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The Eclipse of April 8th! God Told Me More – Outpouring Gates

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The Eclipse of April 8th! God Told Me More

March 20, 2024
Outpouring Gates


Key Points
  • Get ready for terrible disease, this will divided people faith or fear.
  • No more lukewarm
  • America will be dragged in another middle east war
  • Weather like never seen before, Hurricanes as big as America, East coast torrential rain for days
  • Antarctica to show signs and wonders due to melting ice
  • Get ready for a pole shift
Auto Generated Transcripts Below

hey everybody how y’all doing today um yeah y’all see the title I got some things to share I was um actually just spending some time with the Lord talking to him and man since yesterday once again the Lord put that date on my heart April 8th and um I’ve spoken a little bit about this but I’m not going to I haven’t shared what I haven’t I haven’t shared this information I um yet on my live streams or anything if you guys have been listening so I was out here talking to the Lord and it was just a burden on my heart man that burden on your heart you just can’t shake and so I just went to the Lord and I just went before his course and got before his feet and I just said Lord what else do you want me to know and the Lord began to speak to me uh some things and so I’m going to share what God is saying about this now I know there’s a humongous spe speculation about some things um yes this is a sign and wonder there are signs and wonders all around this I understand that the the path that’s going through Nineveh I understand the story of Jonah I understand the time frame of Egypt and today is around the three days of darkness I understand all of this but I’m going to share some things that are going to happen afterward I know many people think that on that day something’s going to happen no it’s not I’ll tell you that um there’s a pattern to God okay and many times when he gives a sign that is the day in the appointment only uh many times when he gives a sign he makes sure the sign is understood because if if there was a sign and then Devastation there’s no need for the sign just give the devastation God is a straightforward God and he wants you to get the point and it’s not to get destroyed but to get Mercy to get Grace to get understanding and pivot to the Justified way of righteousness faithfulness and your service towards the Lord and servant of the lord and basically y’all making a making your life an offering to God because he is he has to be Lord of your life life all right don’t expect to go to the kingdom without making him Lord of your life okay so a sign right a sign now God has been speaking to me about the things for America afterward oh America oh America I tell you the truth as I feel the Lord speaking through me he says this is the time of the yes and no America I Hear the Lord say this is the time of the yes and no where your nose will have consequences says the Lord and your yeses to my name will cause preservation I see the Lord show me that the righteousness will be in a fence like a literal fence of a flock like literal sheep in a fence in the spirit I see a hedge of protection over Pockets Pockets around the nation multiple different states where there are these Circles of protection guys I tell you that this this sign is a great sign all right and it speaks on many layers many layers that that I don’t care how much you speculate I don’t care how much you connect the levels and Mysteries of this needs God’s revelation to get it all you cannot figure this out by thought it’s too deep the Lord showed me today that get ready for disease get ready for a terrible disease that’s going to give a yes and no response to the Lord and God is waiting to listen see we got to take righteousness to the next level it’s got to be taken to the next level it can’t be based on story books it now has to be applicable applied actually manifestations and evidence existence of God’s word showing up in your life how many times does it really show up I mean be honest with yourself Church the Lord showed me that there’s coming disease a great disease and I know this disease is going to divide people’s faith of fear and righteousness many people will have Encounters of God and many people will counter counteract against God rejecting him because of fear will be too loud America get ready your yes and no is coming you’re going to have to decide there’s no more bushes there’s no more lukewarm I tell you if you want to fit in that church get ready to be spit out the spitting out is coming very soon it’s coming real soon so get ready for a military action America’s about to be dragged into a war deeper and it’s going to involve more of the Middle East a deep deep dive into this war America will have something else that’s going to take place get ready for a weather you’ve never seen before weather you have never seen before I mean really haven’t seen before you’re talking about storms hurricanes that seem to be as big as America you’re talking about you’re talking about hurricanes that that just seem to never end like the rain will last for days and days and days there will be there will be total coastlines East Coast will be completely torrential rained this year there’s a lot of torrential rain get ready for things in the Antarctic to show up sign signs wonders in the Antarctic because it’s melting get ready for for a great pole shift polar activity of of a shift in the in the locations of where it used to be understand some of these governments aren’t just trying to kill you with what they spray they’re trying to lie to you so you don’t understand how bad the actual Earth has shifted from where it used to be many times you’re seeing things that are being uh released in the sky to dumb you down to say oh it’s not that bad okay Church get ready for a shout get ready for a great shout a it’s like a sound alarm for the rest of the church to wake up I tell you this this uh this eclipse this sign and wonder is going to give you a great clarity of who are the fired up ones and those who have missed the fire all right Church get ready for denominations to fall because it just won’t keep up to the destruction it won’t keep up to the to the level of sickness and certain denominations of the word of God that don’t have access to the Holy Ghost will not make it mhm you won’t make it nope you won’t you have to take the word of God give him a Clean Plate a free slate and say God you fill me with your word word and let me walk that way let me believe on what your spirit is really saying I don’t need someone at a pool pit telling me nothing wrong with that but if they’re not Spirit-filled you don’t need someone at the pool pit talking to you all right you have the Holy Ghost a counselor spend some time privately privately with faith excelled to give God his time to give him his time to speak to you understand how Paul got his Revelations he just spent time and got something that has evolved the church tremendously that we still are gleaning from today last thing I want to say about this Eclipse afterward politics Will seem literally like an arena there will be like boxing matches it seems like in the political arena there will be chaos in the White House understand this there there will be chaos in the White House there will be some kind of dismantling it will look like it’s it’s foundationally sound but in another view you will see the White House is totally shambles something terrible something of a it’s like it’s deforming if the White House was forming into something else is deforming it’s degrading from within there is a section I keep seeing this in the vision it’s like a section of the White House the right side whatever that is and this does go underground but there’s a section of the White House that is literally causing a a deforming of it where it used to be formed on foundations the foundations of the White House are very slim to none now I tell you that’s a great compromise and it’s going to show itself it’s going to be great exposure guys this is a time of Faith or fear this is why you’re seeing the signs of Jonah the the places of Nineveh is crossing is saying what will you choose we’re coming into a night and day scenario where you won’t be able to say um you’re not a Believer or you are you will know it because of the way things are happening around certain people you will start to find out oh my gosh these worshippers they’re not being touched by certain things why is why are they not being touched what is going on you’re going to have Gentiles people who are atheists people who are lukewarm they will understand I’m not in the right place my life has turned into a perilous moment and yet these righteous ones who say Jesus is lord they’re having an actual increase in the Fallout they’re having an increase in the downpour they’re having an increase and and open doors and new chapters and opportunities brought to them while all the doors are shut to me while hell is approaching my door while darkness is speaking in the sound of Darkness has found me Church you’re going to not have to wonder are you a Believer there will be evidence sound evidence in the making of manifestations in the making of what God’s word is those who literally say I have reprogrammed my mind into a virgin mindset of just the pure word these will shine I’m telling you these will shine you’re coming into a divide of Night and Day so heavy that you can’t even understand I tell you the you’re going to know some people are Believers by physical appearance just because certain sicknesses did not find them you will find Believers in hospitals healing you’re going to see a change of the power structure where power that is Invisible by the almighty God is going to Showcase and take forth sinner stat you’re going to find people who have been bound by the love message of God come out in the open exposed bringing in Heavenly wisdom and Revelation people you thought were just literal nobodies Nomads people you would pass by and look over seven times over twice over man I heard the Lord say America choose Grace has come but Grace is coming more with a type of rawness a rough Edge a rough patch of a season for America it’s a rough patch I’m telling you it will be a rough patch with Victory this is the thing you have to understand it’s not just going to be bitter there is a bitter suweet there is a Revival there is a exposure but things have to be surfaced that are very deep and this is in the church’s heart as a whole I saw the Lord in a vision this this previously three or 4 days ago I saw a city that was covered in darkness and I saw the Lord show me what he had to do to get the darkness out the people and I found out in this Vision that the people were putting darkness in the city the city wasn’t dark because the people were dark the city was dark understand your dominion and even though you don’t believe in God and choose not to walk with him your Dominion is still there the whole city was in Blackness because of people’s hearts the city didn’t have blackness and I saw God do something to the bottom of the city he he shook it and he kept on shaking it and he kept on shaking it and then he kept on shaking it until I saw the the people who were full and black the Blackness drained out of them like a sewage drain the Blackness of the city drained out of the city like a sewage drain until the city was a pure white because the people were Pure White Nineveh right Nineveh huh Church please be ready this is a call so sharp of a will you say yes or will you say no there is no in between and you know what you have to do please share this to anybody and everybody you see this is a warning this is a warning I was sitting here about to just chill and feast and fish get my own peace and then God brought me here I’m not doing this on my own ACC cour please share this to everybody there is such a conviction of here we go church here we go all those training things all the things you’ve been practicing within your within your room in your home beside your bed with the Lord what God has been giving you obedience task to walk in get ready none of this was vain none of it was vain it wasn’t just to mold you and shape you and make you a righteous person even though that is the core of it no you are set here in this time frame in this part of life in this part of the world in 2024 for an impact these people who are alive now this last generation you know we’re not the same as the previous generations we’re peculiar we’re different we’re strange we can’t stay the same this generation that is here now can’t thrive in this old garment called World we’re all looking for something greater why is that why is the generation before that could settle I mean you got to see the uneasiness God purpose purp L put in this generation there’s a there is a an assigned uneasiness so that you get pushed to Christ and a pressure towards Jesus you really got to see God for your destiny don’t ask if you’re on it seek God to see where am I period This is a strong message y’all but it’s got to get sent out I love y’all please share this

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