Romancing the King: Advancing and Expanding the Kingdom! – Sandi Holman

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Romancing the King: Advancing and Expanding the Kingdom!

April 4, 2024 9:40 AM
Sandi Holman

Once again today, The LORD spoke as I began to pray, “I AM bringing My Bride to a moment of truth as they stop and have a moment of remembrance.

I AM bringing total refreshment to their spirit for this urgent time in the world.

I AM enabling them to intentionally embrace their true identity as My Sons and Daughters.

I AM setting aside this time for a robing time. There are moments in their life that they will long remember a the day they finally let go of all regret, fear, confusion, procrastination, unbelief and doubt.

It shall be a royal robing moment as they are being clothed with fortitude, perseverance focus, and determination to make a quality decision.

Yes, My beloved Bride is now at a crossroads of choice. You must choose the life you want to live.

My Word says in Psalm 37 says,

“Delight yourself in The LORD and he will give you the desires of your heart. Commit your way to The LORD; trust in him and he will do this.” Psalm 37 4-5 (NIV)

So I say to you this day, I will give you the desires of your heart.

Whatsoever you desire with your whole heart, you shall be granted for I have placed those desires in your heart and I shall fulfill them.

In this past season the came to cloud your vision with doubt and unbelief and many let go of the hope for those desires and they were robbed of the joy to move forth, but I have come to give you blessed assurance that I AM a Dream-giver and I AM fulfilling your lost Dream.

I AM a Promise keeper!

You are entering into a Double-portion Season, for I shall be remembered well as “The God of more than enough!”

As I have watched My Church during these times of war and chaos, I AM sending a Message to WAKE UP — for I AM staging a SHAKE UP — that will get their attention for the need to yield to My Spirit and make up for lost time.

I have brought My Church also to a Crossroads of choice, to Repent of the spirit of division and performance, as I have come to deliver My Flock from the spirit of deception, and open their eyes of understanding to embrace a fresh knowledge of The Truth.

You must “Choose this Day whom you will serve!”

There is no more time to play ‘the Price is Right’ and operate in the love of money.

There is no more time to participate in the spirit of competition that has divided the world for many years now.

So, I say, “Just whose report will you believe?”

I AM come to give you your Freedom back — through a free choice!

My heart has been breaking for My People, who are called by My Name, to receive My Love and be set on Fire with My Presence.

For the world is perishing for a lack of Love and falling into the pit of compromise.

I have come today to say, ‘Will you choose to be a Victor or will you continue to be a Victim?’

The choice is yours!

This is My Offer to My Chosen Ones: Won’t you take a stand for TRUTH and shout to the evil one, that you are joining the Army of The LORD to fight for Freedom and Justice and Liberty for all?

Will you stand up in the face of the enemy and say:

“Move over, we are plowing new ground!

We are The Children of God who are growing up in this moment of Maturity, Loyalty, and great Grace to receive the Mercy of a Loving God, Who has come to put a Sword in our Hand!

We shall move forth and wield the sword of truth to take back the land and everything that has been stolen in the name of Jesus.”

Yes, says The Good, Good Father, it is a time to choose this day whom you will serve.

I AM assembling the scattered flock. I AM gathering the torn pieces of every broken dream and I AM breathing new life into your expectations — for I AM a God of Vision, Creation, and Unity.

I AM a Good Father who deeply desires for My Children to embrace their uniqueness.

Catch My Vision for them, and embrace their Divine Design and Opportunity to celebrate their differences — as well as their need for one another,” says The Father!

“I AM ready to assemble My Remnant and fit them together for a demonstration of heaven on earth.

Always remember, the year 2024 is the year of the Open Door — but read the fine print!

“I will open that Door that no man can shut and I will shut that Door that no man can open!”

So, know this, The Door is being shut to the past, for I have been repeating to all who have ears to hear that it is time to put the past behind you.

This is the bottom line — The Door is being closed to the things you cannot change!

Won’t you this day, embrace the opportunity to choose a life of fullness to be all you were designed and called to be?

You are the one who determines your future.

Will you determine to be determined to be an overcomer?

My Grace is available. My Mercy is new every morning.

Tomorrow can be the first day of the rest of your life, if you will establish your heart to drown out every voice that has been haunting you with fear, double-mindedness, and unbelief and take up your Shield of Faith, and receive new Hope for tomorrow!

Be prepared to allow the beauty of Holiness and Transparency to clothe you in a Freedom you have never fully embraced,” says The Holy One of Israel.

“Beloved Bride, won’t you allow My Love to explode in your heart with new determination to be consistent and orderly in you daily choices?

Won’t you accept the challenge to face the one requirement to make sure you stay on track?”

“For the moment, all discipline is painful, rather than pleasant, but later it produces the peaceful fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.” Hebrews 12:11.

“So, when you Dare to be DIFFERENT, Dare to CHOOSE LIFE, your heart with explode with new hope undaunted by any weapon of discouragement or disappointment the enemy attempts to stop your progress or defer your hope.

Watch Me as I redeem the time that has been wasted on ungodly sorrow and the many issues caused by the spirit of fear.

I say to you, I AM restoring unsound minds to those walking in The Fear of The LORD — and I AM empowering you to carry the Flaming Fire of My Love to the world, The Church and the backslidden!”

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