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Parents Get Your Children Ready – The Messenger


Parents Get Your Children Ready

September 27, 2021 9:56 PM
The Messenger

Received on 9/27/21 After 10 PM

My Son take these instructions down for all parents out there. My Children , My Ones, for those of you who do not realize this ,I have given a few messages to My Workers especially My Messengers about My Heritage the little ones. If you read Psalm 127 in its entirety you will find out that the Children are My Heritage , Children are the Heritage of The Lord and the fruit of the womb is his reward. They are My Heritage, My Reward , they are pure , they are not defined yet. Men have not tainted their thoughts their ways yet . That is why My SON said let the little ones come heaven is meant for them.

Children to be blunt, I gave you Children so you know what true love feels like so you know what it could feel like being a Father or mother and in hopes you would raise My Children, My Heritage up to be believers in Me your God Your Father and My SON, Jesus the Christ and for the most part throughout the years many have done a good job for what they were givin,

Children with now Covid and many events that are about ready to unfold I as your Father, Your Creator will be takin a lot of My Heritage away from here off this planet, away from what will soon take place. My Worthy who have Children have already been informed what will happen to their Children , if they are of a certain age and I Your LORD Your Father will deem that age child by child . Again if you obey My Voice and can harken to My Voice than you would already know what shall transpire with the little ones.

My Children I want you to start to prep your Children getting them ready to leave , get yourselves ready to lose them . I would like you to spend as much time as you possibly can ,so you do not go into shock losing them . Children you need to start reading bible verses from My Words about My Holy SON , Jesus The Christ so as to get them acquainted with His Name , if you have not already . I know this is tough My Children but My Heritage is actually first fruits from the womb being pure with only original sin from Adam and Eve tainting them . They do not deserve to be on this planet with what is shortly, very shortly to transpire so again I Your LORD , say verily, verily time is so short get My Heritage ,My Children ,My Little Ones ready to meet their maker My SON, Jesus the Christ. I know it is tough My Children but this shall take place so get ready I Your LORD , Your God shall have another message on this .

End of message Your Father who are in heaven

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