Video: Feast Of Trumpets 2018 | October Surprise – Scott Clarke

Video: Feast Of Trumpets 2018 | October Surprise Scott Clarke

Published on Sep 14, 2018

How does one go about finding the true fall feast days? Is the answer in the Bible and in the stars? Why are the Orthodox Jewish calendars all wrong? These are my convictions. No. I am NOT saying the rapture is this year. This is about finding a feast day only. Enjoy

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  1. Dear reader/Prophesy 444:

    My findings regarding Scotty’s teaching:

    Scotty strays from the explicit provision in Leviticus to count seven months which goes against Scripture.

    He adds to the Word by introducing the fall equinox crossing as a provision. We are not permitted to add anything to the Word.

    He also disregards Israel’s two seasons structure and projects our 4 part seasonal cycle unto their situation without bearing. See This supports his thesis but is not rooted in Scripture.

    He changes Biblical phrasing such as ‘harvest feast’ to the phrasing ‘fall feast’ which affirms his thesis as well, but bears no Scriptural support either.


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