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Rapture of the Children – Gwendolen Song


Rapture of the Children

March 22, 2021
Gwendolen Song



The Catching Away of My Little Ones
(March 19, 2021)

I will have mercy on those whom I choose to have mercy. I will have a global rescue of My precious ones at My perfect timing because the sacrificial system of satan during the tribulation era will require so much blood that none would be alive. There will be a catching away and it is a mystery that only I can confirm with My holy ones. There are traces of My unmerited mercy all throughout My Holy Word. If you study to show yourself approved and take the time to sit in My holy presence and refuse to receive your info from sources outside of Me and My Holy Word I will confirm that these things are true.

I will have mercy on My little ones as their blood has the highest market value and it will become more scarce as the days grow darker. The blood of the innocents and the blood of My saints have the highest value in the kingdom of darkness. And again I say, I will have mercy on those whom I choose to have mercy. Many will be home in My heavenlies before this catching away, but that does not mean that there will not be a catching away. Am I not allowed to govern My earth the way that I choose?

Many of the globalists are actually the original fallen ones who came down with lucifer. They fell with lucifer like lightening when they were abolished from My heavenly domain. They are working for their father, the serpent, the originator of all that is dark and vile on your planet. They were allowed to retain their heavenly garments which allow them to have qualities of both domains at the same time–shapeshifting and losing their physical matter to carry out extra dimensional activities. This is not new information, dearest ones. There is nothing new under the sun.

Rapture of the Children
(November 2020)

To My Dearest Ones who are earnestly awaiting My arrival,

Children, the hour is later than many of you realize and before you know it I will be arriving in the skies to bring My beloveds home with Me for all of eternity. Children, I want to emphasize this point today and I want you to underscore it with your mustard seeds of faith—I am coming in the clouds. Be thirsty for Me. Be hungry for My Words of wisdom for these finals hours of this era. I Am not a man that I should lie. I am coming in the sky! I will be, and when I do, I will be collecting all of the innocents which will make millions of unbelievers have tears in their eyes. They were told. They were warned by My end time servants, but they did not harken unto the warning. They will be left to endure the worst time the earth has ever known.

Why would I leave My precious children there during the reign of the son of perdition? Suffer not the little ones to come unto Me. I want them to be free! I want them to come home to heaven early to escape the wrath that will be poured out across the earth-earthquakes raging volcanoes, disease and pestilence. One disaster after another and then the final blow—the mark of the son of perdition. My remnant already knows that it is ready and waiting to be distributed. There is no more time, dearest ones. Stop playing games with your eternity. Stop wasting your time on your electronics and come and sit at My feet like Mary. Martha said that she loved Me too, but she was always busy with other activities. Come and be like Mary, dearest ones. Learn to sit with Me and I will share the secrets of what will be. Soon what is before you will be no more. I am the One who opens and shuts the door. I am the One who controls the hands of time. The little ones are Mine! Here today and gone tomorrow, and then I will close out this era. Be sure to love the LORD your God with all of your heart, mind, soul, and strength, and learn to give unto the needy when I place it on your heart. You are My hands and feet upon the earth. Go, go now, and do your part!

I come quickly. There will be great weeping and gnashing of teeth.


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