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Three Days Darkness Confirmation

August 31, 2021 11:24 AM
The Messenger

So hello an good day The Hoky Spirit spoke to me while I was read a message about The Three Days Of Darkness by Lynne Johnson here is the article

As I was done reading The Holy Spirit brought to my attention A dream I had last year and I could remember the words 72 hours in it that I was being held or secured during the dream .The Spirit Spoke and said confirm that message with this dream so hence here is the dream . As always take it to The Lord.

On 10-9-2020 I had a Strange dream, I was dreaming I was at this construction site ,I am a steamfitter, a welder and was working . I was trying to make a tight pipe weld up against the wall in a corner. We needed materials which, I went out and searched the whole job site for. I walked around and found nothing which is typical on some jobs. I was walking back and saw these people sitting down who did not belong on a construction site , they were sitting there kind of arguing about this man so I sat and was going to say something which I knew was the correct thing to do . I sat down and could see this man all covered up and these woman were talking about him. Than another woman arrived , having this entourage and got out of the car and they were going to accuse her of something. I was going to speak but I was stopped, it was lunch time which normally is like 11:45 am. Than I got up and saw a worker and asked him if he had any materials that I needed and he said no.I was looking for some clothing that I thought I had put down but it was not found. So I left for some reason and got into my car and started to drive, and than turned into this station of some sorts because I became sleepy n tired and wind up driving into this area. What is strange is that in another dream that I had it was the exact same place where I was before. The thing is, in a previous dream I was at the same place in the same car and with the same person ,who is a security guard. The last time he stopped the tankers from coming into the plant and these were large 18 wheel trucks. Any time the guard spoke he was pleasant and allowed me to go back the way I came in, after turning my car around and that is what I did, That is how in the previous dream ended. This time the same guard said no I can not allow you to go back out , i am sorry, and you have to leave your car here with us, but he did allow the big trucks to make a path for me to go. I had to leave my car and get out which I found strange and get on a bike that was there , so I started to pedal and went down this road, it was in the woods on a dirt road , I saw all kinds of people that were just walking along like nothing was going on, they were smiling etc, heading towards the same location. I was on this bike peddling fast , and flying past them until I got to this holding place , it was an office with all kinds of workers and People who were just waiting . This lady came out and asked what my problem was and I told her my car was being held at the plant , which I thought was a big chemical plant or pumping station for tankers. The plant was holding my car and not letting it go , she said ok and had to fill out the paperwork and she could see what she can do. I remember looking around and seeing many people all for the same reason, I remember that I was frustrated but calmed down , some people left the place but I did not know where they went. I do remember the Lady telling me and handing me paperwork and seeing on the paperwork that the car would be there for 72 hours wait time and that I could get picked up, so I thought called my wife but can not remember if she came or not . I can remember telling the Lady ill have to call Work cause quiting or stopping time is 3:20 pm and I looked at the clock and it was 3:20 to tell them ill not be back. I remember sitting in the office and looked over at this firemen with a walkie talkie monitoring whats going on at the jobsite where I was. I could here my old foremen saying we have a fire but we think we have it under control. I looked at the Firemen and I could not remember what his face was showing, I kind of chuckled to myself thinking , no they do not hace it under control and my dream ended.

So from what I could I was led to believe by The Holy Spirit was this ,The first dream represents me before I was saved I was let back into the world .The Plant that I was in twice represents God in a way , in the first dream I was allowed to leave the plant because I was not saved ,I was part of the world. In The second dream, the clothes man represents the antichrist and the woman represents the church. In the second dream I was a true born again believer and me leaving the job site was me trying to go back to where I knew I belonged with God. The reason I feel asleep was because I was constantly battling like all the true believers just tired . The guard represents God’s protection , me speeding by others on a bike was my belief and where the Holy Spirit would take me , he took me to the office or holding area or the secret place of The Most High. The lady represents another stop point to make sure everything is in order before we are to go back into the world. The 72 hours represents the three days of darkness that god will protect all his true believers from harm . The fireman represents Jesus who is waiting for the correct time to put out the soon to be mess. My chuckling was knowing that, no the world does not have it under control. Only through Jesus will it ever be made right. The end, Take it to The Lord Thanks


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