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Part 1

October 3, 2021 2:45 AM
(Rev 6:8) And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

(Psa 27:2) When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.

(Psa 91:5) Thou shalt not be afraid for the terror by night; nor for the arrow that flieth by day;

(Psa 91:6) Nor for the pestilence that walketh in darkness; nor for the destruction that wasteth at noonday.

(Psa 91:7) A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee.

(Psa 91:8) Only with thine eyes shalt thou behold and see the reward of the wicked.

(2Ki 17:39) But the LORD your God ye shall fear; and he shall deliver you out of the hand of all your enemies.

(Psa 27:5) For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock.

(Psa 64:2) Hide me from the secret counsel of the wicked; from the insurrection of the workers of iniquity:

(Psa 143:9) Deliver me, O LORD, from mine enemies: I flee unto thee to hide me.

Brothers and sisters, we are heading into a time of great shaking where our faith will be tested like nothing we have ever faced before. It must be deeply rooted in the Word of God. Our focus must be on Jesus right now. We must learn to hear him for ourselves. We must take heed of the warnings that are being given to his servants, watchmen’s and prophets and prepare accordingly. The warnings that going out right now are becoming more and more urgent – meaning it can happen anytime right now. The warnings are not for just one event but for multiple cataclysmic events all happening at the same time. If we are following ministries that are just preaching a peace and prosperity gospel, we must change course and start to listen to those who warn us about the last days and the judgments that are coming. For those who follow ministries that are encouraging their followers to take the Covid-19 vaccines or incessantly talk about the rapture happening any time soon before anything bad happens please reconsider your positions. These types of ministries will not help us prepare spiritually, physically and mentally for what is coming. I recently told a Christian brother, “If your faith is not deep enough, not only will you die easily due to the events and plagues that are coming, you will very easily deny your faith and take the Mark of the Beast”. I know that he did not appreciate my words. Many Christians are going to be terribly disappointed when they find themselves in the 7-Year Tribulation and they have not been raptured. And the events shown below will be happening very soon as we enter into the 7-Year Tribulation. According to several interpretations of Dana Coverstone’s latest dream titled “The Specialist”, the 7-Year Tribulation has “probably” now started. The first few dreams and visions below are from myself while the rest are from other sources.



This morning, 10/9/21, I had a flash vision of a wooded forest somewhere in North America during the winter months. I was up in the air and I was looking down at a hiking trail that snaked its way though the forest. I followed it with my eyes till I lost my way. The thick snow and fallen trees, etc, had obscured the trail and I could no longer discern where the trail went.


I prayed about this and I felt Lord say, “Hard times are coming. The road ahead will not be clear. Put your trust in me. For only I know where you should go”. Brothers and sisters, we must be prayed up and be prepared spiritually, physically and mentally for the tough times just ahead of us.



For a number of days, I kept hearing in my spirit the phrase “beasts of the earth (Rev 6:8)”. Then a few days later on 19/8/21 just before waking up, I had this short dream. The time period looked liked it was sometimes in the not too distance dystopian future. I saw this small group of people in rugged, ruffled clothing. There were a few men, women and children. They lived up in a tall, large tree in a semi wooded forest. They spent their nights up there. Only in the daytime, when the sun had risen, did they come down via a rope ladder. Some of them would look for fire wood and food and cook them and do other chores while some acted as security guards looking out for signs of danger. As soon as it started to go dark, they quickly went back up to the safety of the tree.

Interpretation 19/8/21:

After the dream, I thought about it. I was impressed in my spirit that not only were they hiding from the NWO Beast System that was in place at that time, the main reason why they lived up in a tree was that at night the forest floor was full of dangers. Revelation 6:8 talks about “beasts of the earth”. This verse basically means in that in the coming 7-Year Tribulation period there would be so many A.I, robots, drones, militarized police force, hybrid-super soldiers, aliens, UFO’s, demonic hybrid creatures, giants, zombies, roving gangs, abandoned pet dogs that have formed hunting packs that would aggressively and violently attack and devour any food source they see especially people. Famine and cannibalism will be so bad at that time. So physical weapons such as guns, cross-bows, bow and arrows, machetes, swords, etc, would be a survival necessity at that time. It will be like the title of the martial-arts movie that came in the 1980’s, “Kill or Be Killed”! Faint hearted people will not make it that far at time. No man can survive alone at that time. The phrase “no man is an island” would be true at that time. It would be a very wise decision for people that trust each other to form survival groups at that time. Some would act as food gatherers, cooks, etc, while others act as sentries, security guards, etc.



Just before waking up on 28/9/21, I had a short dream. I dreamt of a man standing on the side of a staircase that led up to the first floor of a house. I did not see his face. However, my focus was on the rifle he had in his hand. I woke up then went back to sleep then the exact dream repeated one or two more times. EOD.

Interpretation 28/9/21:

After waking up, I asked the Lord about the dream. I felt the Lord say, “In the chaos that is coming, you need a gun to survive”. Brothers and sisters, not only are we to prepare spiritually and mentally for the hard times that are coming we are commanded by the Lord to prepare physically as well. God wants our obedience. He is testing our faith. If we want to survive what is coming, we are to have the preppers mindset. Prepare as much long storable food and water, survival necessities, etc., as you can that would last at least a year or two. Get some silver and gold coins and other tradable items which will be much needed when the time to barter comes. In addition, legally, try and get some personal defense weapon systems like pistols, rifles (e.g., M4/AR-15/AK-47), ammunitions, silencers, scopes, night vision googles, swords, machetes, cross-bows, bows and arrows, etc. Train and know how to use these weapons. You need all these to defend your family and property from rioters, looters, roving gangs, vaccine zombies, etc. which will get worse and worse as time goes by due to the economy collapsing, engineered famine-food shortage, a much worse pandemic is released, WW3 breaks out, Planet-X caused natural disasters, the Mark of the Beast system is rolled out, etc.



I had a dream sometimes in early 2001. It was so real that every time I think about it – it becomes more vivid just as if I was there. Here is how it went:

I was sleeping in our small farm house with a few other people (all women, children, no men) one night. Sometimes in the dead of the night all of a sudden, I heard the thunderous rumble of military helicopters and airplanes in the distance. Then this helicopter landed right beside our house. All the occupants of our house were rounded up and taken away by the helicopter (probably to re-education camps). I was just standing there amazed, thinking these people never resisted, or tried to run away. And they all acted like I wasn’t there. I thought that they had forgotten me. I saw their faces – they were absolutely lost and frightened. They did not know what in the world was happening. I could feel the sheer terror and fright of the situation!

Soon after they left, another helicopter came. They were probably told that they had forgotten one of the occupants (i.e., me). I was naturally scared so I hid myself under my bed. I was shaking like a leaf with my legs sticking out. A black and a white soldier came into the house (probably a makeshift multi-national army. They didn’t have any UN symbol on them). They had yellow torches and M16 machine-guns with them. They were looking and thrashing everywhere trying to look for me. The black soldier was looking under the bed I was under. The funny thing I was right in front of him with my feet sticking out but it appeared he couldn’t see me. Suddenly, it dawned on me that I was invisible to the soldiers. Once I realized that I felt peace and relaxed. They couldn’t see me. After a while, the soldiers left frustrated not being able to find me. I must say this – the fear and terror of the situation was unbelievable.

A few days later this helicopter came and sprayed this chemical and the surrounding place turned all brown. They probably had been given orders to let no survivors, they couldn’t find, live. Anyway, even before they sprayed, I noticed that the surrounding vegetation looked brownish (maybe a nuclear fallout?). Miraculously, with all these happening I was still alive with this student I studied with at Polytech in 1997. And the dream ended there. I woke up several times and as soon as I fell asleep the dream continued where it had left off. I was sweating very heavily after the dream.

Interpretation 25/7/15:

As we approach the 7-Year Tribulation, a lot of natural and man-made disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, meteorite impacts, terrorism, wars, etc will be happening all over the world which will justify the placement of multi-national forces all over the world to enforce law and order and also to eventually enforce the Antichrist New World Order system. It will also be a time of terrible persecution and martyrdom for believers worldwide. Many believers will have to go through a time of testing. Many will be taken away to re-education facilities to be indoctrinated into the NWO system. Those who refuse will have to die for their faith to remove spots and wrinkles in their lives before they can enter into eternal life in heaven. There would also be remnant believers whom God will translate and make them invisible and shield them from the enemy so that they could continue to live and witness to the lost during the 7-Year Tribulation.



I dreamt on 14/1/15 that security guards in a medical facility in my home country were trying to arrest me because I had refused to undergo a medical procedure (I now believe it was a requirement to get the RFID Mark of the Beast before being able to eat). I manage to outmaneuver them and I ran out of that facility. Then I ended up with a group of people who were silently walking to a massive warehouse where they got food. As I joined the line of people in the warehouse, I quietly slipped out of the line and entered a side door. To my horror, I saw human torsos, limbs, etc., hanging from the ceiling as it would be in a butcher freezer. I knew people who were served food were unknowingly eating human meat (i.e., cannibalism). Whilst I was still looking at the hanging body parts, Asian men in plain clothes who were guarding the warehouse saw me and came after me. I managed to outmaneuver them and managed to jump over the high-rise chain-link fence that surrounded that place and run away. I woke up then went back to sleep, then I dreamt that I was back at the medical facility. Again, the security guards tried to arrest me again, I outmaneuvered them again then ran out of the facility then all of a sudden, I was flying away, really flying like superman in the air. Then the dream ended as I woke up.

Interpretation 27/6/15:

In John 14:12, Jesus said that believers will do greater exploits than he did in the last days. Folks, in the hard times that are coming we are going to see the awesome move of God especially as we move closer to the 7-year Tribulation. We are going to see God’s supernatural protection and provision, seven-fold miracles, such as food multiplied, the sick get healed, the dead raised, the enemy blinded, believers walking or running through building walls, believers walking on water, believers flying away from the enemy, etc. It will be an awesome time but the key is we are to be close to God at all times (read Psalm 91). I believe as we approach the ends of the age, the devil is going to release a lot evil things in the world like genetic hybrid-super soldiers, etc, but I believe the Lord has already something far greater in mind for the devil and his hordes by these super natural miracles, signs and wonders that will be seen in the remnant believers.



I had this dream in the early part of 2017. In the dream I knew in the spirit a great Middle-Eastern war had broken out. And a number of countries were urgently required to send their soldiers for “peace keeping duties”. I remember soldiers of my home country had quickly gathered at the military headquarters in the capital city. Some soldiers looked pretty young while others looked like old veterans who had already served in the Middle-East a number of times. As I looked at them, most were overjoyed in going as they knew in their heart that this would be another stint in the Middle-East before coming back with big US$ Dollars. (Under the United Nations banner, a number of countries normally send hundreds/thousands of its soldiers to the middle-east for “peace keeping duties”. Normally, they would spend 12 to 18 months there before coming back. As soon they finished their tour of duty, another group would be sent to replace them.) But in the spirit, I knew that this time they would be going for good and would not be coming back to their families.

Interpretation 4/7/2019:

A great middle-east war is coming where dangerous nuclear, biological and chemical weapons would be used. Under the U.N banner, most countries that normally would participate in “peace keeping duties” would be urgently required to send in their soldiers. Hence, I believe a time is coming where “the draft” or forced conscription will be happening in a lot of countries around the world. Young people and even old veterans will be enticed or forced against their will to go and serve their countries. And most will not be coming back home as they become casualties of war.



Just before waking up on 8 July, 2019, I dreamt that I was talking to the former U.S President George W Bush (Jnr). He told me that I needed to go and do “further training”. Then just before waking up this morning (9 July, 2019), I dreamt that people living the in central division of my home country were urged to go to an all boys boarding school which is located in the east coast of my home country about 2 hours drive from the capital city. The school is a very prominent boarding, all-boys, high school which I attended for 5 years in the 1980’s. Some people were taken via buses while others found their own way there. I even saw some of my relatives making their way to this center. I saw officials with microphones urging people to hurry up and reminding them not to hide anywhere. Most people had very nice clothes on. In the spirit I knew they were going to a Re-Education Centre and most probably would not be coming back to their own homes.


Interpretation 9/7/2019:

Former U.S President George W Bush (Jnr), represents the global elite. These are very evil people that control most of the systems of the world. They have a lot of things planned for humanity especially as we get closer to the start of the 7-year Tribulation when their communist, totalitarian Antichrist New World Order system is implemented (read all of Revelation 13). And most of their plans are not good. One of their plans is to round-up the population, put them into Detention Centers or Re-Education Centers where people will undergo training in order to mould their mindset to accept and swear allegiance and take the Mark of The Beast (Revelation 13:16-18) of the NWO system that is being implemented in that time. And most will be used as slaves to work in factories, farms, etc, to earn their keep. Those who do not comply will be labelled resistors or terrorists and will be put to death. This scenario will be happening all over the world in the near future.



On 23 January 2002, I dreamt that myself and a few others were captured and placed in a underground holding cell. I felt this was in Australia. We could clearly hear the constant clanging of guillotines blades on top. Somehow, we were hearing stories that people who were captured were being beheaded by guillotines. This put a tremendous amount of fear in the people that were with me. Unlike a firing squad which only requires a bullet to put people to death; the very sight and presence of a guillotine unleashes a tremendous amount of fear in people. The people were absolutely frightened and hysterical. I tried to calm the people down and I kept repeating Luke 9:24 to them “He who wants to save his life will lose it, whosoever loses his for my name’s sake will save it”. Then the dream ended.


For the majority of Christians, the only way to enter into eternal life during the 7-Year tribulation is die for the our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Revelation 20:4 says, “And I saw thrones, and they sat upon them, and judgment was given unto them: and I saw the souls of them that were beheaded for the witness of Jesus, and for the word of God, and which had not worshipped the beast, neither his image, neither had received his mark upon their foreheads, or in their hands; and they lived and reigned with Christ a thousand years”.

Check out the following end time dreams; they go right along with the above-mentioned dream:





Just as the serpent beguiled Eve in the garden of Eden, so has the devil and his minions (the globalists) now lied to, deceived, conned and tricked 45% plus gullible, compliant, obedient sheeple around the world to take their Covid-19 depopulation bioweapon death shots disguised as vaccines. Brothers and sisters, the wisest thing for people to do right now is to relocate or move away from their workmates, friends and family members who have taken the Covid-19 vaccines as they will prove to be their worst nightmare very soon. They are ticking time bombs. They are slowly dying both physically and spiritually even though they may look alive right now. As we are physical beings living in a physical world and nobody is going up in an all fly-away rapture soon, everybody needs to stock-up right now with food and water, necessities, etc., that would last at least a year or two. In addition, everybody needs to be armed up right now (Rambo style! LOL!!!) with whatever personal self-defense equipment you can get your hands on like guns, rifles, ammunitions, daggers, cross-bows, bows and arrows, machetes, samurai swords, etc. Even though the globalists are trying their best to disarm us and take away our guns right now. Believe me, you will need them soon. This may sound really crazy but it is not. It is not a joke. I have seen this event many times. It is horrific! God wants all believers to wake up, pay attention and take this event seriously. It has been confirmed and corroborated by many dreams, visions and prophetic words which so many believers have had. Please don’t be afraid of these things happening. Know that it must happen because it is part of God’s judgment and testing in these last days. No one will escape it no matter where you live in the world. We are safe as believers in Jesus. Read and claim Psalm 91, pray for God’s divine protection and plead the blood of Jesus over your family, your property, etc.

Briefly, as the Lord has shown his watchmen and prophets below – soon, a loud noise will be emitted from the sky. This loud noise would most probably work in combination with CERN, cell phone and satellite signals. Only the Covid-19 vaccinated recipients will be able to hear it. It will activate the graphene-oxide nano-particles (a.k.a. dark matter/black goo) living demonic technology that the people have willingly and foolishly let themselves be injected with via the Covid-19 vaccines. It will instantly turn them into zombie monsters/beasts. They will quickly, violently and aggressively attack any people near them, tear them to pieces and eat them. This will be a worldwide event just as depicted in the movies The Walking Dead, World War Z, I Am Legend, etc. Please read my Dark Matter – Part 1 and Dark Matter – Part 2 articles posted recently on this website for more info about graphene-oxide. The spike protein bioweapon and other Covid-19 vaccine ingredients work together to kill the physical human body while it is the electromagnetic activated graphene-oxide nano-particles that resurrect or reanimate the dead into the living undead, the walking dead. These metallic and magnetic graphene-oxide nano-particles are in all the 4 major Covid-19 vaccine brands (Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca) that are being used right now all over the world. I call them the big 4 death shots. They are also in chemtrails, many food items, etc. They can be remotely activated and controlled via external electromagnetic (EMF) pulsed signals from 5G mobile phone towers, 5G satellites, CERN, etc. On the PubMed website, a number of “magnetic transfection” research papers there that go back 10 years show that these super-magnetic nano-particles can be externally controlled by electro-magnetic waves (EMF). The movies Cell (2016) and Kingsman – The Secret Service (2014) show without a shadow of doubt that pulsed electromagnetic signals from mobile phone towers and satellites can instantly turn people into mind-controlled zombie monsters. So basically, we could say, the vaccinated have been genetically modified and technologically programmed to become hybrid transhuman/cyborgs and be part of Satan’s end-times army – to hunt down and kill the unvaccinated, the anti-vaxxers/vaccine resistors, dissenters, terrorists, Christians, NOW resistors, etc. Many watchmen’s have been shown that these transformed non-human monsters are going to be extremely dangerous, very fast, super-powerful, super-intelligent with heightened sense of smell, taste, sight and hearing. They will be many more times more deadly than what is shown in the zombie movies mentioned above. They will be able to discern those who have been vaccinated/infected from the unvaccinated. And they will mainly go after the unvaccinated. According to the website OurWorldInData, 45% of the world population has been vaccinated with one or more Covid vaccines. That’s about 3.5 billion people. So, one can only imagine how many undead will be stalking and hunting down the living at that time. I suspect that this event will happen once all nations of the world have achieved a 70% vaccination rate and the 3rd or 4th booster shot has been rolled out globally. When God allows Satan via the Beast Antichrist to rule in full absolute power during the Great Tribulation (the 2nd half of the 7-Year Tribulation), unimaginable evil and wickedness will be released into the earth at that time.

About 2 weeks before posting this article on this website, I asked the Lord if I should be posting this article at all in a public space. As some people would label it a “crazy conspiracy theory”. While others would view it unsavory, unpleasant, disgusting, revolting and un-Christian. Then after a while, I started hearing in my spirit the bible verse “Work while it is day, the night cometh when no one can work – John 9:4″. About 3 days later, on 24/9/21, I was listening to The Prophecy Club podcast where Stan Johnson and Dana Coverstone were going through Dana Coverstone’s latest dream “TPC210827 – Get Out While You Can And Take Who You Can”. In the dream, the angel warned that believers have very little time left. They should be out witnessing and sharing to the lost and not be wasting time with the things of the world. They mentioned a number of times the bible verse “Work while it is day, the night cometh when no one can work – John 9:4“. Later on, on the very same day, I talked to my brother in Auckland, New Zealand. He told me that in the past few weeks he has dreamt a number times that a lot of vaccinated people in Auckland had turned into zombies and were walking about aimlessly seeking out the unvaccinated to bite them and drink their blood and consume their flesh. Somehow, they had figured out that their blood had become polluted and contaminated and they needed a fresh source each time. They instinctively knew those who were vaccinated from those who were not. Currently, the New Zealand health officials are injecting all members of the public – from young school children right up to adults with the Pfizer vaccination. The bible says in 2 Cor 13:1 “At the mouth of 2 or 3 witnesses shall every word be established”. I truly believe the Lord wants this information to go out as most end times bible prophecy teachers and ministries are missing out on this one very important aspect of the end times, i.e., dealing with the undead/vaccine zombies. All living persons will be dealing with the undead big time in the coming 7-Year Tribulation. They will be planning their daily lives on how to avoid these undead at all costs especially when going into dark places or when the evening starts to get dark.


– OurWorldInData – Coronavirus (COVID-19) Vaccinations


– Harald Kautz Vella – Presentation-Black Goo, AI, Archons, Morgellons


– Geoengineering.com – Chemtrails & Graphene Oxide Skies




– Republished from the The Master’s Voice website by Celestial

This morning I had the worst dream ever, the worst of the worst and I wish not to see it again. I was sleeping when God told me Celestial, you need to move. You need to move from where you are and get a one room apartment with a door you can lock, and be by yourself. You need to look for a place now, find it, and go there. Don’t waste any time – look online for a one-bedroom house and go there and live by yourself. You cannot live in shared accommodation anymore.

I heard the Lord but was sleepy, I kept asking Lord, is this you? Is it really you Lord? He said it’s me, you asked me and I’m answering you. Look for a new house. You need a one room place where you can live by yourself and SHUT THE DOOR.

And it’s true, I’ve been before God for several weeks on many personal matters, not everything comes to me in visions. I need to pray for guidance and God’s will just like everybody else. I’ve been seeking clarity for weeks and now the answer finally came but in a sudden and horrible way.

God told me: You have to move. The vaccinated are a grave danger to everyone around them. They are a terrible danger that will tear you to pieces. They are infiltrated with technology and corrupted, they are under an influence and at the most unexpected time they will be a terrible danger to the unvaccinated and everyone else around them. They will lose their humanity and become deadly. You need to live by yourself and shut the door behind you, and you need to begin looking now.

Soon as He said that I was in a dream. New York City, a typical street on a typical day. Everyone was in a hurry as usual, on the phone, texting and walking, texting and driving, almost everyone glued to the phone. People were having coffee at sidewalk cafés, brunch at outdoor restaurants, delivery drivers double-parking to hop out quickly and deliver packages, people rushing places etc., just your typical New York day.

All of a sudden (I can’t stress this enough) A HORRIBLE, TERRIBLE SOUND PLAYED. I can’t explain this sound, how deep it was, how consuming- it came from the sky, a long drawn-out, horror movie note that overshadowed everything. It went “WoooorrrrrRRRRHHHH!!!” A dramatic note, the note that plays when the killer is revealed in a scary movie, the note that plays when the alien is finally visible after 57 minutes of only seeing claws on screen. It was so deep, loud and powerful that even while asleep I felt it. It reverberated in my chest like a sound trapped and bouncing amidst my rib cage, even when I woke up for a long time, I felt the note within me until I started shouting, singing, praising and worshipping God then it finally dissolved and went away. (Celestial has now confirmed that the alien Tripod sound heard in the movie “War of the Worlds (2005)” is definitely 100% the sound she heard in the dream).

The day was bright and partly cloudy but the sound came from the heavens, ABOVE the clouds, ABOVE the buildings, pouring out around us everywhere. I looked up; I didn’t see what was making that note but it terrified me in its unseen power as much as the note itself. It was a commanding sound nobody could miss and yet, not a single unvaccinated person heard it. Everyone who was unvaccinated carried on exactly as they were – dog-walking, drinking coffee, on the phone having a New York day. I was the only one among the unvaccinated who heard that distressing, low note.

But the REST OF THE PEOPLE, oh my Lord. The vaccinated people? OH, MY LORD. THEY CHANGED. THEY BECAME SO POSSESSED BY SAVAGERY THAT I COULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT MY EYES WERE SEEING. They flung their phones down, threw their coffee down, threw their children and everything else down and turned to whoever was near them with a horrifying fixed expression like “I’m going to kill you.” They fell on WHOEVER was near them, grabbed them and began to bite and tear them to pieces. Tear them to pieces!! I try to always be calm as I share these things but no, not this time, not what I saw. I say this clearly so no one may ask me later, do you think this will affect my wife or my sister or my boyfriend who took the vaccine?

I said VACCINATED PEOPLE HEARD SOME TYPE OF UNEXPECTED, LONG, LOUD NOTE FROM THE SKY. The note played so long, so loud, so strong and booming and after that- everything around me in the city erupted into MAYHEM AND BLOODY PANDEMONIUM.

The unvaccinated were stunned for many seconds, sadly too many precious seconds! Many crucial seconds they wasted staring in shock, because they couldn’t understand or even believe what they were seeing. They didn’t know what on earth was happening so they just stayed frozen.

But VACCINATED people went into high, superhero speed action. They knew exactly who the unvaccinated people were; I don’t know how they knew but as one man – THEY KNEW. Something in them KNEW who had not taken a vaccine and they ran straight to them and began to destroy. They bit people right in their faces and blood spurted out everywhere. They vaulted over the hoods of cars like action movie stars, dragged people from their vehicles and ripped into their necks with strong teeth and extreme savagery. These people were so fast and strong, they ran after fleeing people, dragged them to the ground and ravaged them. I saw the vaccinated jumping on waiters, slapped the tray out of their hands and tore the person’s neck open. It was worse than any movie scene.

On every side of the street a desperate struggle for life erupted. People abandoned their children and ran; people took their children and ran. Cars screeched off with vaccinated still hanging onto to them, so FOCUSED, trying only to claw at the person desperately driving away. I saw people hitting them with phones, bags, fists, walking sticks, whatever they could get their hands on to make them stay back. People were running everywhere, S-C-R-E-A-M-I-N-G, cars crashing into each other up and down the street I was on and in every neighbouring street. Car crashes, everyone running, blood in every visible corner my eye could rest upon – this dream was too, too REAL.

I was frozen in place- looking at it from the street and also as a dream from my bed, my spirit could not take all that screaming like murder going on at every single section of the street. Blood spurted everywhere, people’s cheeks, noses, ears were torn off by human teeth, just as I have prophesied on this blog (https://the-masters-voice.com/2021/08/03/zombies-in-america-july-17-2021/). Vaccinated people became ‘activated’ like wild animals by that sound from the sky, to the point where they even fell upon each other to destroy one another. They turned to whoever was near them, even if it was another vaccinated person, and tore them to pieces.

My soul began to struggle in this dream Let me out, I want out! God said to me, these people will kill one another. And to those who have taken the Pfizer vaccine, they are the worst of the group, to them there is no hope. There is no reversal of that vaccine, those people will be changed. I continued to struggle in sleep until I finally came hurtling out of that dream – Lord! No! No!

But He said Yes, this will happen. They will do this. You need to move, immediately, live by yourself and make sure you shut the door.

I cannot shake that dream. I stood in the center of a busy street as human beings transformed into cannibals, yet nobody touched me. Nobody even came close to me, nobody attacked me. I saw everything happening like a movie in bright sunlight in New York City. People fought to the death in the open, many people escaped and ran away on foot, on bikes, in cars but many, many people were chewed to their death and blood ran everywhere in front of me. I could not say or do anything, I could not speak. I knew it was God that nobody saw me and so I stood still saying only this in my heart- Lord. LORD. LORD. I said that one word until He brought me out of the dream. That is all.

Source: https://the-masters-voice.com/2021/08/25/they-will-tear-you-to-pieces-august-25-2021/


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GELZEL L – The Vaccinated Transformed into Hybrid Super-Human Zombie Monsters (start at the 21:15 mins mark)



– Republished from 444ProphecyNews.com by Marcos

I found myself at a neighbor’s house and I was speaking with a woman who was not any real family member I know, but she was like my aunt. Suddenly, I heard a very loud and eerie trumpet sound from Heaven. I knew it was an angel blowing a trumpet in Heaven, and when I saw my dad looking at the sky on the window, I asked him: “Are those the aliens?”. The trumpet was playing a very creepy and authoritarian melody, and it had multiple tones. Then, I saw all of our vaccinated neighbors (many of whom are family members) turned into zombies! I saw them supernaturally turn, the instant the trumpet stopped sounding. They looked like their faces were numb and droopy. Their clothing became ragged and dirty, and their bodies became very skinny and rotten. They had flies over them, and they all had a hunchback. They only growled and chased those who did not have the vaccine. Immediately after they turned, I realized what was going on. I jumped over the balcony on a second story house, and started to run with all my might up towards a cliff to get to our house. As I approached the cliff, I saw my mom with a rifle and military gear, and I saw that she was very calm and peaceful about the situation. I knew that my family was ready in the dream, when this happened. At the end of the dream, I was scared because the event had caught me outside my house, and as I saw the situation unfolding, I understood that things would not get back to normal; in terms of what people in this world consider normal. And that was the end of the dream. Something to think about:

Before the dream, in real life, I had listened to a word that the LORD gave to a sister in Christ named Celestial, who has a blog and YouTube channel called “The Master’s Voice”. Her dream, titled “They will tear you to pieces”, was almost exactly what I had dreamed in this dream. And as I’ve previously mentioned, the LORD has frequently confirmed to me many of the things He has told her. But it has never been as direct as this.

God is telling us that these events will happen, and He is giving confirmations of this to many people, so that on that day, no one has the excuse to say that “Oh, God didn’t tell me this!”, or “That’s just science fiction.” I urge you all to please get into the Word of God, and spend TIME with Him. Repent of your sins daily and let God show you the meaning of what you read in His Word. He is the Author of the Scriptures, so you DON’T NEED ANY PASTOR, MINISTER, OR ORGANIZED CHURCH TO KNOW WHAT THE BIBLE MEANS. These are not times to go search for any buildings named “churches”, these are times so that people seek the LORD diligently in prayer, intersession for you and others, even in the privacy of their homes.

Source: https://444prophecynews.com/another-dream-about-zombies-marcos/


Soon after quiet time this morning (18/9/21), I had a short vision. I saw a satellite orbiting in outer space with its communication module pointed down towards the earth.

Interpretation 18/9/21:

I asked the Lord about this vision. I felt the Lord say, “They are getting ready to turn on the satellites. This will activate the nanotechnology that are in the vaccinated which will turn them into vaccine zombies”.

Brothers and sisters, I believe this event is approaching us very quickly. God in his great mercy has warned so many people – both the believers and unbelievers via his watchmens, prophets, messengers, the alternative news media, etc., not to take these Covid-19 vaccines but they have refused to listen. Instead, they have listened to all the fake news, fake science, lies and propaganda that Satan and his minions (the globalists) have been dishing out via their corrupted and controlled news media outlets, health experts, scientists, Dr Fauci, WHO, CDC, FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca, etc. So as a result, unknowingly their bodies are being systematically destroyed by the spike proteins in the vaccines. In addition to that, their DNA’s are being changed from human beings made in the image of God (Gen 1:26) to slowly becoming hybrid vaccine zombie monsters being made in the image of Satan – the God of the world (2 Cor 4:4). And coupled with that, demonic possession by legions of demons. And last of all, they are being infiltrated by graphene-oxide/dark matter/black goo demonic nanotechnology. In the end they will reap what they have sown (Gal 6:7-8). For example, God has warned those who have taken the vaccines that they have very little time to get things right with God before it is too late. Here are some of the watchmen warnings posted on this website:












Soon after quiet time this morning (1/10/21), I had a short vision. I saw a number of satellites orbiting in outer space. One of them was turned on. I could see its beam shooting down and covering a small area of the earth.

Interpretation 1/10/21:

I asked the Lord about this vision and basically I felt the Lord repeat the same thing he told me on 18/9/21, “They are getting ready to turn on the satellites. This will activate the nanotechnology that are in the vaccinated which will turn them into vaccine zombies”. I believe they are doing “test runs” on their satellites – ready for the big day when they will switch them all at once.



Round about the months of April/May 2021, the Ministry of Health in my home country announced that they would be vaccinating people 18 years and over with the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. I quickly warned my neighbors not to take it as it was a self-replicating, depopulation, biological weapon disguised as a vaccine. I also warned them of the horrific side effects. They ignored my warnings and a few weeks later they lined up and took their first jabs. A few weeks later they took their second jabs. Then early August 2021, I was listening to the NaturalNews.com “Health Ranger podcast” and Mike Adams was going over a number of scientific studies that proved that pine-needle tea was a very effective treatment for Covid-19 as it stopped the spike proteins from replicating and causing blood clots. Soon after that, I went to my neighbor and burrowed some pine-needle leaves from them after sharing the benefits of pine-needle tea. On that same day, I noticed that all their 5 dogs looked very sickly and thin. I knew that the spike proteins in the vaccines that their owners had been injected with was being replicated and shed and subsequently were causing blood clots and making the dogs sick. Yesterday (27/9/21), I visited my neighbor again to get some more pine-needles. I noticed that out of the 5 dogs they had, 3 had died and only 2 were left. Not only did these 2 dogs look very sickly and thin, I could see hair patches had fallen off, sores and blisters covered their bodies. This was a very clear sign that not only were the spike proteins doing their job it was also a sign of decaying and rotting flesh which will soon happen to the vaccinated. The dogs were basically days away from their death. I asked the owners if they were taking the pine-needles themselves and also given it to their dogs. Their answer was a big no. I felt really sorry for the dogs and I knew sooner or later the same thing would be happening to their owners. A watchmen I know, said a few months ago that those who are being vaccinated are literally allowing alien/fallen angel blood and DNA and all its slime, goo, rottenness, decay, germs, viruses, bacteria, etc., to be injected into their body. Rather than simply believing God’s warning through his watchman they preferred to believe all the lies and propaganda put out by Satan and his minions (the globalists) which control all the news media, big tech, pharmaceutical companies, the UN, the WHO, and all the governments of the world. The bible says in 2 Thes 2:11-12 “And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.”. The bible also says in Hosea 4:6 “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge”. Brothers and sisters, we can only warn people so much, but if they refuse to listen then in the end, they will reap what they have sown (Gal 6:7-8).



In the early morning of the 17th of May, 2013, I had this lengthy zombie dream. It was quite realistic just like the zombie movies. I woke up several times and as soon as I went back to sleep, the dream would continue where it had left off. I dreamt that I was in a small, rural Australian town with a few other Christians of different racial backgrounds. We were fighting hordes of zombies. A plague/virus had turned most of the town’s inhabitants into zombies. Then we received news to flee to the mountains as soon as night fell, as they were about to nuclear bomb the whole town. EOD. The phrase “Operation Zombie Plague” kept on coming to my mind after the dream ended.


For the past few years even before the above dream, I’ve had lots of dreams about zombies. Most were short dreams but the above one was quite lengthy. Most of the time I’ve been with other Christians of other racial backgrounds either fighting zombies with sticks and guns or fleeing from the hordes of zombies. For a long, long time, I have always considered these dreams to be crazy, zombie pizza dreams. LOL! Now, fast forward to June 2021, I have changed my thinking on that. A zombie apocalypse is a real possibility when we take into account all the toxic ingredients and the alien demonic fallen angel technology that are in the Covid-19 vaccine jabs along with Dark Matter, CERN, 5G and chemtrail spraying, etc.



I had a short dream early in the morning of 22 September, 2019. I dreamt that I was in a small country town in Australia. It was late in the afternoon and getting dark quickly. I met up with a group of women and small children. There were no men. I could see that they looked exhausted, tired, weary and hungry. They looked as they had not slept much and always on the move, running away from something all the time. Just as they thought they would have some decent rest; I spoiled their plans when I urgently told them to keep on moving as roving gangs and zombies were headed towards this town. Then I found myself hiding in a drainage culvert far away from this town. Then the dream ended. I believe this dream is self interpreting.



by Daniel Ortiz

I had a dream a few weeks ago where a bomb went off or something happened horrible happened because there were no people around except the group of 6 or 7, I was in. The others and I were scavenging through houses looking for cans of food and water then it started getting dark so we found a two-story house to hide out in for the night. A few people that were with me found wine and started drinking, I was down stairs and I went up quietly because I heard them making noise. I remember telling them to be quiet or I was going to have to end them right then and there. When I said that in the dream, I remembered why we were being quiet: I basically had a flashback and remember a man that was dead was tracking us to kill us and eat us. He was a skinny man with sores all over, he was super dirty and bloody all over his clothes but in the dream, I knew he was no joke; he was super strong like he had the strength of 10 men and super fast even though he looked like he was 110-120 pounds. In the dream I was afraid of him and I knew that we stood no chance against him one on one, that’s why some of us had weapons. After I warned the 3 people making noise to be quiet, I stayed awake for the rest of the night in silence until the sun came out. I was in Arizona in the dream so it was hot. A woman appeared in the back yard of the house we were in once the sun was up and she said “Be careful, I heard you guys last night”. I asked her if she wanted to come with me but she said “No those people I heard that are with you are no good; that’s how you get killed. I don’t want to die” then she walked away and we all took off. After that the dream ended.

Source: https://the-masters-voice.com/2021/04/23/the-walking-dead-april-23-2021/?replytocom=4083#respond



Dementia – A Viral Pandemic by Kasey Streichert

During the night of April 23, 1998, I had a dream. I was walking through the halls of what appears to be an elementary school. It is chaos; there are children in the halls actually biting the flesh or the arms and legs of other children. It is horrific what I am seeing take place. The teachers appear deranged; the look about them resembles what the worst patients in a mental institute might look like. There were some who were not affected by this dementia, they walked close to the walls and avoided the others, but made no attempt to stop the carnage.

Next, I find myself at a middle school or high school. There are even more affected by this dementia here. It is horrible; the students are pulling others to the ground where they chew the flesh off them as if to eat it. Again, there are a few not affected who are able to run away, but unable to stop what is happening.

Now, I am at a College Campus, the majority of the campus population is affected, students and professors alike. The violence has escalated to the ripping off of limbs and consuming them. The demented ones have become unrecognizable; they are as bloody creatures, lacking human components. I feel I am witnessing the worst “horror” movie ever made.

I am now at a hospital, a place that represents medical help and safeness. I am wrong, all are affected here, children and adults. I run outside; the demented ones are everywhere attacking each other. I see a house near the ocean and run past all the insanity and go in. My son Eric is in the living room, I grab him and tell him we must hurry so that what is outside does not reach us. I see the fear in my son’s eyes and then look to see a very small door on one wall of the living room. It is blended in with the design of the wood and was probably a secret door at one time. It is about three feet in diameter, we pull the door open yet I notice there is no door knob. We crawl inside and I pull the door closed. It closed so tightly and firmly, like those stone doors that seal a passageway. There are stairs and a light, the stairs form a sideway “V” pattern, at the halfway point, beginning the next section of the “V” upward, I see a light switch. I turn off the light switch and we are guided by a light coming from an upper room at the top of the stairs. I am thinking that now the demented ones will not see the doorway since the light is off.

In the upper room I see an old man sitting at a table, as though he were expecting us. I then turn to Eric and tell him that there are Angels in this room, keeping us safe. I see he is still terrified, so I said “Angels, reveal yourselves to my son, let him see you”. About ten of them appeared completely, the others were sensed spiritually as a very real presence from God. I said to Eric, “Jesus has sent these Angels to protect us, the room is filled with God’s Angels and we are safe”.

Then I woke up.

The point – this dream covered three to four generations, elementary aged, middle to high school, college age and into career ages of different categories.

I am assuming a time frame of twelve (12) years from elementary to high school graduation, another four (4) years of undergrad and two (2) years of graduate study (people with MA degrees working in hospitals) If we consider physicians going through med school, along with another 3-7 years of Residency before being licensed, at the earliest 2019 at the latter end of this prophecy 2025.

This represents to me that violence will be the controlling factor by 2019- 2025 and no age, race or gender will be spared with one exception. In the dream Eric and I had faith and trusted God to prevail on our behalf. It would seem to me that those who were not affected by the “dementia” will be those who have given ownership of their heart, soul and life to God. For them, God will be a safe haven.

In the Book of Revelation John wrote down 5 major ungodly actions taking place on the earth to signal the End Times.

1)Idol Worship, 2) Murder, 3) Witchcraft,4) Immorality, 5) Theft

In these short years coming up to 2019, I believe we will see these things begin to unfold to an unholy increase.

My last thought is a Pandemic that would affect the frontal lobes of the brain. If something like this were airborne, a virus that could be spread one to another would be catastrophic. Worse yet, a Pandemic that affects the DNA of a person, passed from generation to generation, creating a “zombie” like populous.

Source: https://propheticdreams.home.blog/2020/07/05/dementia-a-viral-pandemic/



By GELZEL L – The Vaccinated Transformed into Hybrid Super-Human Zombie Monsters

This one was powerful you guys. This one really took the cake, you know. Wow! This dream – I saw that I was in a house. I’m always in a house and this was going all over the place. The military came. As soon as the military came, I’m just telling you how the dream occurred. As soon as the military came, people started changing. So many people started changing. And the military was looking for normal people. Normal people. People who have not been used. You know, those who have not taken the vaccine. Why? Because they were in danger from these people that took the vaccine. They were in danger. Something had happened. The people’s hair started to fall out. Their hair was just falling out. All their hair fell out. They became bald like a like a person in chemo-therapy. Getting chemo for cancer or something. Bald, they were bald. Their eyes became, I’m telling you what I saw you guys. Their eyes became very glyceryl. It was it was like a reptilian looking eyes. Like a lizard, you know like this lizard, snake, reptilian looking alligators. Their eyes turned into like some kind of glyceryl reptilian looking eye. Everything in their body was shedding. It’s like they were getting a new skin and their bones was cracking. It’s like their body was rejuvenating. The body was like making new parts. Like new bones was being created. I don’t know, I’m just telling you they were cracking. Like their body was just cracking. You could tell new bones were appearing in their body. It’s like their DNA was changing completely. They were becoming something else. I’m watching all of this you guys. Literally, I’m watching all of this. Their bodies were changing and by the way while all this occurred the sky turned red. Okay, it’s like the spirit was just moved in the world. So their bones were cracking and I saw them cracking into something else. Their bodies were being defined. Like they were, like a hunch, like a little hunch on them. Their skin was stretching and stretching. They became very long and thin. Very thin and very long. Some of them were getting really tall and long. And then anger and rage approached them. They became very angry and historical and started beating and scratching and hitting stuff everywhere. They became mad and they had such rage. Like they wanted to kill us, like they hated us. I don’t understand. They were only coming after us who were normal and they all looked the same. They all became this thing. Everyone who took the vaccine became this way. They became so hateful. The guy was so strong he was able to go through the door. Like break through the door. Like it was some kind of, like he broke like a little cracker or something. Like it just cracked it open. He hit a stone and it was so they had strength that was so powerful. Like the strength of a hundred men or something. They were super fast. They were jumping. It was crazy. They jumped so high up. They had super strength you guys and going against something like that you know it was impossible to survive these people. They became immortal, something else, an abomination. God did not create that. God did not make that. This is deep you guys. What I saw last night that was not normal.

The military came. You know they came for us. They were rescuing us and they were taking us somewhere safe and stuff like that. But I also saw a lot of military started changing like them. They started changing, not all of them. There was more military that was normal than changing. I don’t know why that occurred. I don’t know why was it like that but I saw a lot of militaries that did not change like that. I don’t know why didn’t they change for a lot of them. It’s like 25 of them started changing like that. The ones that were protecting us started changing and they became the same thing. And we had to run from them and try to hide from them. They were so fast. They were killing and destroying anyone that didn’t look like them. Then they knew they could smell you from miles away. They could smell you. They had super strong scent. Every thing was just upgraded on them. You know they were not human anymore. These things were not human. The humility in them had left them. When I saw that, I was like, wow, what happened to these people? What happened to these people? How did something like this happen? How could something like this happen to another human? What what could cause this? And that’s what I was asking the military guy and he said straight up. He said this is what happened to all the people that took the vaccine. They mutated, they all mutated! We didn’t think this was going to happen. What would happen to them? This was not part of the plan. That’s what they said. They became zombie – zombified but worse than what we ever seen on TV. The only thing I can give you guys to as close as what I saw and I mean to the T. They were smart too you guys. They could talk. They were aware of everything around them. They were super alert like okay they’re not stupid, they’re not dumb zombies walking around like you know. No, they were super intelligent okay and they communicated with each other like some kind of beacon. I don’t know you guys this was so powerful what I was seeing. And the guy said they were not supposed to be like this. They are here trying to play God.

We were taken somewhere safe. Thank God we were rescued and we were taken somewhere safe. When we got to the safe place, wherever they took us all I know is the food became rotten very fast. I’m telling you this dream how I saw it. Food became so rotten so quickly. Everything became rotten like the minute they put it on the table something was happening to the food. I tasted it. What is this, why does it taste like that it’s spoiled? It’s sour, it’s bitter and it’s like I know this is what’s been going on with all of our food? So the food is going to be corrupted by something in the air, in the atmosphere. Nothing is going to be normal anymore. You guys we are going into a world. The world is dying, everything is dying in this world and things is about to get real. Things is about to get serious. I know this is not something anybody wanted to hear. I know a lot of people are asking and questioning this. Look, I was questioning it too because too. Many people I know took this stuff, family members, friends, loved ones I know and I was hoping and praying that God would have mercy on them. I don’t know. God is the only one who can have the final saying of people’s judgment. Only God could judge each and every last one of us but what he showed me was just oh my gosh, those with ears, may God, may God, let you hear the truth. Let the holy spirit lead and guide you on this matter. May we receive guidance for wisdom, to have an understanding of what’s going on around us right now. Remember, there has never been a time where they are pushing something on us like they are pushing right now. We are all in an experimental trial. They are watching to see what will happen to us those who can survive, will survive and those who can’t. The ones that will survive this, will become something of an abomination to this world. God has already warned me about this thing from day one. We are seeing it with our very own eyes. What is happening all around the world and soon our eyes will be even more open. We will know that this is truly the mark of the beast. It is you guys that’s what I received. Is this the abomination that we should have never put upon our flesh. We should have never do this. I’ve never did it.

Thank God, praise God. I was always against it from day one because God always said no, no, no, no, no, no we need to listen to our Father. I know a lot of people have already received it. Even people on my YouTube channel right here. You can tell because they will defend it. I’m not trying to defend this thing. You have no business trying to defend something like this. We are with God, for God or against God. Choose a side because the side needs to be chosen now or a side will be chosen for you. I’m sorry you guys, this is the news that I received today. This is not something I want to put on here but I have no choice. To be obedient and deliver this message on to you guys. Have mercy on everyone on here Father God who’s already received this. Lord I just pray that you will open the eyes of so many of us who are blind to the truth right now. Father God, please reveal unto us and our family, our loved ones what is really behind this vaccine that everyone is taking that the government is pushing upon the people. Father God, let every deception of this vaccine be exposed by the holy power of God. Cast out every devil, every evil spirit that is trying to hinder and blind people and just make people live in fear so much. Fear has overwhelmed the world to a point where they don’t even want to trust and rely on you anymore God Almighty. Lord let us put our trust and faith in you alone and not men of this world. Lord show us the truth about this vaccine. Show everyone the truth. Do not let anyone be deceived any longer. Open their eyes to the true Father God. Oh, let the holy spirit enter them and show them the truth Lord God Almighty. Have mercy on them and those who haven’t received it and is thinking about receiving it. Father God, it doesn’t matter they lose their job, if they lose this, they lose that, they can’t go traveling. They can’t do this; they can’t do that. It doesn’t matter for you are more important to us. You are more important than this stuff of this world. We need to all be dead to this world and be more alive to the world we cannot see. Our heavenly father’s world, our heavenly kingdom that is waiting for us. Father God, please forgive us, forgive us if we didn’t know better. Forgive us, for we have sinned against you. Please forgive me, forgive everyone on this YouTube channel why right now that’s watching this. Father God, please forgive us of all of our iniquity and transgressions against you. Wash us clean purify us lord, purify us and rejuvenate us back unto our original self Lord. If there’s anyone that can do it only you can. Lord Jesus. cleanse us of all of our sins and unclean anything that is toxic. Anything that is unclean, that is in our flesh right now. Father God we ask in your name Lord Jesus that you will wash us, clean and purify us. Lord forgive them for they didn’t know but I pray Father God that they’ve come to repentance and I don’t know whatever their faith is. Let it be you alone to judge them. Help us in these times and these hours Father God. We need you Lord Jesus. We need you. We can’t do it without you and open the eyes of those that are blind. Open the ears of those that can’t hear. Open the mouth of those that can’t speak. Show us the way. Guide us and direct our path Lord Jesus. We need you now more than ever. We cannot do it without you Lord God Almighty. So help us Lord Jesus in these times, in these hours. For we are not wrestling against flesh and blood. We are wrestling against spiritual wickedness in high places that are trying to destroy us Lord God Almighty. For they will not prevail against us. Help us to overcome and overpower these things through love, through our heart, our body, our mind, our soul. Cleanse and purify us Lord Jesus. We love you our father. We worship you. We glorify you. We magnify your name, for you are the one and only true Son of God, Jesus Christ Almighty. Holy spirit continue to lead and guide us. Entitle us with more wisdom. Allow us to receive your spirit Lord Jesus. I seal and I cover everyone on this prayer group, I mean prayer line . I receive this in your name Lord Jesus. Amen! All right, oh wow! I gotta go you guys. God bless you guys. God bless you all. May god reveal unto you the truth and nothing but the truth. God bless you all.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kTELoivzqlQ (edited auto-generated script, start at the 21:15 mins mark)


Please take the above to the Lord to get more confirmation.




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