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May 2, 2024 4:31 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

April 14, 2022

In a dream I had on the morning of April 14, 2022 (or more specifically, right after one was finished, but before I woke up), I heard a voice say that an angel had just announced, “THE LIVING STONES ARE ABOUT TO APPEAR!” And then I instantly awoke. I mean with a jolt, like immediately shooting up to a sitting position in the bed!

For more clarity, I was having a dream that related to my family and me, personally, so I won’t share all of it, but here’s the thing– The LORD has been gracious to give me many prophetic dreams before. I absolutely love, am thankful for, and appreciate each one, but they’re not rare. Another prophetic experience GOD has given me from time to time (but not nearly as often as dreams) is to hear words being spoken out loud to me right before I wake up or when I am in the process of waking up. BUT…what happened on the morning of 4/14/22 was very different and has never happened before or since in my life!

So, here I was in a dream that morning. It was a prophetic dream that served multiple purposes, which included a warning or heads up of what was about to come in both the natural and spiritual. What was shown in the dream quickly took place exactly as it was shown it would. I don’t want to give the details because of the people involved, but it was the LORD letting us know that a separation would occur between us and some of our beloved extended family and that it was needed for a time and somehow related to the Rapture. So, here I was in the dream that morning seeing myself in a room with one of my oldest sons, Matthew Yosef. There was a couch on the far wall in this part of the dream, a bookcase full of books on the left hand side from my position, and a door which led out into a hallway that we had just come in from. I could see the richly painted walls, which were like a deep coral in color, the carpet, the coffee table, everything. It was so detailed. My son was positioned nearer the center of the room in front of me and he was on the phone with his uncle. In real life, my boys were scheduled to go on a fishing trip with their uncle and cousins that had been planned for months. I both saw my son on the phone and could also hear both sides of the conversation, although it was an old-fashioned rotary telephone in the dream. My brother-in-law was explaining to Matthew that the trip was going to be canceled (which happened in real life just a couple of days after the dream) and I could feel the disappointment in my son’s heart. I could hear my brother-in-law’s deep and characteristic cadenced military-style voice on the end of the line. But then, all of a sudden, it all went away. Poof!

Instantly, I was no longer in that room or in that dream. Just like that, I was out. Everything I had been seeing and hearing was gone instantly. I was now no longer dreaming, but I was also now not awake. It wasn’t like I had awakened but still had my eyes closed, or anything. I was simply somewhere in between asleep and awake. Not dreaming, not asleep, but also not awake. Forgive me, I’m trying to describe it the best I can. This has never happened to me before or since. I was suddenly out of the dream and all I could see around me was black. It wasn’t evil or creepy or anything; it was just nothingness. It was HERE (wherever ‘here’ was) that I heard the voice.

I didn’t see anyone, but I heard a voice with my natural ears. I heard them say something about a trumpet. Something about a trumpet that had just been blown or sounded. After that, I clearly heard that same voice say that an angel had just announced, “THE LIVING STONES ARE ABOUT TO APPEAR!” That’s when I instantly woke up and at the same exact time jolted upright into a sitting position in like 1/5th of a second! Now if you know me, you know this isn’t possible. I’m a nice chubby lady with various health issues who takes about 20 seconds to even get out of a seated position, much less pop up from a fully prone one! I haven’t done that since I was a teenager. Yet, when I heard those words and the wonderful way in which they were spoken, so indescribably powerful, and bursting full of excitement and sheer joy, that my spirit lept up and instantly woke up my physical body and made it jump up in the bed in a naturally impossible manner!

That means this message is VERY IMPORTANT and I also believe VERY NEAR. I shared this message on my previous Facebook account under the nickname “Chocen Witness ” (And I didn’t give myself that nickname. My real name is Whitney, I got the nickname of “Witness” and “Preacher Eslick” in middle school because I would speak of JESUS so often. The LORD Himself gave me the nickname of “Chocen”, which sounds exactly like the English word “chosen”. “Chocen” is a Hebrew word that means “treasured possession”. He began calling me this about 17 years ago and I only share that for a reason. Look up the verses at the end). Anyway, FB blocked me out of my own account (Chocen Witness) on 6/6/23 with no explanation or remedy (I’m now operating a FB account under the pseudonym “Dally Megan”, which is my daughter’s nickname). I didn’t realize until today that I had never shared this experience from 4/14/22 on 444 Prophecy News. For some reason I thought that I had. But the LORD has brought back to my mind this experience as of late, even relating it to a word He gave me a few days ago on 4/29/24.

I believe the “Living Stones” relate to the “jewels” or “treasured possession” about which the LORD declares, “They shall be MINE…” in the book of Malachi, 3rd chapter. I believe these Living Stones are the Jewels, the Treasured Possession who represent and are the 144,000/ The Bride of CHRIST/ The 5 Wise Virgins, etc. It is the glory of GOD to conceal (hide) a matter. But it is the glory of kings (GOD’s royalty, His Bride) to search it out. The following verses will help you dig in the Word of GOD to discover this hidden treasure:

Malachi 3:17
Revelation 7:1-17
1 Peter 2:4-5
Revelation 14:1-20
Ephesians 2:20
Matthew 25:1-13
Revelation 22:17
2 Corinthians 11:2
Revelation 19:7-8
James 1:18
Revelation 21:2
Malachi 3:17
Revelation 21:14
John 3:29
Revelation 21:11
Ephesians 5:24-26
Revelation 21:12
Ezekiel 9:4
Proverbs 31:10
Ezekiel 16:11-13
Zechariah 9:16-17
Revelation 21:18-21
Isaiah 28:16
Isaiah 61:10
1 Peter 2:6
Isaiah 54:11-12

* Testimony: I received JESUS CHRIST as my personal LORD and SAVIOR when I was 5 years old. Mama taught Bible Study to the neighborhood kids on the military base we lived in when my Dad was stationed in Hawaii. She would always give a salvation call at the end of each Bible Study. The kids who accepted JESUS into their hearts were given a small book that only consisted of pages in solid colors that represented the Gospel. The 1st page was solid black, which represented our sins, for all have sinned and fallen from the glory of GOD. The 2nd page was solid red, representing the blood of JESUS CHRIST and His finished work of the Cross; His death, burial, and resurrection back to life on the 3rd day by the power of HIS HOLY SPIRIT. The next page was white…you get the picture. Mom had offered me the free gift of salvation before, but I had declined. I was pretty young, after all. But then, one day, I raised my hand to accept and ask JESUS into my heart. And I got the book. The next week when Mom did Bible Study with all the neighborhood kids, I raised my hand again to pray the salvation prayer and accept JESUS CHRIST in my heart. And I got another little book. The following week, I did the same thing again. I raised my hand to ask JESUS to come into my heart and be LORD of my life and I got my 3rd little book. But after the other children had left my Mom pulled me aside and asked me if I kept receiving the call for salvation just so I could get the little prize, the little book, at the end. “No, Mama” was my response. She then asked me why I kept doing it repeatedly. I told her it was because I wanted to be sure. I was concerned because I knew what a naughty little girl I could be. You see, I was way louder than all the other little girls, way more fearless, much too bold. This often got me in trouble. So I was concerned. What if I had done something that week that JESUS didn’t like? What if He decided He didn’t want to be in my rotten little heart, after all? What if He left. So, I wanted to ask Him to please come back. Then my Mom understood what was going on. And so she proceeded to explain to me the surety of salvation. I had a lot of questions. But what if I did something bad, would JESUS leave me then? Or what if I did something really bad, surely He would leave me then, right? Or, what if, what if when I grew up and became a really big girl (tears are filling my eyes even now as I remember my very prophetic question)…What if , when I was a really big girl (I meant teenager), I did something really really bad, my JESUS might leave me then, right? And oh how that prophecy came true! But in that moment, the LORD GOD Himself promised me, through my darling of a mother, that HE would NEVER leave me or forsake me, that HE my GOD, my JESUS, and was in my heart to stay. My boldness and near complete lack of fear did lead me, in sin, to many risky and wrong behaviors. I did struggle with the LORD. Never in disbelief, but in disobedience. But the LORD GOD was so kind and so patient. In faithfulness, He allowed my sins to chastise me, to correct me, and He allowed a certain amount of suffering in His glorious faithfulness. I needed it. I needed every whack, every spanking, every rod of correction. And He did it; He led me back to Himself in righteousness, in obedience. I’m not perfect. The closer I get to the LORD, the sharper my eyes are to see my own sin and the quicker I repent and ask Him to ever change me into His image. I share this testimony to share another one. I have often mentioned this day in prayer and in song to the LORD, remembering The Day He saved me. Oh, I’m sure I was saved the 3 weeks prior when I first asked JESUS to come and live in my heart, to make it His home. But The Day I always remember and often mention to the LORD in private prayer and song (I prefer to keep these things private because pathetic are so precious to me and people often misunderstand, but I feel the LORD is telling me to begin sharing these testimonies) is the day I consider as THE DAY, the day I became His and He became mine. About 17 years ago, the LORD began calling me by a new name, by “Chosen” when we would speak in prayer. I assumed it was spelled like the English word and had the same meaning. But then, a few years ago, I had to stay home from church because of health issues related to Malaria and low blood hemoglobin. My family went to church and I stayed home alone with the LORD. After a time of prayer and praise, the LORD spoke to me clearly. He said, “I remember THAT DAY, too.” I knew exactly what He meant! You see, when I would sing prayer songs to my FATHER over the years, I would often mention, “I remember The Day…” and I was referring to the day when I was 5 and had that long conversation with my mother, where I was convinced of the assuredly of my salvation in JESUS. So fast-forward to a few years ago when I was too weak to go to church, but the LORD can speak anywhere. When He began with, “I remember THAT DAY, too…” I knew exactly what He meant. He continued, “…That was THE DAY you became My own treasured possession.” And when He said that, I had a knowing by HIS HOLY SPIRIT that I needed to look up those words, treasured possession, in Hebrew. I did. And I found that there are a few different Hebrew words that can mean “treasured possession”. But when I came upon one of these words, my jaw almost hit the floor. Chocen. Chocen is one of the Hebrew words that means “treasured possession”. Chocen in Hebrew is pronounced just like the English word “chosen”. JESUS waited about 40 years to deliver that amazing and beautiful message to me! Malachi 3:17 speaks of the LORD listening to HIS people who fear HIM and honor HIS NAME and who mourn over the state of HIS House, HIS Church, His people. If you’ve read all the Scriptures provided above you’ll understand. These people are HIS Jewels, HIS Chosen, HIS Chocen, HIS Bride, HIS Wise Virgins, HIS 144,000…HIS Living Stones!!!

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