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A Call to Prayer for Intercessors! – Pamela G.

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A Call to Prayer for Intercessors!

April 7, 2024 10:35 PM
Pamela G.

Sunday, April 7th, 2024 @10 pm.

Daniel 9:3 NKJV
Then I set my face toward the Lord God to make request by prayer and supplications, with fasting, sackcloth, and ashes.

Please humble yourselves before the Lord and seek His face in sack cloth and ashes, prayer, and fasting for our nation America!

This is a bit late in getting out but hope it will be a help to you as you pray! Its short and to the point, brothers and sisters!

Our intercessory prayer group will be focusing on the following during our prayer time from Sunday, April 7th, at sundown until Monday, April 8th, at sundown.

Please feel free to share this prayer template with others you know who will be praying!

Our groups prayer times will be:
Sunday, April 7th @ 8 pm. EST
Monday, 2:30 pm. EST
Monday, evening, April 8th, @ 8pm.EST

* Please consider fasting for this time as the Lord leads you. There are many different ways to fast, ask the Lord to guide you to fast according to His will.

Prayers to Focus On:

* Repentance – Personal – ourselves, families, churches, communities. Corporately for the US nation and its leaders especially, all branches of government, media and any other areas of large influence over the minds of the people.

Prayers for Satan’s purposes to be twarted, especially over the pathway of the eclipse.
Prevent from being released all
* Bio-weapons (in the air or thru infected human carriers in the crowds)
* Bio-frequencies
* Disease X
* Animalistic Behavioral changes in humans (zombie apocalypse, esp. in the jabbed)

Pray Against:
* Cern start up on April 8th (portals being opened/breaking the veil)
* Pray for its symbol. Shiva the destroyer to be destroyed by the Lord and His angel armies.
* NASA rocket release – 3 rockets with Egyptian serpent names to have their true intention released and for its purposes to be destroyed in Jesus name.

* Prayer for weather disruptions over the pathway of the eclipse.
* Rain, cloudy skies to block the viewing of the eclipse.
* Limit the number of people in attendance for their protection.

More things to pray over:
* Cicadas resurfacing mid-May to late June, the plagues of Egypt being released.
* New Madrid fault zone/ earthquakes occurring
* Devils comet & any resulting effects
* Earthquakes in NY and Taiwan
(UN meeting in NYC was disrupted by the 4.8 earthquake – 4/8 the eclipse event in America takes place)
* Possible false flag events in Texas and other places to be averted.
* Thwart the US from plans for civil war, bring peace and unity to our nation aligned under God!
* Cancel, clear, and delete all the plans of the enemy for disruption over the people, places, and things in our nation!
*Send chaos into the enemy’s camp to thwart, prevent and destroy all his plans from coming to fruition.
* Pray that the enemy becomes entraped in all his own wicked schemes meant to harm others! Haman was hanged on the nooses he intended for the Jews.

* Pray against terrorist attacks
* EMP strikes/communication systems being compromised
* Protection over roads, highways, and infrastructure.

* Pray for protection over people, animals, farmland, food production, etc, in the viewing path of the eclipse.
* Rebuke all spirits of sickness such as Avian flu crossing from poultry to cows and then humans.

Pray over the effects of:
* Large water shed events that may occur after the cicadas are released (more plagues of Egypt)
* Sun’s magnetic poles changing, causing increased radiation and a weakening of the magnetosphere, along with other planetary and space anomalies.
* Hurricane strengths increasing due to undersea volcanic activity and the warming of the seas.
* Changing weather patterns causing animal life such as fish in FL to migrate to areas with cooler waters farther to the north and other strange changing animal behaviors.

* Rebuke the spirit of scarcity in God’s people and in the world should supply chains become disrupted. Pray for an Elijah miracle over food to extend its portions!

* Rebuke and cast to the pit for destruction in Jesus name all occult symbols and rituals occurring such as using the X cyfer representing Nimrod, oroborous, death, and rebirth from having any influences over people, places and things.

* Pray for God’s will and His judgments to be released when and where they are needed.
* God’s victory over the powers of darkness, the Mt Carmel Battle with spiritual forces of wickedness in heavenly places.
* Pray for Elijah annointed warriors to rise up to do battle with the enemy.
* Pray for God’s power to be displayed upon the earth and for God’s name once again to be deckared throughout the whole earth!

* Prayers for courage, boldness, and strength for believers during this time and in the coming days.
* Pray for the spirit of fear to be broken over the people and this nation.

* Pray over the Red Heifer sacrifices and what this portends for Israel and the 3rd temple.
* Pray for the nation of Israel to repent and turn to Jesus as their Messiah and not to be deceived by the anti-christ.

** Sing praises to God as weapons of warfare over the power of the enemy to disarm him.

* Sing praise songs in prayer time, read psalms or other scriptures out loud, together too!

* Declare and decree God’s sovereignty over all the earth and pray that the people would repent and come to fear the Lord once more!

* This is just a basic template, please add to this prayer list anything else the Lord lays on your heart and the Holy Spirit impresses on you to pray!

Praise the Lord! He has won the victory!
Thank you for joining us in praying and petitioning the Lord together!

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