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Thus Sayeth The Lord Repentance is NOT obsolete Part 3 and Ohio California – Bette Stephens

Thus Sayeth The Lord Repentance is NOT obsolete Part 3 and Ohio California

September 10, 2020
Bette Stephens

Auto Generated Transcript

hello everyone today is thursday
september 10th 2020 and i’m here
to make the third part of the last of
the videos
um it’s been very difficult i want to
try to get it but
there’s so many things going on so i
came up here
to do what i got to do
as i told you earlier we are staying
um with another couple who has been very
sweet to us
and we’re hoping to get where we need to
soon i’m hoping so anyway
that’s beside the point this is the
third part i’m going to give it to you
and i’m going to say
there’s some other things that i want to
give you
this third part is called and this is
the title the lord gave me
thus saith the lord repentance is not
in other words you cannot replace it
or is it an option thus saith the lord
repentance is not obsolete
okay here begins the word second wave
second wave
boom boom hell opens up its mouth to
sound second wave second wave
sound wave sound wave death
pandemic master lock
those are the first words i was given
california california
death valley flames of hell will come to
and you will wish for death mutant
armies will come to consume you
war is on both sides of america on their
particularly california the second
pandemic wave will be
much much worse cannot emphasize that
the furnace of many many afflictions
there will be death on the streets death
in your homes shootings
of mag magnitude blood will drip
in this nation times times
times are in my hand sayeth the lord
permanency a permanent lockdown
will occur within this lockdown
will families be taken out of their
i believe they started it early satan is
on a rampage
understand that now to move things ahead
military will not hesitate to break down
break out windows shoot
without advance notice and when any
officer or leader talks
about camps they are speaking
about fema camps at is federal emergency
management agency and you will not
come out there will also be
deals that have been wagered and then
broken laws wrote down
and used against the people orders of
mass destruction will be given
that was the end of this word from the
lord there was no visions
that was boom boom boom very firm
this is the words this is the words this
is the words
this is where we are right now things
are moving quickly because the enemy is
moving it fast
god brings in the times of judgment at
his will
and in his way and they will not be
i am not here to give you a pity party
to give you a wonderful speech of peace
i would advise you to wear it to read
jeremy eight
that is one of the scriptures the lord
has given me all the chapter
now quickly quickly i must move on
quickly following this was a word from
the lord
in our conversation together the same
day america
time’s up the downfall of america will
be of its own demise
power of america will be taken the
carnal church will be shattered in
but those that truly know me will rise
to the occasion
fearless bold and refreshed knowing the
bringing in souls and once more i will
their god and you will be my people
and that is the end of that one for part
now i’m gonna go on this early morning
i’ve been having some
dreams some words and some more i’m
gonna tell you right now
california you are in
as i said earlier death valley
you need to repent right now those of
that want god to bring you out and bring
you into safety
or secure you where you are repent
o ye nation repent
for the day of the lord is at hand ohio
i have a message for you the lord says i
know what your government has done
i know what the governors are saying
they are lying to you
they are bringing in false reports
they are also moving ahead
quickly to put all those and anyone
that exposes them or anyone that has the
symptoms of coven
in a camp you will not come out
when you are put in a camp oh ohio you
are moving forward
you will be you will be chastised and
will receive the judgments do you
now with all that being said
i want to say this right now i’ve had
people ask me i made mention of this
in one of my earlier videos here i
didn’t do a whole video
i just did i did a mention in this
second way
pandemic soon boils are going to be a
of what judgment it’s going to be a part
of judgment that god allows
boils significant boils
and this vaccine that they are talking
i saw it down in antarctica
and it is now coming up into different
parts china the usa
all these of california all the states
are in on it
and your government your governors are
going to eventually
if they haven’t already they’re going to
come together
and they’re going to sign papers against
their state
i don’t want to get too harsh here but
i’m warning
by the lord jesus christ
that this pandemic is around the corner
god’s judgments are just
and they are appointed time i don’t care
what anything why not what anyone else
is saying
these days or not god’s judgments are
appointed he said
that is what he remitted to me and i’m
going to tell you those that need to be
where they need to be had better go
quickly we’re going to have a scavenger
hunt on christians by the time we enter
into 2021 as we get into it a scavenger
of dead bodies we’re gonna have
a pandemic that will lock down
everybody and every nation and if you’re
not prepared
if you’re not out of where at whatever
state city
if you are being called you better find
out where you can stay
and you better know that it is from the
and who you will be with you cannot just
go god is not going to send people
somewhere where they’re not with others
never will
never will people that go off on their
you are easy targets for the enemy
you need to be praying i cannot stress
this enough i’m not going to go into
some of the things that i saw i’m just
going to tell you now
we are going to we are going to see
and be here for one of the most horrific
and horrendous pandemics the world has
ever seen
and they are moving it quickly forward
satan is moving things so fast but i god
still has his hand
on the pulse of things
i can only only warn you bloodshed
is around the corner there’s going to be
much chaos around election time and
i am only told to say this
things are not all going to go the way
people are saying that they are going to
be it a be election or not an election
god is going to shake things up and it’s
not all going to be to the good
god is going to shake people up until
they get where they are need to be
god is going to shake up households more
than ever before
god is going to send his people his
his messengers to shake up
areas to shake up and satan knows us
we need to be using our prayer language
and we need to be doing warfare
every day that is one of the things that
god said we must do
warfare and so i’m going to leave it at
that but ohio
you are on the number one list because
you’re heading
and you’re doing things and you’re
releasing things
and lying to the people in that state
california you’re almost like a dead
horse in the water already for what you
have done
and some of the other states that are
going to come behind them
there’s going to be states that you
wouldn’t think this would happen to
they’re going to follow
just like sheep so all i’m going to tell
you right now is you don’t have much
things are going to come right on out
and god is going to shake up this nation
things are going to happen in more
intense measures intense will be to you
people that will not submit to god and
will be to the church
of laia the sea get your house
in order amen shalom
thank you for watching i have to go
we’ve got to get things in order prayer
requests we are praying for all of you
if i don’t answer you by email
it is because i’m on a time frame i
can’t say anything else so until the
next time thank you
god bless you

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