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Unspeakable horrors of Hell – Tasha Grant-Reid


Unspeakable horrors of Hell

November 4, 2020 12:03 PM
Tasha Grant-Reid

Given October 7, 2020

…Lets say this is the end at the beginning…. I put this first because I didn’t want to forget it.

The lord asks if I can tell them about this? (he asks this question at the end)(this question is hard to explain because it’s something very deep… It’s rhetorical and loving at the same time… The Lord knows the burden to share these things plus He loves us so much… We will never truly know the depths of His love for us in this tent. )He gives 2 things that I must tell them:

1. The time is short and they must not wait until the end to come to Him.

2. If they go farther and farther away from Him… They will not find their way back because there will be no way, it will be gone.

(In prayer for my lost family members and all the lost in the world…the Lord told me these things.)

The unspeakable horrors of Hell, this is what they will face. If they refuse to turn to me they will face the unspeakable horrors of hell. Do they know horrors? (on Earth) Well there they will know horrors. Unspeakable horrors. I have shown many of my children to warn others… I thought about it…that Jesus never gave much details of hell… He instantly made me know that none of these things abide in Him…no evil…yet it remains for those who refuse Him. He doesn’t speak on these horrors. You see God is love yet He must judge sin… God’s heart is always LOVE.

The Lord goes on to depict a picture of someone pushing in one direction…he says as people go farther and farther away from him they will get lost… Then they will not be able to find their way back to Him… He said the way will be gone… It will be taken away. They cannot wait until their dying breath because it’s gonna be too late to turn… Soon there will be no more grace… They will be lost forever… To the unspeakable horrors of hell.

Written by

Tasha Grant Reid

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