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Warfare Prayer – Adam Steiger

Warfare Prayer

June 5, 2021 12:10 PM
Adam Steiger

Hello again, 444 News.

For a good long season, I had warred against a generational spirit of Jezebel (Revelation 2:20).  And, through much trial and error…victory and defeat…I labored into creating an offensive warfare prayer which could defeat it and take it out for good.

This truly wasn’t easy – but God was with me, and fed me tactics and bits of pieces of knowledge, over time (as well as in warfare dreams) which steadily developed into a compilation which obtained my goal.

Glory to Him 🙏🏻. Father, Son & Holy Spirit.

And shorty afterwards, I began seeing just how effectual this warfare prayer was against many other evil spirits (as it was designed to take out a “ruler” level spirit; Ephesians 6:12).  Even in interceding for others, the Holy Spirit was affirming that victory and after victory was being achieved on their behalf.

So I kept refining it, striving to make it even better (bragging in the Lord now!).

And now I want to give it away to others.

I call it “Mighty Number (40) Arsenal”, as it consists of 40 primary warfare weapons, or themes, found throughout the Scriptures; all with specific tactic and design.  Inspired by a certain person close to my heart, I pray that the “oil” used in creating this prayer will help many in the body of Christ obtain their warfare breakthroughs, also.

Just be advised to be “prayed up” and repentant first, though.  Full armor of God should be a minimum (Ephesians 6:13-17), while other Biblical tools, such as fasting, communion and anointing oil would be recommended by me, also.

This is one my most intensive and passionate works in Christ Jesus.

I pray it can help others get their victory.



🗡 1: Reverse the Curse

🌩 In Jesus name, we call forth lightning (Psalm 144:6) to destroy every high place in the mountains! (II Chronicles 21:11).

🐦 Surely You shall deliver us from the snares of the fowlers (Psalm 91:3 & Psalm 124:7).  Spread Your net upon them, Lord.  In Jesus name, we entangle and torment every fowler with 1000-fold razor wires!

And let them be taken in their own traps (Ezekiel 12:13), and snared in the works of their own hands (Psalm 9:16).

🏠 I decree and declare, with boldness, I am the master of my house (Exodus 22:8), and that I am spiritually present in here.

⛓ in the name of Jesus we now bind, rebuke and call down fire upon the spirit of _____ (Matthew 18:18).  We decree and declare (Job 22:28), openly and boldly, that we overcome you and burn up all your armor (Luke 11:22). And in Jesus name, we hack up your arms with fury!!

💥 In the name of Jesus, we shut down all of _____’s power!  And we ask Father, that You give its power to us! (Romans 13:1)

💺 in the name of Jesus, we now remove _____’s seat. For it is written, He hath put down the mighty from their seats, and exalted them of low degree (Luke 1:52).

❌ And in Jesus name, we decree and declare, boldly, that _____ is isolated and forbidden from receiving any help!  You are cut off! (Psalm 37:28).

👘 In Jesus name, we now remove _____’s robe of protection (Exodus 39:22) (Job 29:14) (Luke 15:22).

📱 And in Jesus name, we destroy all of _____’s communication lines (Psalm 2:3)

🔑 And in Jesus name, we take away all of _____’s keys (Revelation 3:7). And we ask You, Father, to change the locks!

🕶 And in Jesus name, we smite _____ with blindness (Genesis 19:11) and put its eyes out (Judges 16:21).

🦶And in Jesus name, we take the power of _____’s feet (Joshua 1:3), and crush it’s feet and its toes! (Numbers 22:25)

🔮 In the name of Jesus, we command _____ to cease from witchcraft! (Micah 5:12) We cancel your mouth and cut off all your witchcrafts, and seal them with the blood of the Lamb (Revelation 12:11).

💵 And in Jesus name, we take away _____’s blessings (John 10:10) (Ephesians 1:3), including the once-saved blessings!

💣 And in Jesus name, we destroy every last semblance of _____ in us (Deuteronomy 7:23), and call forth the brush of destruction to sweep through our home! (Matthew 12:43-45)

🥼And in Jesus name, we speak RESTORE unto our house! (Isaiah 42:22) (Matthew 12:43-45). And in every room, we decree and declare we will only be clothed with righteousness, majesty and strength (Psalm 93:1 & 104:1).

🌊 And in Jesus name, we command a drought upon _____’s waters (Jeremiah 50:38), and forbid it from accessing water

🔥 And in Jesus name, we call down fire (Luke 9:54) upon _____’s kingdom, and upon all its soul catering (Isaiah 29:8).

🔥 And in the name of Jesus, we cast thick clothes of incineration upon _____! We declare its body feeble, and command for its skin to be broken (Job 7:5). And in Jesus name, we call for poison arrows of divine destruction to pierce your skin through, 1,000 fold, and for worms to destroy your body! (Job 19:26)

🚪And in the name of Jesus, we declare _____’s gates shall not be shut. For it is written: I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron (Isaiah 45:1-2).


🗡 2: Battering Rams 🔩 &

🗡 3: Engines of War 🏰

In Jesus name, we command divine battering rams to smash open _____’s gates (Ezekiel 21:22).  We decree and declare: arise and demolish every wicked structure round about (Ezekiel 4:2), and fill it with its own devices (Proverbs 1:31).

And in the name of Jesus, we command engines of war upon _____ and against every area of our lives being troubled (Ezekiel 26:9).  We decree, with boldness: pitch against and blast it nonstop, and break away every stronghold mounted against our destiny! (Psalm 89:40)


🗡 4: The Hiss of the LORD 🤫 &

🗡 5: Hunters & Fishers of GOD👨🏻‍🎤

Send your army, O Lord, hiss unto them from the ends of the earth, and have them arrive with speed swiftly (Isaiah 5:26). In the name of Jesus, send for many fishers, and fish _____; and send for many hunters, and hunt them from every mountain, and every hill, and out of the holes of the rocks (Jeremiah 16:16). Hiss _____ out into the open (Job 27:23), and destroy them!

And in Jesus name, 1,000 fold, let _____ be covered with the fly from the uttermost parts of the rivers of Egypt, and with the bee from the land of Assyria (Isaiah 7:18). Clothe _____ with filth and shame! (Psalm 132:18) and make them vile (Nahum 3:6). And let their land become a desolation (Jeremiah 18:16).


🗡 6: Evil Beasts 👹

In the name of Jesus, we now loose evil beasts to pursue and devour _____! (Psalm 80:13). Rage and vomit fire upon them and upon their camp, and torment, harass and silence them!


🗡 7: Confusion 😵 &

🗡 8: Poison 🦠 🐍 🐔

O Lord, turn their counsel into foolishness (II Samuel 15:31). In Jesus name, let _____ be confounded and ashamed that seek after my soul: let them be turned back and brought to confusion (Psalm 44:15), as with a mantle (Psalm 109:29), that devise my hurt (Psalm 35:4).

Let _____ be put out of circulation, and send upon them fiery serpents of the dust, with cruel venom of deadly asps (Deuteronomy 32:24,33). And in Jesus name, we command the cockatrice (Isaiah 11:8) to bite _____, nonstop, as 1,000-fold poison arrows pierce them through and consume their spirit! (Job 6:4)


🗡 9: Spoiler Alert! 💰💎

In the name of Jesus, without fail, we shall recover all! (I Samuel 30:8)  We command to be restored sevenfold, along with all the substance of their house! (Proverbs 6:31)

In Jesus name, we invoke the flying roll against every evil spirit that has stolen from us (Zechariah 5:1-4). Cut off every thief and liar, enter and remain in the midst of their homes, and consume them with the timber and stones, thereof.

And in Jesus name, we utterly overrun _____ (Micah 2:4).  We spoil all your house and goods (Mark 3:27), along with your merchandise, substance, and treasures (Jeremiah 17:13) (Ezekiel 26:12).  In Jesus name, we spoil your vines and your labor (Song of Solomon 2:15) (Psalm 109:11), along with tents, curtains and tabernacle (Jeremiah 4:20) (Jeremiah 10:20). And in Jesus name, we spoil your images (Hosea 10:2), and glory (Zechariah 11:3), along with your resting place (Proverbs 24:15).


🗡 10: Rumours 🗣 &

🗡 11: North Wind 💨

In Jesus name, we call forth the north wind to disgrace _____ camp!  Drive away all their sin, rain and blessings, and make their joy evaporate (Proverbs 25:23), and lure them into oblivion and destruction!

And Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus send a blast upon _____, and cause them to hear rumors, and flee and fall by the sword! (Isaiah 37:7)


🗡 12: Dry Wind 🌬 &

🗡 13: Famine 💀🥘

In Jesus name, we call forth a deadly, tragic famine to afflict _____.  Let the dry wind fall upon their camp, and dry up all of their resources (Jeremiah 4:11-12).  And let this create catastrophe, and scorch their agenda with fury!

And in the name of Jesus, let divine arrows of prevailing famine (Genesis 47:20) fire upon _____, 1,000 fold, piercing their skin, and eradicating their root (Isaiah 14:30). And let it afflict their children (Jeremiah 18:21), and render their skin blackened, leprous and broken (Lamentations 5:10), in Jesus name!


🗡 14: Stumbling Block 🧱

In the name of Jesus, we declare stumbling blocks and a rock of offense in the way of _____.  May they err in vision, both day and night (Isaiah 59:10), nonstop, and stumble in judgment (Isaiah 28:7). And in Jesus name, cause them make critical mistakes which favor us, and make their table a trap and a recompense unto them all! (Romans 11:9).

We decree that _____ shall not prevail: they shall be greatly ashamed (Jeremiah 20:11). When _____ come to eat up our flesh, they shall stumble and fall (Psalm 27:2), and shall be broken, snared, and taken, in Jesus name! (Isaiah 8:15).


🗡 15: Chariots of God 🎠 &

🗡 16: Fire of God 🔥

In the name of Jesus, we break _____ in pieces! (Jeremiah 51:21) For, behold, the LORD will come with fire, and with his chariots like a whirlwind, to render his anger with fury, and his rebuke with flames of fire (Isaiah 66:15).

And in Jesus name, we call down fire upon _____ (Luke 9:54), and burn them up round about (Psalm 97:3), leaving them neither root nor branch (Malachi 4:1). For a fire devours before us; and behind us a flame burns; yea, and nothing shall escape us (Joel 2:3). And in Jesus name, may fiery streams (Daniel 7:10) go forth and consume _____ and every council against our life, ministry, purpose and destiny!


🗡 17: Soul Catering 🍔 &

🗡 18: Ravenous Birds 🦅

In the name of Jesus, we now cause all unclean food and drink consumed in the spirit (Isaiah 29:8) to vomit out of us, and we break all evil covenants formed from the consumption of them (Galatians 3:13).  And Father, in the name of Jesus, we ask that You purge us with hyssop (Psalm 51:7), flush us with rivers of Living Water (John 7:38), and cleanse us with the precious blood of the Lamb (I Peter 1:19).

I decree that we will not be men given to appetite (Proverbs 23:2).

In Jesus name, we force feed _____ with: bread of adversity, cockatrice eggs (Isaiah 59:5), and water of affliction (Isaiah 30:20). Let it go down their throat like liquid fire, and eat until it vomits out their nostrils! (Numbers 11:20) And in the name of Jesus, let _____ drink the bitter water, which causes their belly to swell and their thigh to rot (Numbers 5:27), as God rains the fury of His wrath upon them (Job 20:23); and may _____ be given to the ravenous birds and to the beasts of the field to be devoured (Ezekiel 39:4).


🗡 19: East Wind 💨 &

🗡 20: Cankerworm 🐛

And in the name of Jesus, by the east wind we bring forth monstrous swarms of poison locusts (Exodus 10:13) to consume and devour _____, like a thick cloud.  Let them bite and sting, nonstop (Revelation 9:8,10), along with cankerworms to devour  utterly _____ and spoil (Nahum 3:15-16).


🗡 21: Fear of the Night/Day 😱 &

🗡 22: Snares 🔗

In Jesus name, let great fear of the day and night fall upon _____, full swing, and let the terrors of God set themselves in array against them (Job 6:4).  We decree they shall be burnt with hunger, and devoured with burning heat and bitter destruction (Deuteronomy 32:24); for upon the wicked He shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup (Psalm 11:6).

And in Jesus name, let snares be hid for _____ in the ground, along with traps in their pathways (Job 18:10). Let snares be implanted all around them, even by their own words (Proverbs 6:2), along with sudden fear which troubles (Job 22:10).


🗡 23: Instruments of Death ☠️ &

🗡 24: Strong Delusion 🤯

Prepare for _____, O Lord, the instruments of death; ordain your arrows against the persecutors (Psalm 7:13). In Jesus name, we send _____ strong delusions, that they would believe lies (II Thess. 2:11); and may their worst fears be brought upon them!


🗡 25: Overflowing Scourge ⚙️,

🗡 26: Razor of the Lord 💈🔪, &

🗡 27: Spear of the Lord 🗡

In the name of Jesus, we command the overflowing scourge to pass through and trample _____! (Isaiah 28:18) Draw out also the spear, and stop the way against them that persecute me: say unto my soul, I am thy salvation (Psalm 35:3)

In the name of Jesus, we call for Divine razors to pass upon _____! (Ezekiel 5:1). Let them be shaved, to the bone, from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet (Isaiah 7:20), as fiery razors slice and dice into their bodies.

And in the name of Jesus, we cast javelins and smite _____ through (I Samuel 20:33).  Let them be impaled under the fifth rib (II Samuel 2:23), and into the earth at once (I Samuel 26:8). And in Jesus name, may their skin be filled with barbed irons, and their heads with fish spears! (Job 41:7).


🗡 28: Great Heat 🌋, &

🗡 29: Blast of His Nostrils 👃

In Jesus name, be scorched with great heat! (Revelation 16:9) And may _____’s skin be black upon them (Job 30:30), and with their bones charred and crushed into powder! (Matthew 21:44)

We decree by the blast of God they perish, and by the breath of His nostrils they are consumed (Job 4:9).  And in Jesus name, let _____ be smitten with blasting, mildew and hail in all the labours of their hands (Haggai 2:17).


🗡 30: Thunder, 🌩

🗡 31: Lightning ⛈ &

🗡 32: Breaker ⚒

Father, God of glory, thunder marvelously with Thy voice (Job 37:5) (Psalm 29:3). Give _____ up to hot thunderbolts (Psalm 78:48). Cast forth lightning, and scatter them: in Jesus name, shoot out Thine arrows, and destroy them (Psalm 144:6).

And in the name of Jesus, we call forth the breaker (Micah 2:13) to shatter altars, crush their power and utterly destroy them out of our lives!


🗡 33: Great Hailstones ❄️

The LORD also thundered in the heavens, and the Highest gave His voice; hail stones and coals of fire (Psalm 18:13).

In the name of Jesus, we call forth from the treasuries of Heaven (Job 38:22) a very grievous hail upon _____ (Exodus 9:18); even a great hail, an exceeding great plague mixed with blood and fire (Revelation 8:7).  And in Jesus name, may every stone be about the weight of a talent (Revelation 16:21), with mighty thunderings (Exodus 9:28), and fire which races along the ground (Exodus 9:23).  And in Jesus name, this shall sweep away the refuge of lies (Isaiah 28:7), as we decree more shall die of this than from the sword! (Joshua 10:11)


🗡 34: Rebuke of the LORD 💥 &

🗡 35: Tornado 🌪

As the whirlwind passeth, so is the wicked no more (Proverbs 10:25). In the name of Jesus, let _____ flee at Your rebuke, and haste away at the voice of Thy thunder (Psalm 104:7).

We call forth the tornado of the LORD with fury: in Jesus name, fall with pain upon the head of _____ (Jeremiah 30:23); fan them, carry them away, and scatter them (Isaiah 41:16). For we decree they have sown the wind, and shall reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7). And in Jesus name, execute Your great vengeance upon _____ in fury and anger (Ezekiel 5:15), and take them away as stubble (Isaiah 40:24).


🗡36: Body Break 🤕

We command for _____ to be broken suddenly and without remedy (Proverbs 6:15).  In Jesus name, we break their teeth in with gravel stones (Lamentations 3:16), along with their spirits (Proverbs 17:22).

We break the crown of their head (Jeremiah 2:16), along with their arms, feet and hands (Psalm 37:17). And in Jesus name we strike _____ knees with the blade of Abraham and smite them, hip and thigh, with a very great slaughter (Judges 15:8).  Let them be inflicted with wounds which go down into the innermost parts of the belly (Proverbs 18:8), and cruelly castrated with fire (Deuteronomy 23:1), in the name of Jesus!


🗡 37: 17 Plagues ☠️

And in the name of Jesus, we command _____ to be plagued with incurable:

Pining sickness! (Isaiah 38:12)

Bloody Flux! (Acts 28:8)

Boils! (Job 2:7)

Flesh eating bacteria! (Zechariah 14:12)

Bowel disease! (II Chronicles 21:15)

Pestilence and consumption!

Fever and inflammation!

Extreme burning, with the sword!

Blasting and mildew!

The botch of Egypt!


The scab!

And the itch! (Deuteronomy 28:21-22,27).

In Jesus name, we decree you’re left breathless (I Kings 17:17), feeble and sore broken! (Psalm 38:8). For the Lord will beat down His foes before His face, and plague them that hate Him (Psalm 89:23). And in the name of Jesus, we decree there’s none to plead your cause or care for you (Jeremiah 30:13); for not even God will answer you (Psalm 18:41).


🗡 38: Beatdown 💥

May the rebuke of God char _____ bones (Job 30:30).  In Jesus name, we cast thick clothes of incineration upon them, and call for 1,000 fold arrows of divine destruction to pierce them through (Lamentations 5:10), which we decree their spirit drinks up like fire (Job 6:4).

And in Jesus name, let _____ be put out of circulation, as He rains the fury of His wrath upon them (Job 20:23). In Jesus name, we smash them with our battle axe (Jeremiah 51:20), and smite them through with our rod of iron (Revelation 2:27), and decree they are smitten with madness, blindness and confusion of heart (Deuteronomy 28:28).

Be destroyed with fire! Be tormented with FIRE, in the name of Jesus!

And In Jesus name, we unleash upon _____ the hornet (Deuteronomy 7:20) and afflict them with burned and broken bones (Numbers 24:8 & Job 30:30) and devouring storms (Psalm 83:15).

By the blast of God may _____ perish! And in Jesus name, may the terrors of God set themselves in array against them (Job 6:4). We decree they are threshed with iron instruments (Amos 1:3), knocked into the dust of death (Psalm 22:25), and stomped out, like a winepress by the fiery wheels (Proverbs 20:26) and chariots of God (Isaiah 66:15); as we decree their further doom and destruction!

Let the people praise Thee, O God; let all the people praise Thee (Psalm 67:3). For Thy right hand, O LORD, hath dashed in pieces the enemy (Exodus 15:16).

In Jesus name, we decree and declare we have crushed you, we have made you an empty vessel, and through the power of the Holy Ghost we have swallowed you up like a dragon, and have filled our bellies with your stolen blessings, and have cast you out! (Jeremiah 51:34).


🗡 39: Axe to the Root ⛏

In Jesus name, we curse _____ at the root and command you to wither up and die like the fig tree Jesus cursed (Matt 21:29). You shall be as Nabal! (I Samuel 25:26)

We decree you are a garden with no water (Isaiah 1:30). And in Jesus name, we call forth the brush of destruction and eliminate your high branches (Job 18:16), and hew you down and spoil your fruit (Daniel 4:14). And in Jesus name, we take the axe to your roots, pluck you up out of our land (II Chronicles 7:20) and toss you into everlasting fire (Luke 3:9).


🗡 40: Wrath of God  🔥💥

God we petition: send forth Your wrath, which consumes as stubble (Exodus 15:7), and destroy _____ altogether (II Chronicles 12:12). In the mighty name of Jesus, we command for the wrath of God to be unleashed upon them!!  We boldly decree they shall see their destruction, and drink of the wrath of the Almighty (Job 21:20).

In Jesus name, recompense their way upon their own heads (Ezekiel 22:31). Swallow up their habitations, and pity not: throw down their strong holds and bring them to the ground; and pollute their kingdoms and the princes thereof (Lamentations 2:2),

In the name of Jesus, root them out of our land in anger, wrath, and great indignation (Deut. 29:28). Heavenly Father, blow against them in the fire of Your wrath, and deliver them into the hand of brutish men, who destroy skillfully (Ezekiel 21:31). In Jesus name, we decree _____ shall melt in the midst thereof (Ezekiel 22:21); for Thou hast rebuked the heathen, thou hast destroyed the wicked, thou hast put out their name for ever and ever (Psalm 9:5).

And in the name of Jesus, we command for burning coals to fall upon _____ head: be cast into the fire; into deep pits, and rise not up again! (Psalm 140:10) Lord of Lords, may Your wrath wax hot against them (Exodus 32:10); and may it be poured out, without mixture, and never quenched (II Chronicles 34:25).

And in Jesus name, may Your terrors cut them _____, forever (Psalm 88:16), as we command them to be arrested with fire, and sent immediately, directly and totally, to the feet of Jesus to be judged and taken off the battlefield!


🗡 🌟 : Praises

(Praise God, afterward, or in between round.  The Lord inhabits the praises of His people – Psalm 22:3)

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