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Awake! – Roxanne V

Photos courtesy Pixabay


June 29, 2024 10:50 AM
Roxanne V


You say you’re awake
And oooh so sharp
You see the planes leaving trails
And riders in the dark.

You say, “Don’t jab this!”
And point out the fraud,
But are you truly awake
Do you see the hand of God?

The ripple begins and is already here
Evil rises from earth and sea
The plot is old, the story retold
What is reality and what soon will it be?

Prepping you for a beastly brand
The trance is a lie – dead cannot dance
Seeking relief, yet that choice is final
Crystals, potions, drums and chants.

Alluring, flattery, seduction, even wealth
Whispers promising great things
True treasure they do not have
Deceivers with a million strings.

Fake fur is theirs, fake alien, fake everything
Wolves are on the track
Copycats and sewer rats
Lies are all they pack.

They’re out to steal, to kill, destroy
Given agreement, they take hold
A favorite game of sin they play
Your life, a toy, like games of old.

Truth and lies a tapestry they weave
The earth spews innocent blood
Pure blood atones, it’s only from the Lamb
Don’t fall for it no child of God should.

Thirsting for power, pride drives them on
It’s pride that began this ride
A tower like Babel false unity the goal
The time has come when they will not hide.

Beckoning you down and down
Dark doors entered under all feet
Is it rest, is it truly power or peace
The place you go when the drums beat?

The Door of Truth is not found under world
The Door is also the Gate
Go UP dear one, The truth is the Pearl
Look UP before it’s too late.

Straight is the gate, true peace that lasts
The Shepard knows His own
His own know His voice and yearn for it daily
Every small cadence and tone.

The heart of the matter is where it begins
Awake dear heart, AWAKE!
Yet the key is putting on HIS mind
When your soul is what’s at stake.

Soul can be split by your Maker, it’s true
The One who made you, can also undo
It’s the fear of the LORD to turn from evil and see
His will for a child like you – or me.

He holds all mysteries in His hand
All you would ask and ever hope to seek
Mysteries, magnificence, wonders and love
He calls to you from the deep!

Three are they, yet together One God
Think only on things high above
Seek Him and find all things good.
The great I AM is truth and love.

You question the truth, your neck a board
Yet there’s only one way into the fold
You say it doesn’t matter – buddhaallah chatter.
But hear this, it’s a lie that’s being told.

There are rules to enter
Through eternity’s gate
Don’t waste time, bickering or guessing
The hour is late, late, late!

Repentance and faith gets you to that Door
By faith alone is salvation received
Call and say, Jesus Christ is Lord
He answers, “Enter all who believe!”

Jesus Christ, the Shepard
The Dove, Holy Fire
Only through His leading
Will you fill your heart’s desire

He softly calls, “Come child, come in!”
It’s time, it’s now the fence comes down
If you stay on the fence, lukewarm it’s called, rescue denied,
Yet hold you can to the martyr’s crown.

Come child, to your Father
Run in faith, believe it’s true
He holds out His hand and calls again
“Awake NOW to Who TRULY loves you!”


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