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In response to the “March 27 Dream.” – Karen Jordan

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In response to the “March 27 Dream.”

March 4, 2021, 9:22 PM
Karen Jordan

After reading this vision dream account; I thought it would be helpful to add what the Lord told me about November.  I think it belongs with the second vision dream that was mentioned.  She mentioned about angels being released in November.

As I was waking up on February 20, 2021; I was given these words repeated two times. “lockdown censorship in November.”  There has be a specific reason the angels are being released.  God moves when circumstances are lined up for their assignment.  I do not know, of course, what the lockdown will cover.

I am assuming that I will no longer be able to post my research on the vaccines.  I have spent months acquiring truth about them from reliable sources. God has showed me not to take any injections.  I saw a cross bones and a skull on a vaccine bottle which is a sign of toxcidity.  Than I was shown not to take the newest one from Johnson and Johnson.  I have also been shown that I will eventually have to go to place where I will not have to take the “shot.”

My life that I have now will change because of covid19.  I will go to another place where I will be under God’s protection.  I get glimpses of the future every few days.  The restrictions of the present administration will be put in place.  We will need the help of angels.

Kareen Jordan

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