MARCH 27 DREAM – Daley


March 3, 2021, 1:35 PM

10 February 2021,

I had a short dream vision. I heard in my spirit and saw the word MARCH in big bold capital letters. As I was looking at the word, the numbers 27 appeared alongside it and together it read: MARCH 27. End of dream

Please pray about this as this is all I saw. There was no year attached to it so I don’t know what it means, if it’s a now date or meant for some other year in the future.

I must also confess that I did not post a follow up to the dream about the angels which was posted on this site 29 October 2020 in which the Lord told me they would only be dispatched November. He gave me the follow up in November and I neglected to post it. I repent. Here is the short account of it.

Dream:12 November 2020

I dreamt that the Lord was explaining something to me about the angels in my dream of 28 May 2020 but I couldn’t remember what He said. At the end of the conversation He said to me “They are ready to be released” end of dream.

Please take the time to read the following dream and I am urging anyone who is led by the Spirit and is waiting for confirmation on another dream, or was given another piece of this dream or the interpretation thereof, to come forward with it as the Lord will not sleep on this matter. He will not delay in exposing whoever is responsible for unleashing the evil of the Corona virus upon the face of the earth. I do not fully understand the dream but understand now that the two ladies in the dream must have been angels sent by God and to report back to Him what they saw and heard.

Please pray for revelation on this. God bless you all. Stay in His Presence. Amen


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