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September 16, 202211:14 PM
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Rev. 3:17
Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

My son, this nation is going to SHAKE — NOT ONCE — NOT TWICE — BUT THRICE.  The SHAKING WILL BE VIOLENT, and everybody in this nation will be affected and will feel it.

The lukewarm church will OPEN HER EYES and know IT IS I who SHAKES the world.  Sadly, over a short time, the lukewarm church will go BACK TO SLEEP.

Many things in this nation will change forever.  The stock markets will CLOSE DOWN to prevent a collapse, but each time it reopens, it will go down even further.  Eventually, they will just close down.  CHAOS WILL RULE the streets of all major cities, and many will perish.

My son, the time of the end is here.  Continue to SHOUT My word, REPENT! for I want all to come into repentance and know the joy I give.  Many people will be overcome with grief, for many loved ones will perish by the SHAKING and ensuing CHAOS.

The government will continue DRIVING A WEDGE between the BLUE people and RED people.  This is the TIME OF DIVISION when people look to man instead of Me.  This is part of My judgment to draw men unto Me for salvation.

My son, this nation loves distress and war, whether civil or international.  This nation is in a state of perpetual discourse and war.  I have lifted My hand off this nation for the SIN and UNREPENTANCE of MY PEOPLE — NOT the sinners.

My people have done NOTHING to stop the murder of My little ones.  My people have done NOTHING to stop the sin of witchcrafts (drugs).  My people have done NOTHING to stop the sodomistic law of this vile nation.  And My people NO LONGER seek Me, but seek the world and all of its pleasures.

My hand is lifted – prepare for satan to unleash his hordes on this nation.  Prepare to see more violence, murder, and every heinous sin, even on My children.

My son, this sinful church thinks it has everything and is in need of nothing.  Many will fall away and never repent.  I weep over My blind, deaf, and dumb church great tears of sorrow, knowing who will turn away and perish.  I want no one to perish because I love you so.

Shout REPENT! My Remnant!  Do not lay down your swords!  Shout REPENT! to open their eyes.  I AM COMING SOON!  HEAR ME!!  SOON!!!
Lord Jesus

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