Holy Spirit. When I finished, I gave glory to God for whatever healing would happen. Then I wished her well, and we parted.


Within 30 seconds, from behind me I heard the woman calling out to me, “The pain is going away!” Inspired and grateful, I returned to her. “From 1 to 10, what pain level was it before?” I asked her. “It was a 10,” she said. I had no idea her pain had been that bad. “What level is it now? I inquired, curious. “A 6!” she responded smiling. “Well, let’s pray one more time,” I suggested, and we went right to it. Afterward, she went to her store destination in the mall, and I went to mine.


As “luck” would have it, in half an hour, we both arrived back at the parking lot at the same time. I asked the woman how she was feeling. “The pain’s now a 2!” she crowed happily. “Well, let’s pray some more,” I suggested. Since we had more time available and no appointments to go to, she opened up and revealed that she had just battled with cancer. “I have no immune system,” she said. “That’s why I’ve taken so many of those vaccines,” she explained. “That’s why I wear my mask everywhere.” I didn’t have the heart to explain to her at the time that the several vaccines she had taken could have compromised her immune system’s T-cells (the spike protein docks into the nicotine receptors of the T-cells and disables them) and enabled the cancer. Now was not the appropriate time to tell her that one of the vaccines had been found by researchers in Japan to contain the code of SV40, a simian virus known to promote cancer. But I did ask in Jesus’s name for the Holy Spirit to come in and cast out the spirit of cancer from her and bind it so it wouldn’t return. “No more vaccines,” I cautioned her.


After we parted for the last time, I settled in the driver’s seat and glanced at the graffiti once more. I thanked God for the message and for helping me to step up further as a disciple, a “saint”. Later that day, I silently wondered if the Holy Spirit’s healing balm had finally brought this woman’s pain down to a zero.



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