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THE WINNER IS… CHINA! – Handmaid of the Most High


May 29, 2021 6:00 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

May 29 4:30 PM Open Vision

While reading I asked the Holy Spirit to give me more open visions. Given the challenges of writing words from the throne result in constant sabotage of my computer from not being able to use even the most basic computer tools to having messages totally deleted before my eyes as I complete them, then needing to retype them a second and sometimes a third time is a struggle. He knows that I am not a fan of having prophetic dreams and that often open visions tend to make me emotional. However, I was immediately rewarded and of course I cried and I am still crying as I write this.


I hear the sound of the bell that is pitched like those used in boxing, please note that I have little knowledge on this sport.

Then I see two boxers in a ring with the referee holding up the arm of the victor. The victor isn’t so much a person but is denoted as the nation of China. The defeated boxer is denoted as Russia and it is knocked out, sprawled on the boxing ring floor.

Then the Holy Spirit told me to look in the far right corner and there is a lump by the pole and I am aware that it is the United States. I believe she, the United States is dead and will never fight again.

As I realize this, I am taken back to the beginning of the fight. First the U.S. is fighting China and after only a few minutes is utterly defeated. Russia now fights China and they go many rounds most of which are won by China but Russia does win three. Ultimately, toward the very end of the bout, China knocks out Russia completely and is called the Winner.

I hear, “the winner for the world domination championship is China”. That is when I see that the many of the countries from around the world are represented in the stands. I had heard a lot of booing when China was winning against Russia. I had heard some modest cheering when Russia was winning certain rounds. Now that China has won the fight, only a few are openly booing, mostly it is silent in the huge auditorium, I sense that there is fear to be noticed as standing against China.

Then I hear it, loud clapping and laughter from the left of the ring. “Yes! We won! China is the winner. China dominates the world! The voice is deep and strong and sounds very villianous. I know it is Satan. I don’t even want to look directly at him. He is appearing as the Red Dragon. Just like we know from scripture. I only look at him by moving my eyes while I look straight ahead at the ring. I too am sad. I see most of those directly from behind the ring and they represent the African continent and few are happy about China winning because she has already harvested their precious resources, while Russia only controls a few of countries. Only two African nations are still pleased to have given China access readily to their land. Other countries are present but they are so defeated that they are mainly expressing defeat, there is a sense of utter and complete submission.

I am overwhelmed with sadness and tears slowly fall down my face. This is the very end of the life on this planet. The dragon has conquered. The dragon is in control just as we are told in the Revelation of John chapter 12:1-18. The physical world is completely controlled by the enemy of the human soul.

We do know that Christ returns to destroy the dragon. Those who are in Christ will experience the victory as well. We win! We have spiritual victory just as we are told in Psalm 91.


Revelation of John 12:1-17

Psalm 91:13

Remember we have victory through our Savior.

Blessings to my beloved siblings.

~Handmaid of the Most High~ Psalm 37:30, Acts 2:18,19

PS: Depending on the Bible version you consult, there are a number of specific references to the dragon mentioned in Revelation and Psalm. Mainly found in Ezekial, Jeremiah, and Isaiah. The King James version has 18 references, while American Standard has 12 and Amplified mentions it 15 times.


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