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Children Had Been Taken First – Whitney Eslick Manuel

Children Had Been Taken First

Jun 19, 2019, 11:11 AM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

This is Whitney Eslick Manuel. I had a very long and detailed dream about the Rapture about 6 years ago, so it would have been about 2013.

The dream started off with me in an old-fashioned car. It was parked on a grassy hill that overlooked, but was some distance, from a small city. The city was robust, with many streets, business districts, moderately tall building, etc. I was sitting in the car on the left hand side. Although I am married, my father was on my right hand side and we were holding hands. Someone was on his right hand side, but I didn’t see them. I have always assumed it was his new wife that he married the year after my mother went to Heaven.

The car we were in was facing the city, so that is where we were all looking. The sky was pretty clear and blue, when suddenly it lifted up. I will explain this as best I can: It was as if the sky/ the atmosphere of our usual sky, was lifted up and away as you might lift up a square piece of glass or something. When it was lifted up, another atmosphere was revealed that seemed to have been hidden behind it or above it somehow. It didn’t look all that different, but it was different.

Then, very suddenly, quick as a flash almost, I saw an angel dash down from the heavens into the city and then quickly flash back up! I saw another do the same thing, then another and another. I knew it was the Rapture in the dream! But no angel came for me. A flash of fear went through my heart, because I had fallen in sin not too long before this dream. I had repented and confessed my sin, but a guilt remained and I wondered if it would affect me should the Lord come. As I felt this fear in the dream, I kept seeing angels, about 2 or three at a time, dashing down, picking up one person each, and dashing right back up. But no angel came for me.

I took my hand away from my father’s, closed my eyes, and began to pray and repent in earnest, that the Lord would wash me and cleanse me from all sin and that He would take me. I opened my eyes and the same scene was there before me, angels coming down and flying back up, quick as could me, but no angel came for me. My mind raced to think what I could do. I had already repented.

Maybe I could pray and just tell the Lord how much I wanted to go and be with Him! So I closed my eyes again and prayed, asking Jesus to count me worthy, telling Him how much I wanted to be with Him. I opened my eyes and all was before me as it had been. The angels came, but it almost seemed to slow like how when popcorn pops and toward the end the popping gets fewer and further between. And still, no angel came for me. I thought what else to do?

Then, I remembered how in the Bible, like in the case of Jehoshaphat, King of Jerusalem, sometimes God’s people simply praised Him when they didn’t know what else to do. So at this point, I closed my eyes for the last time and praised the Lord God of Heaven and Earth, giving Him glory and honor for Who He is. This lasted some time and then I opened my eyes. I saw all as before, the city, the hill, the car, my father still sitting to my right hand side. There were still a few angels coming down, taking a person, and going back up, but no angel came for me.

I resigned myself that I wasn’t going in the Rapture. It was just an acceptance. I got out of the car and began to make my way toward the city. I walked around the streets and alleyways for some time. When I was in a narrow alleyway, I noticed an angel coming down, from high in the sky. My eyes fixed on him as he came nearer and nearer the earth. And then I noticed that he was coming in my general direction. I dared not hope, lest I be disappointed, but as he drew closer, he still was coming toward me. Could it be? I didn’t want my heart crushed if he moved a little to the side and picked up someone else, like when you think someone is waving at you and you wave back, only to feel the fool when they greet a person you didn’t know was behind you. I raised up my hands as a little child would do and I half cried and half yelled as my heart seemed to plead, “Are you coming for me!? Are you coming for me!?

He wore a pure white robe, long and past his feet. He was big, perhaps 10 feet tall and had large wings that surprised me by their shape. I had thought angels wings would look like great big bird wings, and perhaps they do, but in my dream they were more angular shaped, almost like slanted rectangles. His face was quite dark and he had a huge, beautiful smile and expression of joy on his face. He came down, swooped me up as fast and easy as could be. This surprised me because I am quite a chubby lady! He picked my up like he was picking up a leaf- no strain whatsoever. He picked me up just like you would a small child, hooking them from underneath their arms. I felt myself being lifted up in a flash, so quickly were we flying up, but I felt totally safe and secure. A rush of equal parts joy, elation, and sheer relief filled my entire being!

Thank God! It was finally over! Life and the struggles and the trying and the preparing and all of it was finally finally over- and I had MADE IT! I closed my eyes immediately and over and over and over kept saying to God while crying, “Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!” After many many thanks to the Lord, I thought how rude it was of me not to thank my angel! Of course I knew he was doing the Lord’s bidding, but I should at least acknowledge and thank him since he was the angel chosen to get me. I opened my eyes and looked at him. His face was right next to my face, which in normal life would be uncomfortable. No one likes having their face 3 inches from someone else’s, but here it didn’t matter. He still had that wonderful and beautiful smile on his face as he looked straight into mine! He wasn’t uncomfortable at all; I could see he had much joy over this assignment and was more than happy to be involved in rapturing the saints. I looked at him and from the bottom of my heart said, “Thank you”. He didn’t respond verbally, but his great big smile with his pure white teeth said it all. Just then, I wondered about the people on earth.

I looked down and saw many people out in the streets, looking up in great bewilderment. I was shocked at their shock! It was obvious these people had no idea, I mean no clue whatsoever, what was happening. I thought, well haven’t they ever heard of the Rapture before? Maybe they weren’t church going folks, but at least in passing? No one ever told them? They never read or heard anything about it? The looks on their faces said they had not. These people were at a loss to know what in the world was going on.

I wanted to help. I wanted to maybe very quickly yell out to them and help them in some way. I saw one gentleman in particular. He looked like a college professor. He was slightly tall, maybe 6 feet or 6’1. He was white with medium brown hair. His hair was a bit curly, somewhat unkempt, and looked like he could use a haircut. But he wore nice trousers and had on a brown vest. He was lanky with a tummy, you could tell he spent more time sitting and reading books than he did in physical activity. For some reason, this particular man stood out to me and I thought maybe I could at least help him. I yelled as loud as I could, “Don’t take the mark!” But something prevented my voice from reaching him. He could see I was trying to say something, but he heard nothing. I could no longer help anyone on earth.

My angel carried me higher and higher. I asked him how many people were raptured. And although I can remember every detail of this dream with pinpoint accuracy, that number, the answer he gave, has been clouded in my memory. I can’t remember it, but I can remember that when he answered me, I was surprised it was so few. I questioned back the number to him, and he said no, I had heard him wrong. The number was much lower than even the number I thought I heard, which seemed very low to me.

Then, he took me to a place in the heavens where I saw multitudes of children. It was explained to me that the children had been taken first, before the rapture of the adults. All children under a certain age had been taken from the earth into safety and their number was not included in the number which the angel gave me as to how many people were raptured.

I awoke from the dream. As I awoke, I felt in my physical body the same rush I had felt when the angel came for me and picked me up. But as I was awakening in real life, and the realization was hitting me that this had only been a dream and that all that had transpired was not real- it had seemed so real, I cried out in agony of heart, “Noooooo!!! Noooooo!!” I lay there on my bed, sobbing, heartbroken. I thought it was all over, all the struggle, all the things of earth. I mean, I have a very good life, wonderful husband, great children, but to finally be in Heaven with the Lord…realizing this had all been a dream was crushing.

I even went so far as to pray and ask the Lord to never give me a Rapture dream again until the real thing. I later took this silly request back and he has given me one since then. God bless you all. Let us read and study the Word. Let us pray for discernment and wisdom when confronted with possible words or dreams/ visions from Him, but let us not despise prophecy that is real and from the Lord. May we walk in truth, unity, and love~


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