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Martial Law – Reagan


Martial Law

February 7, 2021, 2:35 PM

Hello I’m a 13 year old boy I have only had 2 dreams that I was sure God gave me and the dream I just had is the second 1 so here is what I was shown.

In my dream I remember seeing a blue paper and some words on it I didn’t read the words in this part of the dream because I just saw it and didn’t care and when looking at the paper I just saw soilders outside while inside my home as if I was having a vision in a dream and after that I went into my living room and saw a hole at the top left of my living room roof(I live in apartment building’s at the moment) so after seeing that a guy at the end of his 40s just falls through and for some reason my door was open and the soldiers and cops where in my apartment and when he fell they all looked at him like as if saying with there eyes there you are and the old guy got scared and ran out the apartment to the parking lot to go to his car but it was too late a cop on a motorcycle was at his car soldiers coming from his back and his right and then after they caught him I thought about getting my bike and running away but it takes a while to take my bike out and the 1st dream has ended

Ok so here is the second dream everything was the same in the beginning until I get to the blue paper but this time I read it and I don’t remember much but the summary of it was just they were saying they are bringing martial law to protect us and after I read to blue paper I was like oh no I need to get out of here so I got my bike this time before they got to my apartment and I rode my bike but I didn’t get far with it as if the soldiers were faster on foot than me on a bike so for some reason I left it and ran and I was entering like these woods but with apartment buildings in the woods and the soldiers kept getting closer and I had to keep jumping over wooden fences they were as tall as me or a little shorter and I finnaly got to the last wooden fence and the moment I jumped and was gonna get over the wooden fence the dream ended.

He is my discernment I think the first half was for me but included all who were sining when this comes it will be too late for you who sin but the second half is for those who stay ready because if you do stay ready it won’t be too late for you but don’t trust me on what I say as of what I have learned from Jeff barley not to give you own opinion get it from the Lord your self good bye and God bless you all.


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