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Were Going On Lockdowns Again – Last Days


Were Going On Lockdowns Again

March 20, 2024
Last Days


hey good morning family how are y’all doing um I have a video I’m going to tell you all about a dream I had two nights ago and um and so this is how the dream goes I’ll just get right to it you know I don’t want to waste your time um in the dream I was I was sleeping in my dream and I wake up at in my dream and I’m looking out the my window at my house and I I pick up my phone and I see all these news Bulls bus on my phone from YouTube and uh friends people trying to tell me what was going on and uh I go and I look at my phone and and I start seeing that there is a major Announcement by the United States government and I see the president but in this in in in this dream it’s president Trump again and president Trump is holding a a a Podium with the presidential seal on this Podium and he starts talking and he has he has a blue suit on with a white shirt and a red tie again just like he always has usually wears you know but it was a really bright uh blue suit but he was very uh somber in his face and he said uh my fellow Americans basically he he says uh I have an announcement to make um there’s another virus and he starts explaining to everybody that this virus is uh basically uh a new virus that that is going to Door uh Co that made Co look like it was a wimpy virus compared to what this new virus is the uh death ratio was skyrocketing even more higher than um Co did the uh this started in Europe which was interesting and he was making an announcement that this was we were going on lockdowns again instantaneously um I I felt like oh no this is what I saw you know in my dream I’m thinking this this is what the Lord showed me this is the virus that I’ve warned you all about and here it is here it comes and um I was thinking in you know in the dream I’m not prepared enough I need to get more replies he was calling for a major lockdown he was calling for no flights international coming in or or going out he was telling everybody that we were going on uh another lockdown like an extended lockdown for 20 some days to stop spread because there were some cases in America that were here and it was up north uh East and that he was um taking the precautions as uh to lock everything down because of what was happening overseas and so people were were were perishing like I told you all and they were heavy set they were obese people I’m not sure you know I just remember watching the news in the dream and then when he made the announcement that we were going on lockdowns again in the dream people panicked and they were hitting the grocery stores they were hitting um the Walmart superstores all of it and they were wiping stuff out like buying everything you know that they they could get their hands on in the dream like almost like people were in a panic because of what they had lived already they were already knowing what was coming so um people were acting crazy in the grocery stores not just about toilet paper this time it was about everything chips whatever they could get their hands on buying it and filling their buggies and whatever families were um it was that way for everything and I remember in the dream um you know watching the news in the dream which was it was such a weird dream um with with with all the major news networks talking about this is a new virus this is a new pandemic and uh it it is it it dwarfs uh Co and they kept saying saying that in their speech this the death toll ratio is going to DF uh Co and um basically that was the dream but I just remember feeling uneasy in my dream because of what the Lord had showed me prophetically already prior to the dream warning you all and so um it was it was just it was not a very it it was very eerie um so I just wanted to come on and tell you all that I wanted to you know I know it’s not that it you probably say oh it was just a dream you know I don’t I don’t have dreams like that I don’t have I’m just telling you all when the Lord talks to me I know it when I wake up and I remember things and I and and and he’s he’s speaking to me through through that to it’s like here it is again I’m warning you and so you know I just felt you know I almost didn’t even say anything about it but I just felt like I should you know like I said I’m a Watchman if you think this is pizza and you like I had some bad food that night bad Chinese food or something but the night before which I don’t eat that anyway but you you you you could you could take it and put it on a shelf or whatever but I felt in my heart it was serious it was serious enough to tell you all and I thought it was cool because Trump was behind the pulpit he was behind the podium talking it wasn’t Biden and so um that was interesting and and uh it was in the spring again I could tell you this I could see the leaves on the trees coming out again and it was just like it was whenever they they locked everything down with Co in the spring and they were doing it again but like I this time it did not start in Asia it started in Europe and um England and all that are over there France all uh all it was it was already going on before and and so people were watching it and then like I said he made the announcement it looked like it was weeks prior just like it was similar to co but I thought it was interesting that there was no flights no flights he said he was locking down all air traffic there was no flights and I don’t know I I I even perceived that they were even locking down even um state-to-state travel that they were not allowing people to travel with airplane state to state which I think that’ be over the top but you know it’s what I was seeing that they were locking down airplanes people in closed C closed areas cuz it was air it Airborne virus it was not a um by fluids it was Airborne like I said I’m not coming on to to try to scare youall I come on here to warn you and you can you can take it and pray over it with me and um it it just it really it’s heavy you know CU I I’ve been feeling I’ve been feeling it praying over things and interceding over what I’ve warned you about and so I just want to pray pray for you all today I don’t like I said I’m not trying to scare you I’m trying to warn you so let’s just let’s just pray father I just thank you Lord for for every single warning you give us you never want us to be caught off guard you never want us to be uh in fear or worry or in torment but father you’re a good father and you warn us of of of what’s to come and I thank you Father that we are prepared not just physically not mentally but father spiritually that father that we know who we are in Christ we take our Authority we take our rightful place seated next to you and father we use that Authority against all sickness against all disease you said in your word Lord that a thousand should fall at our side and 10,000 our right hand but it would not come nigh us father I thank you Lord that th if this virus was to come about and and and I pray it don’t but father if it was that father that we have Psalms 91 and Psalms 23 that father that there you’ve warned me several times that there was a storm coming you warned me about this virus like I think this is I think the third time now you’ve talked to me about this even in my dreams I thank you Father that you protect us I thank you Lord that our angels will bear us up in their hands lest we Dash our foot against a stone I thank you Father that we’re doing what it takes to take care of our flesh that we’re getting the weight off we’re we’re exercising we’re we’re honoring our temples that father that we are physically fit and we will live long and finish strong I plead the blood of Jesus over every single one of us and I thank you Father that you have our our future you know our future more than we know our past and you have a plan for our lives father I thank you said beloved I wish above all things that you prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers and I thank you Father that we are prosperous in our spirit soul and body mentally emotionally physically financially we are sound in Jesus name and I thank you Lord that Trump would win instead of Joe Biden I plead the blood of Jesus over over our our nation that we’d have Godly leadership if we were to go into something like this again that we would have somebody in there with some sense that we’d have somebody in there lead in this country that would have uh the knowing of how to help us that father they would do a better job than they did last time father I thank you that um that we’re not going to be afraid of whatever comes because we trust you we confidently trust in the finished work of Jesus Christ that he paid the price for us to walk in victory over sickness and disease over over death and over all torment of fear whatever it doesn’t matter God I know that you have a plan for our lives and you have a plan for these people on this YouTube channel I bless them in the name of Jesus I bless every single one of them I bless their marriages I bless their children I bless their houses and I say father in the name of Jesus that you are our father and we love you God and we know you love us and we say in Jesus name we pray amen amen so I hope I like I said I hope this blessed you today I just felt like you should know well um I appreciate it if you could like our my video uh and um to help us with the algorithm uh comment down below if you’ve had dreams about a new virus if you’ve if you’ve seen something coming if the Lord’s warned you about something that strong that was more deadly than Co was I I ask you uh to to be polite in the comments section though don’t don’t don’t um don’t be rude but let’s just be friends here let’s all let’s all get along okay uh I appreciate all yall support God bless you guys we’ll put a smile on your face and a let you God bless you all I might say guys because they say you well you forget the ladies I don’t mean to sorry put a smile on your face and a song in your heart Jesus loves you so much and we love you and we will see see you next time y’all have a blessed day bye bye

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