I WILL REMOVE YOUR CHILDREN from you – Barbara Francis


Barbara Francis

The Savior is returning, tumultuous times are upon you. The earth moans and groans in pain. I will use my might and power to awaken the sleeping and lukewarm church. I will use my rain ,wind FIRE,snow and ice to open the eyes of the wicked last generation. I will shake the earth so violently that the mountains will cease to be. Fire and ash will rain down from the heavens the smell of sulfur will linger in your nostrils. The stench of death will overcome many. For as your abominations are great so shall your Judgement and punishment be. I see a wicked generation raising another wicked generation . You are parents yet you FAILED to teach your own children about me. Instead you allow strangers to teach them and show them every abomination. Imaginable. Because you continue to do this . I WILL REMOVE YOUR CHILDREN from you, wicked parents. You are living as in the days of Noah. If you know me you know my ways. Do you know the fate of the people living in the days of Noah.?. I gave Noah instructions to prepare and he did and he warned others of the impending judgement they laughed at him and mocked him until it began to rain. IT’S RAINING NOW! Do you understand ?? I am speaking plainly so there is NO CONFUSION. I will spare the righteous few only. As I have done in the days of Noah and in Lots time again , I am ready to do again. I have sent you Messengers and Prophets to warn you about what is coming and to tell you to prepare . Have you heeded their warning? No more time remains. REPENT and pray you are accounted worthy. When you see lightening flashing from the East know and understand I AM UPON YOU.

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