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Get your house in order now – Karen Newberry

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Get your house in order now

January 12, 2023 3:32 PM
Karen Newberry

I received this word 12/18/22 around 8:30am I now feel it’s time to release this word. After having it heavy on me. Please seek the Lord Jesus and pray about this for confirmation.

Darkness will cover the land
Another EXODUS will happen
Many pestilence will start to arise soon
Water will be contaminated
Food shortages will increase
My judgements will spread across the land
Do not think for a second it will just be you Babylon
The whole world will see my judgements
Others apart from you already are
Between all these plagues hearts will turn more cold
Trust in me always for I AM the good shepherd
Oh, america why do you keep crossing me?
Your laws that you invoke are full of sin
REPENT, REPENT for my hand is about to move across you
Once my spirit leaves I will not hear you
Call upon my name now for tomorrow you are not promised
Come humbly to my throne and I will forgive you
A tsunami will hit the east coast oh,America
A massive earthquake will cause this many will perish and will be before me
Will your hearts be right with me?
Get your house in order now for I come quickly

The scripture the Lord gave was revelation 13:10 and revelation 18:8


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