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SECOND CHANCES … Standing in the GAP! – Averine Pennington / Pexels

SECOND CHANCES … Standing in the GAP!

“Gather the People, Call a Solemn Assembly, #2”

August 2, 2021 11:01 PM
Averine Pennington


August 2, 2021

I am so glad that our God is a God of ‘SECOND CHANCES.’ My heart has been so heavy regarding all the millions upon millions of humanity throughout the earth that have been deceived by Satan. They have been easily convinced into putting something ‘abominable to God’ into their bodies . . . the temples of the living God (see 1 Cor. 3:16-17).

There are those who made this mistake out of ignorance (‘my people are destroyed for lack of knowledge,’ see Hosea 4:6). On the other hand, there are those who received God’s warnings and chose not to listen but rather depended upon their own logic (‘lean not to thine own understanding,’ see Prov. 3:5-6). For whatever reason, we are now at this place in time when many souls hang in the balance. The judgments have already started.

This afternoon I read a post by Alison Pound on this site, entitled “To Those Who Have Taken the Jab: You have a short window of opportunity to REPENT.” I have read and heard other prophetic words that say ‘God will still forgive those who repent of taking the vaccine.’ I personally have not received such a word from the Lord. If you re-read my post of Jan. 14th, 2021, entitled “Repentance Required,” you can see why my spirit might be grieved knowing what God’s word says will happen to all those who receive the MOTB (Rev. 14:9-11). However, as I read Alison’s post, the heaviness of my heart was lifted as the Holy Spirit began to speak to me. He reminded me that God is a God of SECOND CHANCES (read the story of Jonah, especially Jonah 3:1). He reminded me that God will have mercy on whom He will have mercy (Rom. 9:15-18). He brought to my mind the scriptures in Ezekiel 22:30-32 . . . ‘I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in the gap before Me’ . . . and how Aaron ran into the midst of the congregation and stood between the dead and the living and the plague was stayed (Numbers 16:44-48).

Could it be that there is truly hope for all those millions that have taken the vaccine? Did I give up interceding on their behalf because of my own misunderstanding? Who am I to put God in a box . . . to say what He can and cannot do? Yes, all those who have taken the vaccine are in grave danger. They have put something inside their bodies that is somehow going to cause changes to occur, preparing them to receive the coming MOTB. Satan’s plan has been set in motion to ‘highjack’ the blueprint of God’s creation by changing and polluting human DNA . . . a repeat of the days of Noah (Gen. 6). There is nothing that can now stop the effects of the vaccine unless God Himself shows His great mercy. God will not go against a person’s free will. He cannot show His mercy unless the people ask for it. REPENTANCE IS REQUIRED! We just need to get the word out that there is still hope. Many have no idea of the consequences of what they have done. We cannot give up on any of them! God is not willing that any should perish!

I am so grateful that God is giving me a SECOND CHANCE to get this message out. I confess that I have ‘dropped the ball’ on an assignment I was given in mid-January. I was attempting to warn people about the vaccine and urging them not to take it when the enemy attacked with a vengeance. The very day I was trying to mail out packets with vaccine research to everyone I know, our 37-year-old son passed away unexpectedly. My grief was immense and everything just sort of got put on HOLD. That was only the beginning of the ‘suddenlies’ in my life over the last 6 months . . . cases of COVID in my family, the Feb. extreme freeze in Texas, severe Illnesses and demonic attacks, & my home catching on fire with great property loss, subsequent clean-up efforts and unusual living conditions for months . . . just to name a few. I give all praise and glory to God for bringing me and my family through every trial. He is our hope and stay, our refuge in the time of trouble! Because my life has been such a mess with every imaginable distraction, I thought my opportunity to be used of God in His ‘rescue effort’ had passed. To my great sorrow, it is too late for me to warn many of my friends and loved ones not to take the vaccine, as they have already done so. But perhaps it is not too late to offer them HOPE through God’s mercy if they will only choose to repent.

Today the Holy Spirit has placed on my heart a new directive. I began to weep when I read Joel 2 at the end of Allison’s word from the Lord. If you are familiar with my earliest posts on this site, you may know that in March of 2020 I heard God’s still small voice say, “Gather the People, Call a Solemn Assembly.” Yes, the time to repent is very short. I believe we are very close to the end of the ‘age of grace.’ The door has already started closing and could slam shut at any moment. I pray there is yet time for one more CALL TO GOD’S PRAYER WARRIORS. Please, I beg you, fast and pray with me NOW! There is no time to schedule a date and time in the future . . . we are on the edge of eternity! Millions have taken a wrong turn. The path they are now on leads straight to the flames of hell! Most probably have no idea what awaits them just around the next bend. Will you pray with me for God to do a mighty work in thwarting the enemy. In His great mercy, pray for God to allow the Holy Spirit to open eyes, ears, and hearts to the peril ahead. May all those who have been deceived be drawn to repentance before it is too late. To God’s people all over the globe, I am issuing for the second time an urgent CALL TO SOLEMN ASSEMBLY . . . GATHER NOW . . . in your prayer closet or wherever you may be . . . alone or with a group . . . at whatever time you can . . . as often as you can . . . UNTIL SHILOH COMES (Gen. 49:10). Make a list of all those you know who have taken the vaccine and pray for them by name. Ask other brothers and sisters in Christ to help you spread the word of God’s amazing grace. Drive through your neighborhood, praying for the occupants of every house. Ask God to show you how to reach the most people with His message of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord. God is seeking those who will ‘STAND IN THE GAP.’ Will you join this RESCUE MISSION?

Yours for the Harvest,



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