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Judgement Is Coming – Matthew Reynolds

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Judgement Is Coming

November 18, 2022 12:31 AM
Matthew Reynolds
Hi there I wanted to share with you all some of the visions/dreams the Lord has given me recently regarding the judgment coming soon to the world.

God wants everybody to know that great peril is coming to the wicked and non believers very soon and the Anti Christ is about to rise.

Those who have accepted Jesus Christ need not be afraid and should pray about their own future regarding these upcoming events. God has a special plan for all of us and we all have our role to play. Be steadfast throughout what is to come and stay closer to him more than ever.

Dream 1 9/20/20

I am driving in a car with a man I don’t recognize but in the dream I know he is my friend. I am seeing through somebody else’s eyes. We are in a hurry as if we are trying to escape something. We reach a high rise building and quickly make our way to the top. Another man in a suit approaches me and is speaking to me frantically. All of a sudden his face turns to pure terror. I turn around to see a gigantic wave hurtling towards the building. I woke up right before it hit me.

On 1/3/21 I was given my first vision

I see a huge canyon and furiously rolling through it was a giant boulder. Behind this boulder I see a long trail of people. Leading closely behind the boulder I see doctors, business men, politicians. I could tell in the vision that these people represented Babylon.

Following these people blindly were the masses and they were all quickly being led to their demise. People from all walks of life were following the boulder. Suddenly I saw the boulder fly off of the cliff and everyone flew off with it apart from a small few including myself who grew wings and flew away to safety.

I was then given Isaiah chapter 28

On 04/29/22 before I went to sleep I was given my second vision.

I see New York City but it looks like a comic strip. A man is looking out at the water. Everything appears to be peaceful and the sun has a red hue. On the left hand side I can see a count down from 10. Once it hits zero there is a moment of calm. Suddenly I am taken to the middle of the city and people are walking around with their briefcases, on their phones and otherwise going about their day. All of a sudden absolute chaos ensues and the expressions on the peoples faces turn to shear terror. A huge earthquake leaves a gigantic hole in the earth and soon a tsunami taller than most of the buildings follows. I watched as people ran panicked into the hole before everyone was swept away.

I then see the Capital of DC crumbling. People are unable to call their families. The Emergency broadcast system is going off with a message from the government: ordering them to stay in their homes. I see the words “East Coast is Toast”.
News channels all around the world are reporting “eyes on America” and “we are witnessing the documentation of the collapse of America”
All of a sudden I am shown the American flag. It is upside down and burning. Dollar bills are flying everywhere and catching fire. The event has ended the economy. I see Anarchy in the streets. Desperation is kicking in and guns are being used. Violence has become the norm and stores are looted. Roads are completely congested and nobody can leave. There are now state check points locked in and a camping ban has been put in place. People in their homes are terrified of what’s taking place outside. Suddenly I am shown a switch. It gets flipped and digital currency is launched. I see Trump and Putin shaking hands and soon other countries begin to look interested in the new system.

My vision ended with me being shown a rise in nomads and desert communities.

On 6/5/22 I was given my third vision.

In this vision I was looking over the city of Miami. I see the high rise buildings near the beach. In the distance suddenly I see what appears to be a mushroom cloud. Immediately I am shown the same East coast tsunami but from Floridas perspective. I’m shown an old man on a yellow boat dressed as a boat captain. He called out to God and amazingly was unhurt by the wave as it passed him. Suddenly I was taken towards an extremely tall building, so tall it almost burst through the clouds. It had a golden antenna and had a current going through it. Everything suddenly looked futuristic.

Suddenly I was back on the side walk. I could feel the earth shaking and everything around me moving.

Proverbs 18:10 “The name of the lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it and they are saved”

On 6/10/22 I had my 4th vision.

This time the vision was of England. I saw kids in a football ( soccer ) club playing on a field. Suddenly all of the children ran screaming, as bombs started to rain down from above them. I saw other Sports arenas being bombed during games on LIVE tv. Again I am shown an emergency broadcast. Something is going down at Buckingham palace. Possible seizing?

I then am shown the USA and England. I can see both are marked in red along the coastlines. I see planes flying over the ocean. I watch as a big flame like a bomb or an asteroid slams straight into the Atlantic Ocean during the chaos. Volcanos are disrupted and a mega tsunami forms. I see a black cross over the land. It turns upside down and the Anti Christ rises.

On 9/25/22 I was given vision number 5.

This vision began once more in England. I could see a little girl playing on her trampoline in the front yard. Shortly after she is grabbed by her parents and they all start to run desperately across a field where others were also running. I am shown behind them and can see the wave roaring towards them in the distance.

Next I find myself looking above a large open top sports stadium (Wembley?) absolute chaos is ensuing as the arena is quickly filling with water. People are scrambling to get out and shoving at each other to get higher.

Suddenly I’m taken across the map to the USA where a professional basketball game is taking place. A rumbling can be heard from outside. People in the crowd start to murmur amongst themselves but the game still continues. Suddenly the player with the ball stops completely. The noise gets much louder and water comes pouring through the doors.

I see a woman outside practicing tennis. She drops her racket mid game and starts running. Suddenly a flaming hot ball lands nearby and a mushroom cloud engulfed everything spreading a dirty wind. Deer and other animals started to drop dead. The wind was spreading along the East all the way up to Washington DC. Once more I see the words “East Coast is toast

Please remember what I said at the beginning about praying to God about the future if you’re anxious. God would never abandon his children. Whatever happens you will not be alone.

God bless you all,


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