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God is Going to Take ALL the Children – RAPTURE WARNING! Repent! – Watchwoman

God is Going to Take ALL the Children-RAPTURE WARNING! Repent!

September 30, 2019

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hi everyone is Monday September 30th
2019 the Lord gave me a dream for
parents of children who will be taken by
the Lord they are left behind parents
and this is a warning to them that if
they are left behind and as your parent
children are taken from you you must
repent and holy give yourself to Jesus
Christ and he will rescue you as well
all right this is scriptural let me
share with you what I saw and then I’ll
explain to you the scripture that goes
along with that so what I saw was like
it looked like a white light background
and then I saw four windows in a row and
as I looked through each window each
window was a like a white square and it
had a movie playing inside of it
so I looked through the first window and
I saw there was adults that were left
behind and their children had been taken
by the Lord okay so the Lord had taken
the children up to heaven and these
people were standing all races all over
the world with their hands up and there
they were crying and they were
grief-stricken and they were pleading
with the Lord to take them and give them
their children back okay so there was
standing all in a big crowd and there
their hands were up to the sky and they
were weeping and repenting and asking
the Lord to help them and so what struck
me was that they seemed to be like
little children themselves these adults
with their hands up to the air crying
and asking for God to help them they
looked like little children who were
crying and wanted to be picked up and
comforted by their father which is
exactly what Jesus did and as this was
happening I saw Jesus reach down from
heaven he grabbed the square that I was
looking at and pulled the whole entire
Square with the people inside of it up
to heaven okay and so the Lord took them
and answered their prayer of for mercy
all right now that was the first square
that I saw the second two squares were
different and that they were filled with
people who are not repentant and they
reaped the full judgment of God all
right so the first square the scriptural
confirmation is in Hosea Hosea 5:14
talks about the Lord coming as a lion
and grabbing the children and
away and then later on and Hosea 6 1 & 6
2 it talks about how the parents will
repent and the Lord will have mercy on
them so Hosea 5:14 says for I will be
unto Ephraim as a lion and as a young
lion to the house of Judah I even I will
chair and go away I will take away and
none shall rescue him I will go and
return to my place till they acknowledge
their offence and seek my face in their
affliction they will seek me early
Hosea have 6 1 it says it’s two parents
talking of the parents of the children
who are taken and it says come and let
us return unto the Lord for he hath torn
and he will heal us he has smitten and
he will bind us up after 2 days he will
revive us in the third day he will raise
us up and we shall live in his sight
then we shall know if we followed on to
know the Lord his going forth is
prepared as the morning and he shall
come to us as the rain as the latter
rain as a ladder and former rain unto
the earth ok and so this is talking
about how the parents pray to the Lord
and they will be answered all right the
second two windows I saw were scenes
from the tribulation this the second
window out of the three windows I saw I
saw people’s hands gathering sticks as
if to burn them like firewood okay and
so when I looked into the scripture to
find out what this meant the Lord was
put a story in numbers 15 which talks
about a man who was gathering firewood
wood on the on a Sabbath and he was
sentenced to death okay and so we know
that the end of of the age of grace is
when the church is taken and then we go
back to the law okay and so it’s not
surprising that the Lord referred me
back to the story and it gives an
explanation before the story starts as
to why he was punished by death by
stoning and numbers 1531 says because he
despised the word now we know the word
is Jesus Christ the word of the Lord and
hath broken his commandment that soul
shall be utterly cut off from his people
as iniquity shall be upon him
okay and so in numbers 15 30 to 35 later
on it talks about while the children
were in the wilderness they found a man
who gathered sticks on the Sabbath day
and the Lord said unto Moses this man
shall surely be put to death all the
congregation shall stone him with stones
without the camp and they did and they
did go ahead and stone this man all
right so what I’m seeing is there was a
punishment for non acknowledging Jesus
you go back under the law and you were
severely punished unto death in the
tribulation okay the third window I saw
was increasing chaos with each one of
these windows I was looking at and
people were running to and fro and the
background scenery looked like the
Bahamas after durian hit it everything
was completely flattened and there was
no standing housing and people were
running back and forth and gathering the
flat things like pieces of cardboard
pieces of plywood and they were trying
to make makeshift shelter out of these
things because there was nothing left
standing I don’t know that causes it
could be a nuclear war could be severe
weather I don’t really know but this is
what I saw
and so the Lord referred me to Matthew 7
26 and 27 where it speaks about Jesus
Christ being the rock and if people
build their house upon the rock it will
stand in the storm and if they do not
it’s like building a house on the stand
and the great is the fall of that house
also in Joe 8 it talks about the
hypocrites being cut off and it says in
Joby 15 assess he shall lean upon his
house but it shall not stand he shall
hold it fast initial not endure so these
are people in the tribulation that will
not repent and they will not accept
Jesus Christ and they’re left to their
own devices and and they’re utterly
destroyed and in the tribulation the
fourth window is was twice as big it was
huge and it showed as a very peaceful
scene of beautiful rolling hills and
multitudes of people dressed in
multitude multicolored clothing and the
whole picture was an amazing sense of
peace and happiness coming out of it and
I knew that I was looking at us at the
Millennial Kingdom when people would be
side enjoying the world in the earth and
everything would be peaceful and calm
and so the Lord restored everything in
this picture
nothing was destroyed anymore it was all
beautiful flowers and hills and grass
and it was just gorgeous and as a a60 it
talks about how they all the righteous
will inherit the land forever and the
Lord’s reign will have no end okay and
so this is a really positive ending to
what the Lord was showing me in this
series of things to come okay we have
the hope and the promise of the Lord
Jesus taking control of the earth and
his reign will have no end and there
will not be any more evil in the world
after he defeats Satan so I wanted to
show this with you I hope it blesses you
and I hope you have a great

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