My name is Margaret Blake. I received the following word from the Lord
yesterday, April 30th, 2019.

When the Lord gave this word to me, He gave it in tune form from a song,
titled “Where Have All The Flowers Gone”.

I search Youtube for an instrumental rendition of this song and posted the
word and a copy of the instrumental on my Facebook page

I thought because the Lord had released this word to me in tune form, that
I should post it with the accompanying tune.

Margaret Blake

Here is the instrumental video link:


Where have all the children gone?
They cannot be found.
Where have all the children gone?
We are forlorn…
Where are all the babies gone?
Not a one can be found,
Where have they disappeared?
Where have, oh where, have they gone?

I will tell you where they’ve gone,
Gone to Heaven every one.
I will tell you why they’ve gone,
Cause they belong to God.
He sent His angels to every one,
Of these young and precious ones.
To carry them safely home,
To be with their Abba God.

God says to remind you,
of His word oh so clear.
To suffer not the children,
To come unto Him.
As they are precious in His sight,
He has safeguarded them.
And has made safe their way,
Home to be with Him.

They are pure and innocent,
Each and every one of them.
And God has delivered them,
From this world of sin.
That will very soon be plunged,
Into deep and dark despair.
When the time of shaking comes,
And darkness covers everywhere.

Now you know where the children have gone,
That they’re embraced by God.
Will you see them yet again?
Well that depends on you.
Jesus is the only way,
To enter Heaven’s narrow gate,
And to behold again,
Your little child’s face.

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