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Judgment Had Arrived – He Comes Soon

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Judgment Had Arrived

May 2, 2024
He Comes Soon

End times prophecy message and word from our Lord Jesus Christ

Scriptures: Jeremiah 6:22-23, Isaiah 13:13, 1
Thessalonians 5:3, Matthew 24:7, Luke 18:8,
Psalms 11:6-7
Auto Generated Transcript

Hello Grace be unto you and peace from our heavenly father and the Lord Jesus Christ. I have a word to speak to you that I received this morning from our Lord Jesus Christ today is May 2nd of 2024 and I receive this word at 611 a.m. and here is the word

My daughter it is time to write for I have much to say judgment has arrived The Time Is Here the time has come the time is now my daughter warned my people for a great a Great Wave of righteous judgment is about to pour out on your nation and your world as I have told you before the pestilence is here and will be severe many deaths shall there be in much pain and suffering my daughter

War has entered your borders as there is much Rebellion among the people so shall those set in place begin their wrath my daughter it is as I have spoken hear the cries of the many for they cry out in their oppression for I have sent a cruel and merciless Army to carry out my righteous judgment than not there is peace and safety for it is as I have spoken my daughter

There are many waves of righteous judgment pouring out over the land and the Earth will quake and fire will consume many cities it is as I have spoken my daughter warned my people of severe famine and food shortages for basic necessities that seem plentiful now will disappear in a moment of time it has been designed and it is righteous judgment

I will not hear the cries of those who continue to walk in their sin and turn not to me their lord and savior shout repent for the kingdom of God is at hand there is no more time remove the doubt from your hearts for what you have let in through your eyes and ears has created much doubt in your hearts your unbelief shall be a snare and a trap for you unbelief in my words that I have spoken to you through my holy scriptures unbelief and doubt that the words I speak are truth unbelief and doubt that the path is narrow and few find it my daughter

Warn my people of all that is to come for it is here repent my children and turn from all your sin and seek me call to me and I will answer you and come to you and S with you my precious children I love you so seek me in fasting and prayer for I have much to say to you and many gifts do I have to pour out on those who walk in my ways and seek me with all their heart my children the time has come to make your choice and delay no longer for eternity is at the door oh my sweet children call out to me and I will heal your hearts with me is peace with the world is Strife chaos destruction and death

Hear me now no sin shall enter into my kingdom this is truth walk in my ways and my peace shall be with you I love you so my children and desire for none to perish in Hell’s eternal torment seek me for all your answers and not the world seek me in my word seek me in prayer seek me for all your needs seek me always have I not created the heavens and the Earth my hand is not shortened that I can provide for all your needs many doubt but it is your doubt and unbelief that create a wedge between me me and you will I find faith when I come I am that I am I am your creator your father your savior I am your everything and I call to you to come home to me repent and turn away from all your sin and wickedness and I will cleanse you with my blood My Sacrifice all for you seek me now my children and live Shalom and that concludes the word from our Lord Jesus Christ

I thank you for listening and blessings to you all

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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