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URGENT!! What God Showed Me About 1111!

Chaos & Tumult!!




hi there everybody I just want to make a
quick video it’s the only way I know how
to do this video that I’m gonna do
because there’s so much detail to it and
it might be a little old all over the
place but this is the only way I know
how to do it and I’ll try to be very
quick okay
so God has been showing me numbers for
about two years now
especially 44 4 4 4 and 1 1 1 and 11 11
11 11 and he’s been showing me quite a
few more numbers but that’s a whole
nother video so I’m gonna talk about 11
11 and I’m gonna try to be really quick
but it’s gonna be really good okay so
let me back up first of all this is has
nothing to do with witchcraft or psychic
numbers two years ago I had no idea
anything about numbers I know numbers
are prophetic I’m going to show you some
highlights from other people’s channels
that talk about numbers but very very
quickly just give you an idea like I
said I have no idea why God is showing
me the numbers some numbers other
numbers I do know why he’s shown me why
and I’ve done my research
so like I said it has nothing to do with
any kind of witchcraft psychic numbers
God is the author of numbers so okay so
I’m going to talk about 11:11 so he’s
been showing me that for about two years
um in a lot of strange supernatural ways
and no I don’t sit and look at the clock
all day long and say oh it’s 11 12
oh it’s 11 11 oh it’s 101 I don’t do
that I could not even look at the clock
for like uh four hours and I’ll walk in
her room in the split second my eyes
meet the clock it’ll flash 11:11 that’s
how it happens all the time so no I’m
not looking for it so I’ll tell you one
incident that it’s absolutely from God
okay not too long ago I was in my car I
looked in the front the speed
speedometer and it said 1 1 1 so I went
down the street looked up the clock Bank
clock said 11 11 went to pull in the gas
station it’s all at the same time went
into the lemon the gas pump looked up
there was a car in front of me that said
1 1 1 that was all at the same time so I
know it had meaning and so I kept
seeking God about it seeking God about
it and he was giving me some meetings
here and there wasn’t really positive
but he started to show me different
meanings to it and the thing is though
when I start to research do research
other people said different things like
it could be this meaning could be
another meaning or it could be a dual
meeting more than one meeting and I
think it is I think it could be one or
two meanings at the same time ok so
anyways that’s just one of many ok
so fast forward in June I was traveling
so I stayed at this air B&B; now there’s
hundreds of them I could have chose but
we stayed at this one and it was very
unusual and it had a little tree house
inside of it very unusual it kind of
reminded me of Disneyland so I’m like oh
yeah I could do my Bible study in here
this is so awesome
so I crawled into the tree the Playhouse
I tend my Bible study was so cozy and
I’m going to show a little video of it
and a couple pictures and so I did my
Bible study and I was I was sitting
there I looked up and there was this
facade fake
bookshelf so when I looked up the book
said tumult and shouting
I knew it was God I just knew it I just
knew he was talking to me and he’s gonna
show me something it’s just something
you get a feeling or he lets you know
and I’m thinking what a mote is in the
Bible so I ask God to confirm it so I’m
sitting there without flipping through
my Bible or anything I just literally
opened it up straight to Isaiah 22 and I
will show you that right now
so it said the word tumult and so I’m
like wow God is showing me already
okay so right after my study I went to
my folder because when I travel I just
bring my Bible and a bunch of papers so
out of thousands of papers I could have
brought stacks of papers I had one from
David Wilkerson about being a watchman
so I opened it up read a few pages and
what does it say it says the scripture
Isaiah 22 tumult the odds of that
astronomical no coincidences
okay so after that minutes I don’t know
maybe an hour it’s kind of blurry don’t
remember I got up I went to the little
kitchen area I look at the coffee maker
the coffee maker said eleven eleven
and so that kind of went over my head
and then I started looking at my
pictures the other day and I’m like whoa
he showed me to molt and 11 11
okay so fast-forward just a few weeks
ago and last week okay I have to look at
my notes um okay so our power went out
and so we lost all our power and there’s
a clock in my bedroom
which I don’t use a lot because we have
a lot of clocks here so maybe two days
goes by and it wasn’t on the right time
anyways it was like 45 minutes ahead of
time so finally like after two days I
walked in and it was still flashing
after two days I looked down to fix the
clock and look what it was flashing not
only did it say this number but it was
flashing and it was eerie
so a few days after that this video
popped up and I wasn’t looking for it at
the time I wasn’t searching for anything
with 11:11 it just popped up and it was
a channel prophecy Watchers with Steve I
don’t remember I can’t pronounce his
last name with the C I’m sure many of
you have seen him he talks about end
times a lot and the title was 11:11 and
like I said it was not looking for it it
was not searching for it and I’m like
whoa this is not even like something I
had to search for it just came up so I
clicked on it and Steve was talking
about how 11:11 in the Bible
and I will put that in my video talks
about chaos the word chaos so all these
things are coming together what God is
showing me to molt and chaos Wow a
number of people have seen well for
example the number 11 11
I’ve had people email me and say I keep
seeing the number 11 11 on on a clock
every time I look at a clock it happens
to be on 1111 it’s amazing how often we
see that is that just coincidence or is
that somebody trying to tell us
something or what should we believe well
from the Bible 11 is the number of chaos
it’s 12 – 112 is order you take one away
from order you have disorder and chaos
and this is why you have September 11
it’s the number of chaos so a lot of a
lot of things happen on the eleventh or
eleventh day or 11th month that is
chaotic so it might be God getting their
attention depends on that person it’s
like a dream you cannot just do a you
know a generalization for everybody but
the number 11 itself is speaking of
chaos like a warning I mean it’s a
warning given the state of todays
civilization 11:11 seems perfectly
sure it does and so I looked it up and
I’m like I know it’s connected I know it
is so sure enough I looked it up in the
cherry and let’s see Timon I looked up
to molt and on the bottom chaos that’s
what God was showing me uh Wow
okay so I’m trying to remember cuz
there’s so much detail okay so after I
saw the video I was like I knew what I
knew it tumult and chaos that’s what
that’s what God was telling me so I
asked God very specifically very
specifically that day after the video in
fact I said God if this is from you if
tumult and 11:11 means chaos if that’s
what you’re showing me please show me
the word chaos and I wasn’t general I
didn’t say oh show me what it means or
generally I said please show me the word
chaos today and most the time I don’t
say today I’ll say just show me you know
whenever your timing is but I was like
wow I have to know so I asked God I said
please show me the word chaos today so a
few hours later which was October 11th I
win on this sister’s YouTube channel and
I just started looking at her channel
not too long ago I just found it like a
few weeks before
okay I’m trying to figure out how it
happened oh okay no I didn’t go looking
because I’m trying to remember okay so I
asked God about it so a few hours later
her video just popped up and like I said
I didn’t go on her channel looking for
it it just popped up so what I did was I
looked at it and like Oh that’ll
probably be really good really
interesting whatever so just thinking
you know it’d be interesting I clicked
on it and she has like a transcript on
the bottom so as I was reading it I was
like if you go on her channel you’re
gonna see how much writing she has how
many transcripts how many videos and the
odds of me seeing this right away the
very first sentence was the word chaos
and that was the very first sentence and
like I said if you want to see the odds
of me seeing the word chaos when I just
prayed to God about it is astonishing so
that’s what I wanted to share and like I
said if you don’t know anything about
numbers you don’t understand why God
shows people numbers you have any
reservations about the numbers I did – I
have no idea I have no idea why not
everybody sees them all I can say is you
know go to God ask for confirmation and
that’s all I can say and if you don’t
see the numbers the point of this
message is that judgment is coming chaos
is coming read Isaiah 22 so even if you
don’t believe anything about the numbers
you know still believe that judgments
coming chaos is coming and we are in the
end times okay so I will talk to you
later god bless you bye

URGENT!! What God Showed Me About 1111! Chaos & Tumult!!

Steve Cioccolanti 11:11 Confirmation!!


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