Winter is setting in, spiritual winter – Susan Davis

Susan Davis

Winter is setting in, spiritual winter
Received November 2, 2017

Children of the Most HIGH:
These days are dark. Do you see that all is becoming dark, winter is setting in, spiritual winter. Men’s hearts are waxing cold. The world is leaning to death–there is a captivation with death and MY enemy. He has lured people away from the AUTHOR of Life to walk toward chambers of death and halls of lies.

These children are under a strong delusion. They are mesmerized by MY enemy and all that he stands for…He is now operating on all four corners of the globe bringing his lies with him to deceive the masses. There is but a remnant who remains true to their calling, a small army of GOD who truly follows after ME in holiness, purity, honesty, and love. Not the love of the angel of light who is a counterfeit that the world has embraced, but the One True LOVE that is pure, righteous, and everlasting, GOD ALMIGHTY.

Children, you must decide whom you will follow, but decide quickly. Make up your mind, for no choice is even a choice against ME. I must have a commitment from you, a full surrender to MY Blood-bought Salvation earned on a hard cross. You must choose the Will of MY FATHER and to be filled completely with MY SPIRIT. Come to ME, repentant, forgiving all others and desiring the Will of GOD over your own destructive will. All you do outside of the Will of a Holy GOD is against the Kingdom of GOD destroying the works of righteousness and true love while in your flesh.

Do not be caught unprepared to face your GOD and outside of the Will of GOD. This is a serious hour, every moment counts as many fall away daily, caught unawares by the evil one who walks about like a lion, looking for who he can devour. Now, not later is the time to come to your GOD for salvation and MY Blood-covering, the only safe place now on earth. There is no other safe harbor.
These Words are true. Heed them. Let them feed your soul.

I am The KING of Kings and LORD of Lords…

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