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DO NOT BE AFRAID – Amanda White

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August 26, 2020 4:47 PM
Amanda White

Brothers and sisters,

In regards to past verbiage (please see my other posts, especially the “Brace yourself. Be prepared.” dreams for full awareness of what I am referring to later in this letter), I understand the frustration when you keep reading these warning messages that I feel are from the Lord, and do not state how to prepare and what to prepare for so you can be ready. I can only share with you what the Lord reveals and when He allows me to reveal it. Today, He has indeed allowed me to reveal more insight that I will share with you now. Please be patient, as this letter is lengthy. I will first share what the Lord has shown me, what I feel be His word, and what my understanding is. Afterwards, I will tell you what the Lord has revealed to me in regards to preparedness. As always, seek Jesus for confirmation and what you feel (through God’s grace) your family should do to prepare, for the Lord’s work is ever changing. The last thing I want is for you to be frustrated and doubtful when we should all be focusing on Him and His faithfulness.

8/24/20 at 2:14 PM

The Lord gave me a vision that felt almost like watching a cinema while I was worshipping and praying:

The scene was of a large city, and citizens were going about their day as if all was well in the world. Without warning, missiles came out of nowhere and began destroying all that resided there. Panic struck the people as they attempted to flee, but there was nowhere to run to. Cars caught on fire, planes crashed down, and the business towers fell one by one (like a domino effect). Ash filled the skies- big chunks of ash that were still lit as if a blizzard of ash hit the city. So much chaos and destruction, fear and death consumed everything and everyone. My main character was a girl who looked to be in her early 20’s with dark brown hair pulled back in a ponytail, light skin, no make-up on nor fancy clothes (while everyone else wore business attire and were glammed up) and she seemed confused by what was going on, as others understood their sin is what caused this destruction from disobeying the Lord. The girl realized that all her friends and family had been crushed *literally by the city’s destruction and her life as she knew it was over. Then she got a spark of determination and faith setting in her mind, as she sought a trail that led up a mountain. This trail was muddy with desert-like landscape. As she finally reached the top of the mountain, she looked down at her precious city and began crying as her heart broke for her people and her home. At this point, her clothes were torn, she was covered in mud, ash and blood. Her hair went from a pony tale to muddy/greasy waves that were shoulder length now, and she began thinking where she would go and what would happen to her. She then noticed behind her a vast cross where it seemed Jesus was just crucified right before she got to the peak, and she realized how upset God was that man had sinned so vastly. The clouds got really dark, and lightning struck everywhere. The girl was now on her knees in front of Jesus as he still hung on the cross, and she began crying even harder for God and Jesus, and her heart truly wept for the crucifiction. As she stood up and faced the sky, she saw Jesus’ blood pouring all over himself and the cross. In awe, she witnessed the blood begin turning into water as it poured over her like a waterfall and cleansed her of her filth. The water also purified her heart as her level of faith was at the utmost high and she was filled with the Holy Spirit. Her smile was so big, her eyes were closed as the water hit her face and she raised her hands to the sky and worshipped the Sovereign Lord with all her heart- no longer worrying about what was happening around her.

Word from the Lord on this vision:

“Fires, missiles, hurricanes, thunderstorms that spread ash- it is time. Climb to the mountain where the lamb lain. There you will find sanctuary, for His blood will wash away the sins of this world. Those who don’t repent won’t be so lucky. For the world will fall as the lamb did, so seek redemption before the hour is too late. I say to you, fix your eyes on me only, as I have already paid the ultimate price for your salvation. Do not be afraid for the upcoming destruction that awaits Earth, for your eternal salvation rests behind the purity of Heaven’s doors.”

What I believe the summary of this vision and word mean:

Place yourself above the sinners of this world. Many, not all, Christ followers do not fully allow Jesus to take your burdens and trust that He is in charge and will protect you in all aspects of your life. There will be devastation and destruction around us, and we must place ourselves higher than the chaos and allow the Lord to fill us with His Holy Spirit instead of dwell on the desolation of this world. Bad things will happen, as a great shaking awaits. But when we fixate on Jesus to discern what is right for each of us to prepare and seek His glory, we will receive protection and salvation. We will be tested and tempted more than ever before during this time, as I understand Him explaining. He basically says to pray through it all and hold on tight to your faith in Him; do not allow the shaking to shake you out of your faith. Only some people need to hear this message, as it is not for everyone.

8/25/20 at 12:01 PM

The Lord gave me another vision, this time it seemed almost like I was in a video game atmosphere:

It was as if my “player” was being shown the challenge first and foremost. There were mountains all around me with a jungle type atmosphere. The only paths available were right off a cliff’s edge. There were two old rickety old bridges that looked as if they would fall apart, held only by rope and wood. The bridges led to a raised platform, but the left path would not allow you to pass and was deemed the road to sudden death. My “player” began walking down the path on the right. Of course it was very challenging and the bridge kept shaking, wood planks would break down and fall into the pit below, rope would tear and I eventually ran to the platform in fear of the bridge breaking. The bridge eventually broke behind me in the middle of its length. Thankfully, I made it successfully to the revolving door. This door was a regular brown wooden bedroom looking door, but I knew if I opened it, all would be well and I would be transported to a better place. When I got on the platform, the door began revolving and I was unable to open it. Once I prayed and was fully “leveled up” in the Lord’s spirit did the door finally stop revolving and opened. A bright white light was all I saw upon opening the door and I entered.

Word from the Lord on this vision:

“Fix your eyes on me, for my way is the only righteous path to Heaven. Many of you will come to a crossroads where the paths may look similar, but only one path leads to my door. Heed this vision as a warning. Though you may find your path to my door, you must truly be prepared to accept the Holy Spirit and be filled with my cleansing nature so that I may stop the door from revolving and instead open. Ready the purity in your heart and come to me on your knees as obedient children, and you will not be led astray for I will be with you always.”

What I believe the summary of this vision and word mean:

Believing in the Lord without hesitation, even through these upcoming trials and tribulations. He will keep you safe no matter how harsh the conditions become, and through prayer ask for the knowledge of how to prepare for the upcoming trials and which path to take. No matter how hard the righteous path is, continue trusting the Lord. For this is not out of fear, but to warn His people to be ready for the attacks of the dark one. We will see some great shaking and may doubt how trustworthy our paths are, but the Lord is with us every step of the way. Do not allow fear and doubt to set in, as that leaves a foothold to the darkness. Stay the course of the Lord and no matter how bad it gets, you will be protected by His grace.

8/25/20 at 7:25 PM

The Lord filled me with another vision:

A light began to show, and enlarged to the point where I understood the light to be the sun. I started to see the sun’s flames as the light filled my entire vision. Then I saw a figure of a person walking through it towards me, enlarging with time as the sun did. The figure became so close I saw it eye to eye and knew it was Jesus. He then walked over to a large magnifying glass on the clouds above, and then I was given a bird’s eye view to illustrate that Jesus was looking through the glass down towards His people on Earth.

Word from the Lord on this vision:

“As the sun shines each day, let this be a reminder to you that the Lord always watches. For I, the Sovereign King, see everything on Earth always. I venture through the light, which fills me (regenerates me) as I accept the darkness for you. This I do for you out of love to allow (human) repentance so you may walk in the light alongside me, and not be locked in eternal damnation. Be ready for the darkness, as its prince broods in the night. Do not be afraid, for your righteous King reigns above all.”

What I believe the summary of this vision and word mean:

This is more confirmation to me that the Lord will protect us (His followers), and that all we can do on our part is trust in Him and prepare the way He tells each of us to for our unique family situations. He will take care of the rest, for He is always watching and loves us greatly.

End summary and preparedness list:

Pray for people to wake up and seek the truth of Jesus. Pray for those who are already struggling, may they stay faithful and prosper in the Holy Spirit. Pray that we are able to reach as many souls for Chrst’s glory and do NOT be afraid for He is always with us. He is the God of promises, and you must fill your heart and be prepared for what’s to come, always remembering to trust Him with everything you are. A lot of changes will be coming to America, so you must be ready and faithful for when your heart breaks at what happens next. Joy will also be seen, depending on your perspective, so please do not feel the Lord is giving only doom and gloom. He loves us and wants what is best for us, and is at work on a bigger picture that many don’t quite understand.

Not one person is going to have the exact same preparedness list or situation, as every family is unique in their demographics and what they have/need, and what they will have to endure in their community. This is what the Lord uniquely told me and my family to prepare for:

**Please note that for my family, I was told to prepare for a hybrid situation. That means we will have to hunker down in our house for a length of time until we reach a duration of having to leave our home eventually. Again, not everyone will experience the same impact. You must pray the Lord shows you what you need.

  • There was a famine unlike any other in my community, so first and foremost we needed a good amount of stored water and food sources. Also needed extra can openers when one would break. Riots were burning down and looting all stores. Any food or water that was found in your house by the “militia” were taken away for them to give out rations as needed- which was not enough at all. Same with any paper products or other “luxuries”. Diapers, pullups, sanitary napkins, wet wipes, paper towels, toilet paper, etc. were all out of stock.
  • The electricity grid and water lines were out, so no way to store refrigerated/freezer items, no news to see what was going on around us or radio, no way to have light or heat, to have access to wood for fireplaces and no way to start fires (matches, lighters- could have used candles and solar lights). No GPS, no phone service. Needed a map and other forms of communication with family and friends. No gas to pump into the car, so we definitely needed excess tanks filled. We needed a form of how to cook our food and tools needed to cut branches and trees for firewood. Even if your electronics didn’t work, the militia would still have a way to trace you if you had a device on you.
  • Shouldn’t have worn logos, as authorities would assault us if we stood out and seemed as though we were expressing rebelion.
  • Masks were a must. If you went ANYWHERE without one, you would be arrested. (I live in California, so that makes sense in case you all were wondering..)
  • Needed a supply of clothes, bedding, shelter *warm and durable enough for the winter rainy/snowy season. To be used on the go when we hit our hybrid situation.
  • Emergency go-bags that contained medications (as access to medications and survival items began crumbling), survival must haves/tools, self-defense mechanisms, heirloom seeds in case it became a permanent move with no access to food, books that explained what to do in these situations for a refresher, etc.
  • Our money in our accounts were gone- for the dictatorship to utilize only. Wish I had cash, yet then again everything that was available for purchase- if anything- you had to have a chip in your right hand or forehead to buy. Instead, I felt the Lord show me I needed bartering items available for trade.
  • As we passed through other states, we needed to have legitimate documentation of citizenship before passing. Otherwise without it, people were taken into custody and interrogated immediately.
  • Could have used a first aid kit and some type of healing remedy to assist with battling colds and flus, among other ailments and “battle wounds”.
  • Books were banned, same with other non-essential items. Even coffee and alcohol was banned and deemed non-essential.
  • Anointing oil would have been nice to ward off anything not of the Lord.
  • “Traitorous” houses that fought back and sought the Lord in front of the militia or neighbors would be burned to the ground for control. This was worse in bigger cities of course.
  • Guns and other weapons were illegal and taken away, completely banned.
  • There was no book of rights, for this was a social dictatorship. No president in sight, so we had to sneak around if we were out in public for being out of your home was illegal.
  • All memories were gone, and I remember wishing I brought certain pictures along so I at least had something to remember the “good old days” by and could remember to remain in the feeling of “blessed by the Lord’s grace”.
  • Since bibles, churches and any pastoral or prophetic words- including prayer- was banned, I had to sneak my bible and pray silently away from others.
  • The roads were flooded with people trying to escape at one point and many were stuck on the road, and so they decided to flee on foot before getting shot up or taken to FEMA camps for rebelling.
  • There was no reaction time, as this situation had no warning and it came quick. I know I have to have multiple plans for the different variations these scenarios may play out.
  • There was no safe house available, and I was split from my family with no way to communicate to them where I was. Needed to have a “safe haven” plan.
  • I wasn’t filled up in prayer with the Holy Spirit, and instead was fearing everything I saw happening around me.

**Another note, please remember I am not trying to fear monger and am not a licensed survivalist or anything like that. I am also not saying everyone will go through this. I am simply explaining what the Lord had shown me and told me to write down and prepare upon for my family.

Scripture to remember:

2 Corinthians 13
Malachi 3:16 & 4
Matthew 4
Amos 8 & 9
Jonah 2-4

I hope this message found you well. I pray for you all during this time of uncertainty and may the Lord show you if you need to prepare anything for your family or to just be in Him.

God bless,

Amanda White



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