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January 2, 2022 8:01 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

10/11/2021 6:45 AM

The following is an answer to months of prayer regarding a man, who has already great significance on the world stage. One of the key circumstances in which he had participation in was the Abraham Accords. The spiritual significance of this sealed the fate of the United States permanently in a very negative way. I stopped following world politics about 15 years ago, whereas prior to that I was heavily involved for nearly 40 years behind the scenes for the most part. Although I can’t discuss key points, I have been told by the Holy Spirit a few things.

First, that the Abraham Accords instills false hope (peace and safety, boom). (September 15, 2020)

Second, that the United States, once a sovereign nation which was heavily influenced by the Zionist State, has now been yielded up as completely under control of the Synagogue of Satan. (Zionism is not the same as Israel, DO NOT CONFUSE THE TWO!!)

Third, that had a true people of God been praying in repentance for the military dominance it has exerted during most of its existence but especially following World War Two, it (The U.S.) would not be controlled utterly and completely by foreign nationals (those who think we are still a sovereign nation have a lot of praying and research to do). Spiritually and physically, we are already under authority of Zionism and many in the church today bow to its presence. The physical is subtly in evidence with those with eyes to see and ears to hear.

Though it is not evident that this transition has occurred to most, those living in the U.S. and worldwide will soon witness the end result, which is the complete and total collapse and dismantling of its government (see my Words, Dreams and Visions of both Russian occupancy and then complete control by China) .

I have been specifically asking if he will yield power in the future. This vision seems to address that clearly.

10/11/2021 6:45 AM Received –

This morning while I was waiting to fall asleep, I was given this flash vision.


I saw the man, who has lost his “position”, the one still contending that he should return.

He was standing on a high steel and wooden platform, about 10 feet in the air. In the spirit I was standing to his left about 10 feet away at angle, so I could see him from his left side and most of the crowd below him. There were thousands maybe 8 or 10k, possibly even more. They stood far as the eye could see.

About 30 or 40 yards away from the platform, was a 12 ft. high chain link fence that was opened slightly to allow a small group of people close to the platform, many pressed in wanting to be very close, it was body to body contact. They were so excited (it reminded me of people at a rock concert). These people stood below the raised platform chanting and cheering his very presence.

He smiled that smile of pleasure so many are familiar with, standing there he shielded his eyes with his right hand to block the brilliant sunlight that was shining on the crowd. He had once compared his reign to an ancient Persian King (of great spiritual significance) and now he was filled with delight and self-satisfaction at their enthusiasm.

He called to one of the men on protective detail standing at his left. The man stood near his side. I heard him tell the man, “Do it”. The man said he would.

My heart fell, I understood by the Holy Spirit witness that all those gathered were about to die as a result of this order!


~Handmaid of the Most High ~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30

Prayer Request – Please pray for continued safety as attacks are intense. Also, please pray for deliverance or at least minimizing of the various areas of pain in my body, especially while I sleep! Thank you so much!


Berean Study Bible Version 2 Thessalonians 2:5-12

Romans 16:8

2 Corinthians 4:3

1 Samuel 8:4-18

I am not saying this man is the antichrist. I have not ruled it out, either. This is what the Lord showed to me, take it to the Lord for greater revelation. Read Revelation 17

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I started posting the Holy Spirits revelations given to me nearly 3 years ago. It should be critical to note, that the Holy Spirit told me since the mid 1990’s that America would fall to Russia and China, it would no longer exist in its current form.

Read: “The Coming Destruction of the United States of America” (posted Feb. 2019) to see how this begins and evolves to total control by China.

Here is that link:


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