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Earthquake, Obama, Trump, Vision

Vision: “I saw Trump and He Fades out Then appears Obama… I Felt The Earth Shake” – Sonya Leathers

Aliens, Demons, Earthquake, Rapture, Tsunami, Vision, Volcano

Vision of a 15 year old: While Rapture, deep utter chaos around the globe will happen –earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, aliens/demons invasion, etc – Belle Buerano

Earthquake, Foreign Troops, Invasion, Prophecy, Vision

Vision/Word: THE GREAT DIVIDE – Byron Searle

America, Earthquake, Judgment, Nuclear, Tsunami, Vision, Volcano

3 Visions: “This is the judgment like Sodom and Gomorrah and the plagues on Egypt. And so it will be for America, says the Lord.” – Jason L

Earthquake, Prophecy

Shifting and a Quaking – Catherine N Robert


End Times Tidbits and Revelations Hidden in Joe Brandt’s 1937 Vision – Glynda Lomax

America, Destruction, Earthquake, Prophecy, Vision

Vision/Word: Prepare my people that war is falling upon your land – Patti Huson

Asteroid, Earthquake, Nuclear, Prophecy

Earthquakes by meteorite falling in Brasil and other countries. Some with tsunami and atomic ruin – MAGDA

America, Earthquake, Economic Collapse, Vision

Vision: Hyperinflation and New Madrid Earthquake – Shane Warren

America, Asteroid, Destruction, Earthquake, Prophecy


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