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Another Dream About Zombies – Marcos

Another Dream About Zombies

September 15, 2021 1:44 PM

This dream was from September 7, 2021. There might have been some other important things which the LORD showed me in the dream, but I will continue praying so He can clarify what He wanted to show me in full. But here is what I best remember.

Part #1:
I was watching the path of Hurricane Larry and it landed on the State of Maine as a Category 1 or 2, and then came out towards Canada, in Newfoundland. God mentioned that the American media have placed Larry’s path as making a curve towards the west and not hurt them. The LORD was telling me that He is exhausted of the media’s arrogance and how they ignore and even defy Him when He sends judgements, thinking they are untouchable. (After seeing what happened in NYC, I can’t stand how the reporters still say that ‘it was climate change’. I hate when people try to take the Glory away from God! They are defiant, and I’ve even heard them say: “Well, what’s next,” in a very defiant attitude, like they are untouched and comfortable.) God said that He will make sure that their weather predictions of Hurricane Larry turn out to be wrong, and He will show the lying American media that He can do whatever He wants with weather, and God Himself will decide where the Hurricane will ultimately land.

Part #2:
I found myself at a neighbor’s house and I was speaking with a woman who was not any real family member I know, but she was like my aunt. Suddenly, I heard a very loud and eerie trumpet sound from Heaven. I knew it was an angel blowing a trumpet in Heaven, and when I saw my dad looking at the sky on the window, I asked him: “Are those the aliens?”. The trumpet was playing a very creepy and authoritarian melody, and it had multiple tones. Then, I saw all of our vaccinated neighbors (many of whom are family members) turned into zombies! I saw them supernaturally turn, the instant the trumpet stopped sounding. They looked like their faces were numb and droopy. Their clothing became ragged and dirty, and their bodies became very skinny and rotten. They had flies over them, and they all had a hunchback. They only growled and chased those who did not have the vaccine. Immediately after they turned, I realized what was going on. I jumped over the balcony on a second story house, and started to run with all my might up towards a cliff to get to our house. As I approached the cliff, I saw my mom with a rifle and military gear, and I saw that she was very calm and peaceful about the situation. I knew that my family was ready in the dream, when this happened. At the end of the dream, I was scared because the event had caught me outside my house, and as I saw the situation unfolding, I understood that things would not get back to normal; in terms of what people in this world consider normal. And that was the end of the dream.

Something to think about:
Before the dream, in real life, I had listened to a word that the LORD gave to a sister in Christ named Celestial, who has a blog and YouTube channel called “The Master’s Voice”. Her dream, titled “They will tear you to pieces”, was almost exactly what I had dreamed in this dream. And as I’ve previously mentioned, the LORD has frequently confirmed to me many of the things He has told her. But it has never been as direct as this.

God is telling us that these events will happen, and He is giving confirmations of this to many people, so that on that day, no one has the excuse to say that “Oh, God didn’t tell me this!”, or “That’s just science fiction.” I urge you all to please get into the Word of God, and spend TIME with Him. Repent of your sins daily and let God show you the meaning of what you read in His Word. He is the Author of the Scriptures, so you DON’T NEED ANY PASTOR, MINISTER, OR ORGANIZED CHURCH TO KNOW WHAT THE BIBLE MEANS. These are not times to go search for any buildings named “churches”, these are times so that people seek the LORD diligently in prayer, intersession for you and others, even in the privacy of their homes.

One conclusion that I have about why God let this pandemic start and close churches in 2020, was so that He could see and examine who are really His Children. God was asking: “Okay, with all the churches closed, which is just a small bit of persecution compared to the ones that are coming, HOW MANY OF THOSE WHO PROFESSED MY NAME THERE WILL REALLY TAKE TIME AND SEEK ME IN THEIR OWN HOMES, AND WITHOUT THEIR HUMAN CONGREGATION LEADERS?” People, please think about this, because there are countries like India, Pakistan, Iran, China, and Vietnam, were the closing of church buildings is pretty common, and Christians there are used to those things and God helps them too. Christian in the Western Hemisphere need to start to get used to being hated, being called anti-this or that, and being banned in this world because: WE ARE NOT OF THIS WORLD. Do not conform to the things of this world either. Remember that this life is very short, as a shadow, and as the Bible states in Ecclesiastes 8: 12-14. So, since our lives are relatively short, we must do all that God tells us to do until the last moment we are on this earth.

I’ll finish with this Scripture:

Revelations 14: 12-13
12″Here is the patience of the saints: here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus.”
13″And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labors; and their works do follow them.”

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