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Censoring and Silencing a Certain Voice – Edward Umling


Censoring and Silencing a Certain Voice

September 10, 2020
Edward Umling

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in two previous messages the lord said there would be a censoring and a restriction of christian broadcasting on all forms of media, and there would be a quenching of the voice of my chosen. But moreover the lord has also said the following my son your government will begin to censor prophetic messages to the saints right before a change in the
constitution behold the wise will understand this

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  1. Satan can’t stand to hear the word of truth being broadcast. He is the root cause of this censoring, as he will also be behind any adverse changes to the Constitution. He will no doubt limit or abolish the freedom of speech and freedom of worship.

  2. Jesse Terrell

    I have already had prophetic messages that I posted from here or Z3 news censored on Facebook–because it violated their community standards. It’s already happening.

  3. Alida

    It is urgent time for all God’s children to learn to hear from Him for ourselves!!! It is wonderful to have prophets, but when their voice gets silenced, each one of us still needs to hear our Father!!

  4. Hannah Silver

    Mr. Umling, didn’t you say that the banks would close in August?

    I’m not attacking, just wanted to make sure I had it right. No criticism, just asking.


  5. Tad

    If anyone is interested, I have links for ALL compiled messages (PDFs) of Julie Whedbee – Behold I Come. These are the same on the Behold I Come website. They’re are set up for easy printing. Same here for Byron Searle: See the links here.

    • Hannah Silver

      Wow Tad, that’s awesome.

      1. Are they still being added to with new prophecies? and
      2. Have you printed hard copies, in case things are for some reason added or removed?


      • Tad

        Cool. Yes, those links will be kept live and updated as each message comes out. So, hang on to the links. Yes, I’ve printed out both. The volume versions of Julies messages are easier to print than the larger all messages version. I may post these links as replies on the next Julie or Byron messages that go up. Feel free to share – they are made to print.

  6. We are being censored right here, right now!

    • Hannah Silver

      David, if you were being censored you wouldn’t be able to post that you were being censored.

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