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Darkness, Dream, Earthquake, Fireballs, Rapture

Dream: Darkness, Fire Balls, Earth Shaking, Kids Gone – Daiquan Gadsden

Abortion, America, Babylon, Blood, Earthquake, Economic Collapse, Judgment, Prophecy

SEVEN WOES UNTO AMERICA: Upon you the greatest judgment ever visited on any nation on earth – Jim Farrell

Abortion, America, Earthquake, Judgment, Prophecy


Destruction, Dream, Earthquake, Rapture, Tsunami

Dream: Rapture Had Happened – Jolee Thomas BatYah

America, Destruction, Earthquake, Martial Law, Prophecy

Prepare! SUDDEN DESTRUCTION! Return to me now, Repent! – Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

Earthquake, Vision, Word

Vision/Word: Earth Shaking / “They have no idea what the great and terrible day of the Lord will be.” – Patti Huson

Disease, Earthquake, Famine, The Mark

Many will willingly take the mark of the beast- Mitchell Bertram

Civil Unrest, Earthquake, Fireballs, Prophecy, Riots, Volcano, War

What is to come in 2019 – Renee P

Asteroid, Darkness, Earthquake, Vision

Visions: 2 Angels, 2 Doors; Sign in the Sky; ‘Falling Star’ Hits the USA; ‘Falling Star’ Hits West USA Followed by Two Earthquakes – Kim Weir

America, Dream, Earthquake, Foreign Troops, Video

Dream: California Earthquake, Dividing Israel, Famine, Tsunami, The Mark And 8 Countries Attack America – Constantine 1959

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