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August 18, 2020 12:51 PM
Amanda White

I am just now releasing verbiage that I feel is from the Lord, for I believe it is finally time to release this world. I began receiving these dreams at the end of June 2020. This isn’t about politics. This isn’t about who is right or who is wrong. This isn’t about race or social injustice. This isn’t about the pandemic. This IS about what we may expect coming soon in our country, and what be God’s will. In my heart, Jesus keeps telling me to speak what I was shown and I must obey my Lord who is most high. If you are not right with God or don’t believe in Him, that is your prerogative but time is running out to seek the Lord’s grace.

TESTIMONY of my dreams:

The very first dream I experienced was about future infiltration, heavier lockdowns and the vaccine coming up. Basically in this dream, I heard several gunshots, screams, doors being broken down and automobile engines guzzling. There were military personnel deployed to come into everyone’s homes and test them for the virus, much stricter than our first lockdown. There was a real time result that would appear within seconds of taking the test and would therefore light up green for positive and red for negative. If someone tested positive, they would be taken away on a bus or trucks to slaughter houses (aka: FEMA concentration camps). All other household members were highly supervised and told to stay inside, given a certain food and water ration.

Everyone was mandated not to work and must wear a mask at all times (to be closely monitored). There was no reaction time, yet we (my family of four) somehow managed to get in our car and drive away against all the shootings and other weaponry that was fired at us for leaving by this “militia force”. We had no supplies brought with us, the power grid was down so we could not contact our family from within our state and other states, we had nowhere to go that seemed safe.

Throughout this dream, it felt like months upon months of straight up survival, starvation, and shelter seeking. We eventually found a beat-up abandoned trailer in the middle of nowhere, located in an inner state somewhere northeast of us. The ambiance was gloomy, cloudy, and very rainy. It was warm for the first month then winter eventually came, so my thought was around September/October time leading into November through January months.

When turning on an old television that we found and hooked up to our car charger converter, the same warning message would repeat every day about each half hour. It was as if one person was speaking and basically saying what was happening around the United States, as a one world order. There was no president, yet a dictatorship. The government and economy went into complete collapse.

Eventually Christians and others who had faith based religions were targeted, and wearing any type of faith based item was prohibited, let alone praying or seeking worship in public. I felt the Lord tell me I should have listened so I could prepare better.

When going into a store, you had to have a chip in your right hand or in your forehead in order to enter and buy products, as this was a cashless society. You also had to wear a mask at all times, gloves and social distance for pandemic reasons that continued.

I cannot remember all the details of this dream, as I said was very lengthy in my mind’s duration. I just remember waking up as if the Lord was shouting “BRACE YOURSELF. BE PREPARED.” I then heard a loud knock three times and officially woke up thinking someone was at the door.

After several weeks of different variations of this dream playing out each night, I was never once prepared and neither were the other citizens of America. And every time I would wake up, I would hear the same thing, the Lord shouting “BRACE YOURSELF. BE PREPARED.” I did seek God further for more insight. I prayed to the Lord, but just kept hearing the same words every time.

I had yet another intense and vivid dream, but this one was even more harsh then the first series of dreams. Similar to the first set of dreams, we were being infiltrated by the militia, except this time it was mostly for Christ followers and I was doing everything I could to save the souls of my peers surrounding me for the Lord.

For some reason in this dream, more militia were deployed to the point of filling the cities and streets, wearing black uniforms with red accents and citizen’s minds were being “wiped” by the “vaccine” injections and we all became mindless drones. When incantations were said by those who administered injections, people would basically follow the mark of the beast as if activating something in their minds like a trigger.

This dream also entailed a necklace that acted as a map that illustrated what were false symbols and prophets of the Lord and what entities truly followed His light. Everything we ever thought we knew about our history, doctrines and events in the past have been a lie. At the head of the necklace (full necklace diverted into three hanging layers) was a very large light-gray stone cross. The cross was the only truth on the necklace, and so was God’s word.

It was my Christian duty to act for the Lord and put my hand (with the cross centered) on a person’s chest who was being taken over by this mindlessness and would say “Jesus is our Lord and savior. He is the truth and the only righteous way.” If non-believers and lukewarm Christians heard this and chose not to believe in God, they would not be saved. If they did truly believe in Jesus, their soul was indeed saved by Him who reigns the most high. I tried saving hundreds of souls for His purpose, and continued quoting scripture to those in disbelief until revelations became full effect and took over the Earth (unfolding more prophesied biblical events). I woke up yet again with the sense of “BRACE YOURSELF. BE PREPARED.”

I have also had dreams of chaos at stores with no food or supplies left, panic in the streets, people fighting among each other, 7 tornadoes tormenting buildings and citizens, night that came but the sky turned pitch black and there was a bright light that I knew was Jesus in the sky that shined and I followed. I knew the world was in the second coming.

The next day earthquakes took over America. In these dreams, the purging began of volcanic activity erupting, covering the ground and spilling into the oceans. There was nowhere safe to flee to, and Christians were then raptured up just before death struck. These dreams are getting more heightened every evening.

Something is coming soon, and so is Jesus. Now you can take these dreams as metaphors or for what they truly are in description. I have never experienced something like this before, and after experiencing these dreams over and over, I began having daytime prophetic revelations from the Lord.

Prophetic Word:

This morning, at 8:04 AM, I received another word I believe is from the Lord:

“The streets will be filled with ashes, the sky will be covered in darkness. The time has come, my children. The sun will turn red like blood, and the stars will fall to the Earth. Waives of destruction will consume America. My church, my bride, it pains me so. For the wickedness that was drowned in the flood from the days of Noah has returned, and has reigned for far too long. Be prepared, for this evil must perish. I love you my children, but the snake has consumed too many hearts. Fear not, for I the Lord shall shield my faithful children in protection. For I, the King of all kings, the Messiah, the God of the most high, will see you soon. This is my second coming. Those who do not believe me will wish they had. Their hearts will sink from their lifelong denial of my existence. Pray for more souls to be saved, my children, for the great awakening has come. The chaos you have already witnessed was just the beginning. Purity has been possessed by a double-edged sword of wickedness for far too long. Explosions will soon consume the Earth, darkness will follow and the unexplainable will occur. This is how you will know your Messiah has cometh.”

Scripture verses from the Lord:

Matthew 7:7-11

Matthew 7:13-21

Jeremiah 5:21-31

Jeremiah 6:10-21


Amanda White

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  1. chockylover

    Wow Sister wow. I have have little dreams about me that have come true but nothing like you have had. It’s a wonder you could have slept at all. Do you think the events God the Father showed you will start this year? I guess its best to get prepared now at any rate and prayed up. The warnings need to go out to as many who will listen. God bless you.

  2. Eyes Open

    Thank you Amanda.

  3. Amanda White

    @chockylover I do indeed feel the Lord will be here this year, but please I ask everyone to pray to Jesus so he may reveal a timeline to you himself. My family and I have been getting ready both by physical and spiritual means. I have tried to save several souls to Jesus by my previous testimonies via healing miracles Jesus has fulfilled in my life and in my daughter’s. My daughter suffered a traumatic attack to the head, and was not expected to live and the Lord saved her after I went down on my knees and prayed the hardest I have prayed at that point in my life for Him. She not only lived, but she seeks God daily by worship, studies and prayer. PRAISE GOD! I will continue praying to the Lord about a timeline, but only He will decide when to reveal that information to me. In all my dreams and the words I have received from Him, I feel it is soon (by the end of this year to January of 2021). Again, I ask you and all others to pray for this to be revealed for a better accuracy. I pray we are able to save as many souls as possible for the God of the most high, and for His glory only. May His light shine upon the people of this Earth before the second coming. God bless!

  4. Victoria

    My 12 yo daughter had a dream that seems to confirm yours! She saw people after the vaccine has been injected into them. They totally blanked out as if someone pushed a Reset button. They no longer remembered what just happened to them and were continuing with their life as usual. Lord have mercy 🙏🙏🙏

  5. Carla

    Thank you for sharing 🙏🏼 I’ve had similar dreams but yours are so in depth. More confirmations! God bless you ! Time is short .

  6. Incredibly enough, this is exactly what I have been shown in my dreams a few years back. I always wondered what event would have triggered something like….well…I have my answer and I am living in it. The Lord showed me military breaking my front door down to get in because i would not volunteer to open it so freely. I was sitting at my kitchen table calmly waiting for them to come and get me. In my dream I knew that they had come for me specifically. I live with my husband and daughter and I had told them to go into hiding that the soldiers had interest in me, not them YET. Amazing to see this dream posted along with the picture that matched my own personal dream. God Bless You all that read and YES, brace yourself.

  7. Bonnie

    This really sounds a lot like Pastor Coverstones dreams too.

    Thank you for sharing your dreams, I totally believe that it is going to get crazy very soon.

  8. Patrick Yisrael


    FM 3-39.40

  9. Mathew

    Hello Amanda,

    You wrote:

    “Explosions will soon consume the Earth, darkness will follow and the unexplainable will occur. This is how you will know your Messiah has cometh.”

    This is how I will know the Messiah has come:

    For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man. (Matthew 24:27)

  10. Doggie & Pooch

    There’s just so little TIME to get the word out!!! I don’t have much money, I have lots of “under-the-radar-haircuts” to do, my physical health sucks, … yet I have an itch to go out and make thousands of business cards ( or placards ) and start going around at night slipping them under the doors of hotel and motel rooms. They will read: Jesus loves you more that you can ever know! Just pray to Him and let him know that you love him and accept him as your salvation.”
    Then I will include a reference to this website along with a reference to the song “People Get Ready” by the Impressions. Today’s pop gospel music fails so MISERABLY to reflect the love of God!!! It will be signed “Doggie & Pooch.” ( that’s me and my sweet little poodle. She’s the sweetest little dog. I praise the Lord so much for leading her right to the front door of my heart. )
    Seriously, there is just NO time to lose!!!

  11. I

    Blessings Amanda for sharing.
    Please pray for me.
    In Jesus Christ Name

  12. Dianne

    Before He comes, there will be a great falling away. How many embittered when their prophecies don’t come to pass? Stay guarded in His word.

  13. Chijioke Alozie

    Hordes have already fallen away. Yes the Spirit speaks expressly that in the latter days many will depart from the faith giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of demons. PLEASE DONT MAKE THE MISTAKE OF NOT BEING READY BY WAITING FOR CHRISTIANS TO FALL AWAY.
    Here in Nigeria, a lot mouth professing Christians walk around with native demonic talisman tied on their waists and in their pockets. They cant follow the narrow way.
    Believe me hordes have left the faith already. It will grow worse as situations gets bizarre. JUST GET READY. Remember the 10 virgins.

  14. David Mehew

    Thank You Mrs White for your post. That was very helpful. I’ve been concerned about what’s coming, all my life I’d been wondering how it would be that the Mark would come about (and Antichrist) I’m everyday praying, sometimes I sense people must be wondering about the times. Jesus is our only refuge. Remember those close to falling away in prayer.

  15. Pr. Aaron

    Sobre o tempo em que essas coisas acontecerão, a Palavra de Deus diz em 2 Thessalonians 2 – King James Version
    1 Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,

    2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.

    3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    Não será ainda este ano que tudo isso vai acontecer. O tempo do homem é diferente do tempo de Deus.
    Num sonho no início deste mês de agosto, tendo perguntado ao Senhor sobre o tempo em que o caos se iniciaria, vi a seguinte mensagem:
    “JESUS: Eu ainda quero realizar o sonho de alguns ali”

    About the time when these things will happen, the Word of God says in 2 Thessalonians 2 – King James Version
    1 Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,

    2 That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.

    3 Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there comes a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;

    The son of perdition has not yet been revealed!

    It will not be this year that all this will happen. Man’s time is different from God’s time.
    In a dream at the beginning of August, having asked the Lord about the time when chaos would start, I saw the following message:
    “JESUS: I still want to realize some people’s dreams come there”

    Pr. Aaron

  16. Eyes Open

    Dear Pr. Aaron, the Son of Perdition has already been revealed to many….he will be revealed to the world VER SOON. The churches closing and Christians partaking in the rituals involved in CoVid 19 “requirements” without questioning anything and withstanding government IS a great falling away. Few and far between are those who have stood firm and true without budging and yielding to the “new normal” that will not go away but escalate ….if you are outside of the USA plz watch what happens here and you will see clearly the son of perdition revealed to the world. Soon. My gut feeling is that you will see who he is this year. Which is nearing its end. Please pray for us and let us all pray to be counted worthy to escape the temptation and tribulations coming upon all the world. And let us all pray for the lost. Seek the Lords face for the lost to be saved. In Jesus name. Amen. God bless you.

  17. J.B

    First of all i confess that Jesus Christ came in the flesh, this information are incomplete , i have to let u know something that are u missing:

    1 first of all today there are 3 different groups of believers, we have the manchild that its gonna take to the throne, second group its the woman that are gonna be protected by angels, they are going to lead to a safety place, and we have the third group the remant that are going to experience the full forcé of the apocalypse.

    So the apocalypse are not the same for all the people in the world, u have to take away the sin in your life.

    The true repentance its to dont do it anymore, so think if Adam and Eve lost the grace of God and theyre was kicked out from Paradise for 1 sin what is going to happend to all the people that have 1 o more sin.

    To know how o when will not change your spiritual situation in the slightlest, repent

  18. Pr. Aaron

    Whenever I read some prophecies here I am like the prophet Habakkuk 3: 2I have heard, O LORD, your statements, and I am alarmed …

    I believe that not only me, but many of the readers here have felt this way.
    The publications create an atmosphere of urgency in the events and it seems that the world will collapse before the end of the year.

    Because of that, and because I received visions, dreams and revelations from the Lord in these past years, which contradict some “revelations” published on the website regarding the Endtime, I sought the Lord to give me an answer about news, dreams and words so alarming.

    I do not intend to judge anyone, nor anyone’s dreams or visions or words, because it is not up to me to do that. Also because I am a simple servant, also a sinner, who desperately needs the mercy of the Lord Jesus to persevere on this path that will lead to the salvation of our souls.

    So I sought the Lord with sincerity of heart, and told Him that if He wanted to reveal something to me about this moment that we are living in, and if it is useful to the Church on Earth, He could show me.
    I did not ask this to satisfy my curiosity, no, because I am convinced that things will not happen as men imagine. God has a special way of doing things and always surprises us with them.

    Then in the first week of August, I had a dream that I considered an answer to my prayers:

    I was sitting in the body of a small truck that was driving down a street whose name was Rua Bom Pastor.

    I was sitting next to a young pastor in a wooden box in the middle of the body. As the little truck went down Bom Pastor Street, we could see everything around us, because the simple wooden body allowed us to see “the world”.

    The young pastor had in his hand a small bag, which had an inscription: Antioch. And from that little bag he took out a paper newspaper, with news from his Church, which all seemed to be from Antioch.
    He showed me the headlines on the cover of this newspaper, telling me about what was happening to the Church.
    While he told me the news, the Lord showed me the same newspaper with a different headline on the right, at the bottom.
    It was written in bold letters: JESUS: “I still want to make some people’s dreams come true”

    The young pastor was concerned with the news that was in his newspaper, but he did not see what the Lord was showing me in the same newspaper.
    It seems to me that his newspaper would be as we see these prophecies today, but the Lord showed me something else that was not in the newspaper he read.

    In Acts 15 we see that Paul and Barnabas were sent by the Apostles to the Church in Antioch, to teach the brothers there about the true gospel, avoiding the distortions they had received.

    I understood that the Lord was telling me that there are distortions in what they are publishing and that it is necessary to teach the Church correctly, especially with regard to Time and the Order of Things!

    I would like the Lord to hurry up too. Living in glory is infinitely better than what we are living in, but it is still not God’s time, despite so many prophecies “wishing for this”.

    There are countries where wars, pests, hunger and violence are part of the daily lives of these peoples, even so they say that the End Times Tribulation has already started there.

    America does not know this, so any more serious problem like the current protests seems like the end of the world, but it is not yet.

    The Lord is still making dreams come true for some of his children! Don’t throw your dreams away. Do not sell your goods to climb a mountain to wait for the Lord’s day! They’ve made mistakes like that in the past!

    Pr. Aaron

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