January 15, 2021 2:00 PM
Amanda White

Word | 12.18.20 @ 6:47 P.M.

As you see little movements of spiritual activity where you stand, the heavenlies are crafting a whole grand plan. You see the puzzle pieces but I see the picture of the finished puzzle. My time is not your time. Oh, if you could see what my father has been planning in Heaven, you would breathe calmer. But not even I, the Son of Man, know all the plans of the Lord your God, the Sovereign King of the Angels.

Brace yourself. Be prepared. A famine is coming. The soldiers (militia) are marching. You won’t have much time. The time to act is now. Have everything ready, all your supplies as I have shown you previously.
*See the list towards the bottom of the article “Do Not Be Afraid” https://444prophecynews.com/do-not-be-afraid-amanda-white/*

Do not be foolish like a carefree baby lamb who wanders into the fields alone to be eaten by wolves. Be the lion who is strengthened in me and prepared for battle- for what is to come. I repeat DO NOT BE FOOLISH, BE READY! The vaccine is out, the mark of the beast is here. Do not be afraid, be prepared. The devil has kept your mind busy toying with other news. Ask me every day what to do. They are coming. Ask me in the morning so you will know and it will not be too late. Tell them. Tell my believers. The militia are upon the United States and you must act now. Brace yourself. Be prepared. *Heard three loud knocks.*

Nehemiah 4:14-20

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