Ready for Battle, We Take Our Places / Glorious Son – LynL

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Ready for Battle, We Take Our Places / Glorious Son

March 18, 2024 10:12 PM
This poem was given to me by the Holy Spirit, yesterday (03-18-24). It took approximately 10 minutes to take down. As I reread it, I told the Holy Spirit that I did not like two words and to please give me an alternate word, and he did immediately. I am not a writer, a matter of fact, I really don’t like literature (exception is the Holy Bible), writing or creating much of anything. Though this is what he has had me doing, for the last 10 years. I guess he had a different path for me, than what I would have chosen. Here is the poem:
Ready For Battle, We Take Our Places

A lack of fear, for the coming Day of the Lord
I’ve suited myself up, with my proper gear
I am ready for battle, I have no fear

I walk as a group, in pairs of two,
Accomplishing God’s work
Preparing those, to be among the few

Knowing what I know now, I plot my course
There is no harm, in what I do
I carry out the Word, that was spoken so long ago

We are covered with righteousness, truth, and love
We are empowered by the God above
No more time, for sin to abide
Repent of all, that is hidden inside
Give your life to the Lord, all times
Marching forward we scour the lands
Looking for those, who need a hand
We envelope their soul with God’s presence
And make them whole, and repair their soul

To fight the battle, we use his Word,
and show his love
Come to me on bended knees,
to make you ready, for the Heavenlies

We fight the fight, to put satan to flight
We are not afraid, for God is at our side
We walk the walk, we speak his Word
There is nothing more important, than the Lord

We know our King, is ready for us to fight
We prepare our spirit to do what is right
Much of time, in the past, was spent in vain
We fight now, with all our might

God will lead us thru the battlefields
Armored up, for the battle has begun
I will follow the one and glorious Son!

Another poem given to me a few days ago, goes as follows.
This one took about 5 minutes.

Glorious Son

I am thankful that I can see, and I can hear,
and know that you are there
Nothing impacts my life like you
My guiding light, my shining armor
I’ll follow you to the ends of the Earth

Be with me, in all I do
Grace my Path, with favor and blessings
Your love and kindness, shows thru in me
Forever being the person, I was meant to be
No matter which way, I look or run
Your there before me, the Glorious Son

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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