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WOE TO THE LAND – Handmaid of the Most High



May 8, 2022 1:27 PM
Handmaid of the Most High

While showering at 3:40 AM, May 13, 2021, I received the following Word from the Word, The Holy Spirit spoke:

Warn my children, there will be much scarcity of water resources throughout North America (United States particularly) but also Canada and Mexico. Your western plains and further west will receive a drought in the summer like they received in the winter. Many failed to read my earlier warning through you and others proclaiming my judgment on your lands. Their failures will be a bane to them.

The animals, livestock and crops that they relied on for their way of life will crumble before their eyes. Death and destruction as far as the eyes can see, even some in the media will call it “the Drought of Biblical Proportions” for I have brought it to pass for all your many wretched sins.

Their putrid ways of sexual immorality that reaches every level of government even this very day is obvious to many but ignored or even supported by the evil among you. The sexual slavery of women and children that is rampant in your borders is the product of unending lust that is never fulfilled for you are truly surrendered to the desires of your flesh and have closed the doors to spiritual redemption.

I can’t make it plainer my children for this nation is a cesspool. It celebrates sexual deviancy of every type and flavor. It celebrates greed, fame and glory for the rest to emulate (copy) and proceed to become ever worse. Men dress as women and touch young children in libraries, while their parents look on with smile and librarians rejoice! Your governments are rife with political manueverings and deception to cheat the local people from their money and services. Watch for more pranks are on there way.

Water rationing will impact much of the nation, not just the lands where huge crops were once bountiful were harvested. It is yet another plan to challenge you to submit to their ways. Many will find that they will be given access to water at certain times of day and or be limited to the amount they may use per family member, why do you think that those smart meters were forced upon you. Many warned you to fight against them but for the most part they were ignored. SURPRISE! You are property of the state and you will do as directed by the state. Just like the Israelites did not want judges over them but demanded Kings like the surrounding nations. You have ejected my plans for your country. You wanted other rulers over you, elite and exclusive families of great wealth, corporations driven by greed and their pocketed political friends, whom they placed in office not your meaningless votes.

It has been like the frog in the increasing heat of the boiling water within a pot. I have warned you many times through this prophet and others. Now, you will reap what you sowed. You have lived in great bounty and been ungrateful for this precious gift of water, it is critical to life. Now many will come to know thirst and depravation, crying to me for intervention when they were given so many chances. The wise take heed to my warnings and act accordingly. Get ready. You will see the issue first hand before mid summer. Anyone who is careless with this admonishment will be reminded when the issue faces them. You have been warned.


~Handmaid of the Most High~ Acts 2:18-19, Psalm 37:30


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