Treachery will abound – Barbara Francis


Treachery will abound

July 26, 2021
Barbara Francis

Pray without ceasing as this is the appointed time and you have been give ample time to prepare for the coming famine and plagues. If you know me you know my ways . Just as I called and warned Joseph in Egypt of coming famine I have called and warned you my children. Dire times are coming. You will see the horror of starvation that has never been seen before. Now is the time for praying and fasting . Do not be slack . Treachery will abound. Your enemies will be those in your own house. Brother against brother . Mother against daughter. Do not slumber . Pray for discerning. Pray you will see the truth in all things .Pray the evil ones are revealed to you by the Holy Spirit. The fervent prayers of a righteous man availeth much. Choose your friends and associates carefully. The enemy is cunning.Pray you are worthy to escape the coming wrath and persecution. Pray for wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Pray without ceasing . Pray for your nation and for the unrepentant. Pray the hand of the destroyer passes over your house.Repent now while time remains. I AM ALWAYS with you, even in the darkest hours there will be LIGHT.

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