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April 8th Emergency Biological Release Plan You Need To Know – JW TV

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April 8th Emergency Biological Release Plan You Need To Know

APRIL 2, 2024

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Auto Generated Transcript

00:00:02.159 8th we found some
00:00:04.960 more definitely unsettling information
00:00:08.760 but we’ve also learned that the
00:00:12.559 timelines are going to be pretty much
00:00:15.440 more align in the way that we’re seeing
00:00:17.400 this
00:00:18.840 now so what we want to do here is first
00:00:22.199 we looked into Doug and Stacy off grid
00:00:28.199 just yesterday and we seen that they’ve
00:00:30.199 gotten information in about the
00:00:32.640 biological scenario now remember I was
00:00:35.360 the one who got The Insider to contact
00:00:37.559 me because I’ve been in contact with
00:00:39.719 Sheriff that I know for over 6 months
00:00:43.520 publicly but behind the scenes even more
00:00:45.960 than
00:00:46.840 that the story though that I want you to
00:00:49.440 see here is the letter that he
00:00:53.879 received about what’s coming on the
00:00:55.960 solar
00:00:57.719 eclipse and I’ve actually looked look
00:01:00.320 deeper into this information to try to
00:01:03.080 see who would be the ones
00:01:06.040 positioning this type of scenario that
00:01:08.360 he’s going to mention here and I’ve
00:01:10.439 found some more information on that and
00:01:12.280 then I’ve looked back into The Insider
00:01:13.960 information from the sheriff and we’re
00:01:16.159 going to put timelines up for all this
00:01:18.439 information thank you for tuning in I
00:01:20.759 appreciate all of you and all the new
00:01:22.240 people here and everybody who’s been
00:01:23.640 core audience let’s check this video
00:01:26.920 out all right so listen guys I just want
00:01:29.720 you guys would be totally aware like I
00:01:31.040 don’t know if anything’s actually going
00:01:32.159 to happen right but they are sure
00:01:33.840 putting out a lot of signals out there
00:01:35.119 now listen this is a warning from the
00:01:36.880 secret intelligence League planned April
00:01:38.600 a solar eclipse biological attack I
00:01:41.840 don’t know if any of this stuff is true
00:01:44.040 I’m just sharing with you what somebody
00:01:45.560 sent to me you guys please make your
00:01:47.799 plans
00:01:50.240 accordingly they are planning a
00:01:52.119 biological attack on April 8th just
00:01:54.079 before the total eclipse this is how
00:01:55.680 it’s going to go down plans will be
00:01:57.200 delivering their payload planes will be
00:01:59.560 Del in their payload in three intervals
00:02:01.719 first will be 2 hours before totality a
00:02:04.600 1 hour before totality and a final one
00:02:07.280 30 minutes before totality the planes
00:02:10.239 will be deploying a dry powder bacterial
00:02:13.280 weapon I don’t know if any of this stuff
00:02:15.440 is true again I’m just reading this
00:02:17.599 what’s what’s been said to be I don’t
00:02:20.519 know if any of this stuff is true okay
00:02:23.560 but please you know error on the side of
00:02:25.959 caution it will not be visible you won’t
00:02:28.280 be able to see it from the planes in the
00:02:29.599 sky is married to infect those through
00:02:32.160 aerosol delivery the first two planes
00:02:34.800 will be set at the standard altitude the
00:02:37.200 final plane will be set at approximately
00:02:38.720 10 to 15,000 ft the path of the fly will
00:02:40.840 begin in the Northeast and it will
00:02:42.560 travel down the central path of totality
00:02:44.440 heading west southwest keeping in place
00:02:47.159 the totality of the eclipse they’re
00:02:49.000 going to take this in the advantage uh
00:02:51.519 in the event because they know they’re
00:02:53.120 the guaranteed targets that will be
00:02:54.560 infected and thus the vectors to spread
00:02:57.280 the contagion symptoms will be appearing
00:02:59.360 7 to 10 days after infection 30 days
00:03:02.760 after infection the media will be notied
00:03:05.400 will notice 60 days after infection
00:03:07.959 panic and alltime high 90 days after
00:03:10.000 infection newly agreed upon unw
00:03:14.920 pandemic all right I want to make you
00:03:17.080 aware of why this is so important for
00:03:19.519 them to do this during the solar E
00:03:21.280 clipse I also want to make you aware of
00:03:23.120 who is actually using the release
00:03:27.920 dispersals but the first thing I did
00:03:29.840 when I heard this video was I contacted
00:03:31.480 my source the sheriff who I got the
00:03:34.280 original first video out that a lot of
00:03:36.680 people pushed out and I appreciate that
00:03:38.360 but I didn’t appreciate how Anonymous
00:03:40.280 pushed my video out and he just took the
00:03:42.159 name jwtv out give credit where credit
00:03:44.840 is due but moving forward I contacted my
00:03:49.080 source and I asked him I said look I’ve
00:03:51.760 heard that two hours before totly of the
00:03:55.079 solar Clips we’re going to have planes
00:03:57.040 dispersing bacterial weapons I’ve heard
00:04:00.480 an hour and I’ve heard 30 minutes I’m
00:04:03.280 going read what he said to me in my text
00:04:05.079 message he
00:04:06.360 said recently he had to go dark he
00:04:09.840 cannot say anything more on this subject
00:04:13.120 and remember he was actually at this
00:04:15.480 meeting here at Homeland Security so yes
00:04:17.759 it is credible yes they did talk about
00:04:20.358 an Insider in Intel on a possible
00:04:22.960 biological attack during the solar
00:04:25.040 eclipse and the election so we’re we’re
00:04:29.759 going to move into the scenario at hand
00:04:32.919 here who is actually spraying stuff and
00:04:35.960 then I I looked into who who deals with
00:04:38.120 the chemical and
00:04:39.919 biological uh shipments and movements
00:04:43.440 and what I came into was
00:04:45.800 that this ship was one of the Hercules
00:04:48.680 ones this what they call it and what I
00:04:52.400 found was that the Air Force Reserve
00:04:54.960 c1130 j-30 super Hercules prepared to
00:04:59.120 take over aerial spray Ops 4 hours ago
00:05:04.000 now they already did beta testing they
00:05:05.720 did beta testing in Mississippi they did
00:05:08.039 beta test in Ohio where they say they
00:05:10.160 were spraying water but who knows how
00:05:13.199 far it goes and you ask the
00:05:15.240 question okay
00:05:17.039 so why the super Hercules and are they
00:05:19.960 actually releasing this is it actually
00:05:21.639 being
00:05:22.680 dispersed what we’re going to get to all
00:05:24.880 that here we’re going to get to it and
00:05:26.360 we’re going to tell you that this is the
00:05:28.880 first line of scenario that I want you
00:05:30.759 to
00:05:31.960 understand the Hercules the super
00:05:35.280 Hercules reason why they would pull that
00:05:37.560 out is because uh you go back to ancient
00:05:41.280 Greek
00:05:43.400 mythology Hercules actually his birthday
00:05:46.199 or something like that something around
00:05:48.600 the solar
00:05:49.800 eclipse as you look on screen here it
00:05:52.560 says the most famous myth associated
00:05:54.880 with solar eclipses involve the god of
00:05:57.479 Apollo and his son the hero herc cules
00:06:00.000 according to one version of The Myth
00:06:02.160 Hercules birth was associated with the
00:06:04.240 solar eclipse symbolizing the temporary
00:06:06.280 darkening of the Sun so that’s why the
00:06:07.680 military would need to use a Hercules
00:06:10.639 plane let’s move further into this
00:06:12.960 operation here that they’re talking
00:06:14.639 about
00:06:17.160 C-130
00:06:19.680 j-30 is what we’re talking about here
00:06:22.120 they’re taking over the spray Ops and
00:06:23.720 we’re talking
00:06:24.960 biological so let’s move on into it it
00:06:27.360 says based on youngst and reserve
00:06:30.400 station Ohio is pretty unique Department
00:06:32.479 of Defense the only way with aerial
00:06:34.000 spray capability and dedicated aerial
00:06:36.840 spray maintenance flight and the Air
00:06:39.400 Force created special airspray flight to
00:06:41.680 reduce troop loss due to Vector born
00:06:44.720 diseases so they they’ve equipped these
00:06:48.039 fleets to supposedly fight against
00:06:51.199 biological scenarios check it out
00:06:53.120 spraying for disease carrying pest DOD
00:06:56.639 installations anti- foliage operation
00:06:58.440 and bombing Rangers to increase
00:07:00.039 inadvertent brush fires and to expose
00:07:02.479 unexploded ordinances after bombings the
00:07:04.879 US Air Force programs also maintain a
00:07:07.639 standby Readiness capability using oil
00:07:10.000 dispersing agents in neutralizing open
00:07:12.080 water oil spills spills and vector
00:07:14.840 control over metropolit areas after
00:07:17.400 natural disasters the aircraft also use
00:07:19.919 for mosquito control aerial spray
00:07:21.879 missions to assist Civil Authorities to
00:07:24.599 fighting pesting
00:07:27.240 insects could people be pesting in sex
00:07:29.759 to them that’s the question you got to
00:07:31.520 ask testing has been recently conducted
00:07:34.120 over Station Ohio told you about that
00:07:37.520 that’s already confirmed and we go
00:07:39.000 further here it says on March 21st 2024
00:07:43.360 the first time in history dld aerial
00:07:45.599 spray 1910 aw unique electronic modular
00:07:49.039 aerial spray was installed into so
00:07:51.720 electronic modular aerial spray
00:07:55.000 system it was installed from keyler Air
00:07:57.560 Force Base in Mississippi pest was uh
00:07:59.599 test was passed on March 25th 2024 with
00:08:02.319 successful spray application at
00:08:04.360 youngston
00:08:05.879 ARS so again it says a spray modified
00:08:08.680 troop doors to accommodate the spray
00:08:11.159 booms check it out though like if we
00:08:13.199 look this up if we look up
00:08:16.520 c130j and what does that look like that
00:08:19.000 that looks like this right here it’s not
00:08:21.280 the C130 cuz if you look up the C130
00:08:23.919 you’re going to just not even get the
00:08:25.840 same one but when you look it up
00:08:28.560 actually it doesn’t show on flight radar
00:08:30.759 it shows just the original C130 not the
00:08:33.719 C130 j-30 and this is all you’re going
00:08:36.640 to see you’re going to just see a couple
00:08:38.640 of these planes
00:08:40.200 so the question is though he said that 2
00:08:43.440 hours before totality so let’s look into
00:08:46.320 that let’s look into that right
00:08:49.160 now it says the eclipse 11:20 a.m. local
00:08:53.800 time so that would mean that would be
00:08:56.240 9:25 a.m. when the first spring
00:08:59.000 operation is supposed to start if the
00:09:01.720 Intel that Doug and Stacy got is correct
00:09:04.800 or accurate now going into going into
00:09:07.839 this deeper here where we talk
00:09:09.680 about the scenarios at hand since we’re
00:09:12.720 talking about
00:09:14.120 unw enacting a pandemic so here’s a
00:09:18.519 storyline April 29th to May 10th they’ve
00:09:22.240 already finalized the agreement Joe
00:09:24.279 Biden has already sold us out with the
00:09:26.040 other puppets and everybody
00:09:28.000 else so
00:09:30.800 this solar eclipse basically is
00:09:33.360 prominent for them to start the next
00:09:35.000 wave of this pandemic because they get
00:09:37.360 to say you know what it’s all fake it’s
00:09:39.600 not
00:09:40.560 real and you’re saying like what do you
00:09:42.640 mean by that well I’m talking about how
00:09:44.880 the experts get to say solar eclipse
00:09:47.120 sickness doesn’t exist and if you if you
00:09:50.440 see what I’m saying you look on screen
00:09:51.839 right now you can see in the media and
00:09:54.200 the Articles how they’re saying this is
00:09:55.760 just delusion it’s people with videos
00:09:57.959 from 2019 talk about how they couldn’t
00:10:00.120 even get out of the bed and they
00:10:02.160 couldn’t even eat they haven’t ate for
00:10:03.760 like a couple of days after looking at
00:10:05.360 the solar
00:10:06.760 eclipse and here they are saying experts
00:10:08.959 thingss people may potentially
00:10:10.160 experience symptoms stemming from
00:10:12.279 excitement and anxiety but the eclipse
00:10:14.640 itself has no bearing on human health
00:10:17.040 and when you say
00:10:18.640 that you understand how dangerous that
00:10:21.320 is right you understand how that opens
00:10:23.360 the gates for them to say you know what
00:10:24.920 it’s just a bunch of people just talking
00:10:28.120 the expert has proven proving that there
00:10:30.279 is no such thing as sickness during the
00:10:32.240 eclipse and so 90 days after is the
00:10:37.519 timeline for when I was telling you I
00:10:39.240 was telling y’all about how he was
00:10:41.320 saying the sheriff that gave an Intel he
00:10:44.800 said after that they want to lock people
00:10:47.720 into their
00:10:49.040 homes they want to map out the
00:10:51.200 population I’m looking at my notes that
00:10:52.600 I wrote down they’re going to map out
00:10:54.800 the
00:10:55.560 population they’re going to get
00:10:57.959 religious people on board getting their
00:11:00.240 family members and everybody else to
00:11:02.079 back and their main targets was Ebola Co
00:11:06.000 measles brain wasting
00:11:08.680 disease and they didn’t want any any
00:11:10.800 Communications between any of us to be
00:11:12.800 happening we talked about that and I
00:11:15.519 told you he he said something that was
00:11:17.200 even like a lot of people didn’t agree
00:11:18.959 with they they thought it was crazy but
00:11:21.360 during the next pandemic
00:11:23.440 somehow he was saying they were talking
00:11:25.480 about Dome
00:11:26.959 technology that they would want to
00:11:28.760 implement over populations which sounds
00:11:31.959 sci-fi crazy but as crazy as guy like I
00:11:35.480 said predict programing on The Simpsons
00:11:37.120 showed them doing this as
00:11:40.240 well and then he he talked about the he
00:11:43.959 said the biological attack he said a day
00:11:46.720 after it people will be acting odd or
00:11:49.440 animalistic he also said people were
00:11:51.279 going to be having inside this Homeland
00:11:53.959 Security meeting they talked about how
00:11:56.040 people would potentially be having
00:11:58.200 seizures and stuff like like that but
00:12:00.279 you got to understand that the vectors
00:12:02.839 that will be
00:12:04.279 released is a part of the process to
00:12:08.040 start the next wave of this pandemic
00:12:10.680 phase this is pretty much what they were
00:12:13.279 talking
00:12:14.279 about inside this
00:12:16.720 meeting and you know the targets after
00:12:19.320 like the background targets like we
00:12:21.720 said the background
00:12:24.279 targets is antivaccine anti-government
00:12:27.079 preer Trump supporters
00:12:30.720 and so when they like I said when they
00:12:32.680 initiate all this this is a scaled out
00:12:36.000 process that we’re looking at here so
00:12:37.760 people thinking like oh well nothing’s
00:12:39.240 going to happen check it out there’s a
00:12:41.920 timeline for all this to start to break
00:12:44.680 down and we’re basically giving you that
00:12:46.839 timeline so we just told you April 29th
00:12:49.040 to May 10th so you expect 7 days from
00:12:54.320 this event that everybody here starts
00:12:57.480 like basically document how people feel
00:13:00.000 what’s going on what’s Happening we’re
00:13:01.600 going to know everything here on jwtv
00:13:04.079 cuz every single last one of you will
00:13:06.160 get the information out you always come
00:13:08.360 to the comments you relate whatever is
00:13:10.079 going on that’s that’s how we know every
00:13:12.240 single thing and the more we do that the
00:13:14.519 more we’re getting closer to actually
00:13:16.560 unveiling and unraveling a scenario at
00:13:18.639 hand so get your health ready and we
00:13:21.040 talk about the spiritual aspects of it
00:13:23.199 and everything else get your health
00:13:25.560 ready get your mind and heart in the
00:13:27.199 right place because this is basically a
00:13:29.320 scenario that’s going to take us to the
00:13:31.199 next wave the next
00:13:33.600 wave and in this next lockdown they’re
00:13:35.760 not playing they they don’t want
00:13:37.000 communication systems basically it’s
00:13:39.600 going to be lock down there’s going to
00:13:41.000 be emergency protocols in place because
00:13:45.079 they can’t allow us to move forward and
00:13:49.000 continue to beat their system because
00:13:50.759 their system is basically crumbling so
00:13:54.000 they they now have to
00:13:55.720 initiate full
00:13:58.040 spiritual
00:14:00.560 demoralizing actions so that they think
00:14:03.399 they can bring us down individually and
00:14:06.399 then they can coner us and then they
00:14:08.759 turn on a supercomputer with the the
00:14:10.720 human brain this
00:14:12.959 month that’s connected to the six sense
00:14:17.199 grid cuz it’s neuromorphic cuz now it
00:14:20.199 has human
00:14:22.600 biological fluids going through it and
00:14:26.240 so it’s connected into the field of
00:14:28.399 energy and like now going to be using
00:14:30.519 that like some sci-fi Looney
00:14:34.759 Tunes somebody says move at all somebody
00:14:39.000 say all sheriffs were told they must
00:14:41.399 have a tank and robotic dog at each
00:14:44.160 department I didn’t hear that one but I
00:14:46.279 mean I wouldn’t be surprised if they did
00:14:48.199 say that somebody say had a vision Two
00:14:50.920 Moons just last night one for the other
00:14:55.240 one next I think CERN is going to open
00:14:56.959 up a portal 100% it’s going to be a
00:14:58.639 portal opened up somebody says hence the
00:15:01.800 zombie effect so I forgot to turn out
00:15:05.240 the notifications again but anyway like
00:15:09.759 the whole scenario at hand here just
00:15:11.600 share the video out get the get the
00:15:13.440 information out so we can know more have
00:15:15.519 more in inail on the information coming
00:15:17.959 at hand the donation link will be below
00:15:20.360 we will keep you updated on every
00:15:22.160 informational aspect of piece of
00:15:23.680 information that we get thank you for
00:15:25.639 tuning in stay safe

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