May 27, 2020 9:11 PM
Isaiah 46:10 (KJV)
Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:
(Revelation of May 27, 2020 9:15 PM)

I have been diligently asking the Lord about one specific question year after year. Every year it looks it is the one. I have been asking and asking, the answer was not from the Lord.

The question is “Dear Lord, Is this next winter Sarah Ment’s winter?” I have been asking this same question at least for the Last 3 years. Winter came winters goes, I am still lingering with my question. Today at around 4:00-4:30 PM, realizing the gravity of the situations and the darkness of the days, I asked the Lord the same question. I didn’t have much doubt about this winter is up to something big, but I wanted an answer from the Lord.

Today at 8:30 PM, May 27, 2020., I prayed and rested, right there where I was on my knees. Without realizing I went to smooth rest, slept for 15 minutes. In the middle of my rest I hear the Lord say
“THIS WINTER, THERE YOU HAVE IT.” I jumped up from my knees and wrote this message. The answer is perfect, to the point and sharp, loud and clear. My question is answered, any doubts, if there is any is cleared, Now, it is up to us. See how the Lord is good! Ask and you shall receive. It is done!!!

My dear Brothers and sister, family and friends, people of the world at large, GET READY!!!. This is the first winter mentioned in the prophecy of Sarah Menet. Complete your preparation now, I mean now!!! You are left with no time.



I was the one pushing the prophecy of Sarah Menet, not once but two times, to be posted on this website. Read it and Get Ready.

If you are aware of what comes before the Long winter, it is the The Big All Out Storms.

Be Ready, It is Here!

Get you house in order!

Repent, Repent, Repent!

The End Is Here.


Download PDF here 

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  1. Sarah

    Do you mean the winter 19/20 was the first bad winter and the next 20/21 which saw Sarah Menet?

  2. Joyelle Wills

    Can you please send to email? The link to the prophecy does not work. Thank you

  3. McKana

    This winter of 2020 after 5 months is what we mean. In the prophecy of Sarah, there are two winters. The first one, this winter of 2020 and the winter of 2021. One you read the prophecy, you will see both distinctly. What is important is, there are a lot of calamities which come before this winter of 2020.
    “Short summer” is what is also prophesied just few days ago in this website. Winter might arrive earlier than the normal season. Changes in every aspect,, time is facilitate too.

    Joyelle Wills
    Use this
    If this doesn’t work:-
    Try to search on this website, use the search engine-classic on the right hand side.

    Thank you too.

  4. andy

    forgive me, but i dont know who Sarah Menet is. Who is she and where is the info? thanks.

  5. gustolphusadolphus

    Sabbaths and Festivals are shadows of things to come, Col. 2:16 and Pentecost is by far the perfect Jewish holiday for the rapture to occur and the next Pentecost is this Saturday, 6 PM until Sunday, 6 PM. Jesus fulfilled the first three of the seven main Jewish holidays: Passover, Unleavened Bread and First Fruits. Pentecost is also one of the three Jewish Harvests, the wheat harvest (remember the parable of the wheat and the tares?) I have a list of 75 reasons that the rapture will occur on Pentecost. ARE YOU READY???

  6. McKana

    Use this to access the prophecy of Sarah Menet
    If this doesn’t work:-
    Try to search on this website usinh her name, use the search engine-classic on the right hand side.

    Thank you

  7. 10-19-19 – Vision

    10-19-19 07:03 – Snowfall outside a bedroom window

    I am in a room with a bed. I can see most of the bed as I am standing on the corner of it. There is a window with rectangular panels. I see snow flakes falling outside. It is literally snowing. A very short vision.

    A bitter cold winter this year 2019 in Ocala, FL

    For all I know this my bedroom, in my apartment.

    Winterization is a must!

    Habakkuk 2:2-4
    2:2 And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it. 2:3 For the vision is yet for an appointed time, but at the end it shall speak, and not lie: though it tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not tarry. 2:4 Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.

    Notes: I wasn’t sure if this winter was for 2019 or 2020.

    Please take this to the Lord in prayer.

  8. CKd

    So just to be clear McKana, You’re expecting the following paragraph of Sarah Menet’s prophecy to be fulfilled before winter of this year?

    “The next thing I saw was people being sick and dying. I saw this particularly in four cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Salt Lake. The disease started by having white blisters, some the size of dimes appear on their hands, arms and face. This quickly developed into white puffy sores and blisters. People would stumble about and fall and then many died within a short time, maybe 24 hours. I also saw other people with blood coming from their nose, mouth, eyes and ears. It started like a flu virus and it spread very quickly, faster than the other white blister disease. The people who had this disease died even faster. This was more wide spread across the entire United States. There were hundreds of thousands of people stricken with these two diseases.”

    Not saying it can’t happen. Just trying to make sure I have the perceived timeline right.


  9. Daniel Noah

    Mckana: Sarah Menet stated that there would be a few years of famine, prior to the long winter… Sarah, “..the long winter actually just increased the famine greatly to it’s full measure, because the famine had already been in progress because of the storms, droughts, floods and other plagues that had been happening over THE FEW YEARS LEADING UP TO THE LONG WINTER.” The USA has not had two tears of famine leading up to the summer of 2020. This gal, is giving a complete rendition of the 7 yr. Tribulation. Further, this lady was a Mormon?
    Before I hit people with a prophecy, I’d put in a paragraph about my realization that Mormonism(CULT) WILL NOT GET YOU TO HEAVEN-JESUS IS NOT LUCIFERS BROTHER! JESUS IS NOT a GOD, as Mormon theology states…JESUS IS GOD! The prophecy, if it is true, is immaterial. She was an unsaved person trapped in a cult. I would think that the 1st thing Jesus would want her to do, would be declare salvation only in Jesus. AND SAY THAT! Then give the prophecy.
    Sarah, should have started with a warning, that Mormonism is a cult of the Devil, sending people to hell.

    The reading qualifies, that the long winter is in the 3rd yr of the Tribulation. Jesus’ shed blood accepted and acknowledged-to salvation is not mentioned…Red flag! A Mormon, and all that entails…
    The-444- prophecy of a short summer, is that all will appear somewhat normal….for only half the summer… We will only realize a short(till end July) interlude of normalcy. That is the classic psy-op. When this virus rears it’s head at the end of July, the people are going to freak out. And that is the idea. The chaos of August, will move the people to accept the vaccine in September/October We’ll do anything to return life to the way it used to be.
    T.P.T.B., will reintroduce a more lethal(spray it on people in public places) form of 2019n-CoV, (which will kill in 48 hr)and it will actually be in some vaccines given in certain geographical locations, and age(old-60 and up) groups.
    To repeat: The Feds/T.P.T.B. will have covert -ops(soul-less hybrids) spraying Chlamydia pneumoniae, while others will spray the new and improved 2020/ 2019n-CoV. Or both. The people in these now opened public places, will drop like flies(August) in 48 hrs…. The soulless human hybrids, do as they are told, by the USA alphabet organizations.

    The Powers That Be, covered up the nuke detonations in Denver and Virginia on August 23rd of 2011. See, ‘Denver / Virginia quakes caused by nukes.’ The seismology dept’s of Virginia Tech and Washington and Lee U. show nukes not quakes. Surface and Percussion waves, are the fingerprints that don’t lie. No major media, reported that the E.Q.’s were actually nukes. And the real story behind it. No, it was not black hats vs white hats. What’s in the D.U.M.B.S.-Giants from 10-60 ft tall and up to 7,000 lbs { Rev. 9 hybrid locusts. A Gen 6 type experimental creation, that Lucifer/alien requested man/military help him create/build, in exchange for Satan’s technology. Satan has built his army in D.U.M.B.S……. Aliens/fallen angels, kicked the humans out of half of them. Our deceived military leaders helped Satan create/mix together the locusts of Rev. 9.} almost escaped, ere-go the nuking of exits, as a last resort. So, is there anything that ‘they’ can’t spin or cover-op? ‘They’ will surely have their hands full trying to explain away the rapture. “Aliens,” ‘they’ will say.
    Dr. Zev Zelenko of Monroe, N.Y., treated(none hospitalized/all cured) 600 plus Covid 19 patients with a cocktail of Hydroxychloroquine – Azthromyicin and Zinc sulfate. Hydrochloroqine is the transporter to get the zinc into the Avioli, which stops replication of Covids 19. Azithromycin stops Chlamydia pneumoniae(Non sexual variant). Dr,. fauci (illuminati $tooge) …March 10th,…”you, do not need wear a mask..”. Then, he poo pooed the aforementioned 3 med cocktail. Fauci advised Trump to NOT close air traffic from China, at the end of January. Fauci is the rat quarterback for the Bohemian Grove illumined crew, who really run the show. For now. Fauci(in Pres.press room) has given many Masonic s signals.

    Remember, Chlamdia pneumoniae is an airborne organism that you get from breathing after a person carrying the organism has coughed. It is through enhancement/alteration of Chlamydia pneumoniae that the new variant of 2019 n-CoV will be a terminator(48hr) virus, killing 40 million Americans, which will enable the Gov’t to force the vaccine(3 pronged virus/mrk) on us.You say, “No.”… off to camps you go. The 5 wise virgins will avoid this by rapture…the 5 unwise virgins will be in Tribulation protocol.

    Besides, T.P.T.B., will fudge the data on the vaccines efficacy. So, whether the vaccine trials work or not…is irrelevant. A vaccine, has been decided as the-population- solution. Dr. Luc Montagnier, a virologist who was awarded a Nobel in medicine for discovering HIV, is 100% sure that this 2019 n-CoV was lab generated. A criminal investigation should have been initiated, with Dr Montagnier and the Indian researchers (who put the puzzle together) put in charge of the forensic investigation.

    Things repeat… AIDS was also 100% man made in a lab. Robert Strecker MD See ‘The Strecker Memorandum.’ Dr. Strecker, was a Gastroenterologist and a Pathologist, with a PhD in Pharmacology. His brother Ted Strecker(Lawyer) brought suit(AIDS is a man made virus, criminally injected into gays(’79-80) via an enhanced-the lie- Hepatitis b vaccine, which actually contained the Aids virus) in Federal Court. A week after filing the suit, Ted Strecker, was Aarkansided… Robert Strecker dropped into the shadows…. All that we experienced these past 4 month’s, was a part of a 10 yr. gov’t -op. They go for our throats this fall. Jesus would like to inform everyone that He has plenty of room in Heaven. Jesus is going to arrive in the clouds and pull out the 5 wise virgins…just before the mandated ‘death/Mrk Beast shot.’ Check out Watchwoman. She has been given insight by God/HolySpirit/Jesus. Daniel

  10. John

    You will disappointed if nothing happens

  11. Daniel Noah

    John : I.D.2020…Human Implantable Quantum Dot Microneedle Vaccine Delivery System, featuring: Near Infrared Luciferase Bioluminescence- an enzyme. This enzyme is the chemical that will make the Quantum Dot Vaccination readable through a special mobile device app. This Immunity Passport, will allow travel… without which, you are to remain tethered to your dwelling…subject to arrest, if you should attempt to venture outside…and by doing so, you are de-facto an unvaccinated germ bomb, an ‘Enemy of the State’ and therefore, sent to one of the ‘cattle car’ FEMA camps…the giants gotta eat, right?

    Microsoft has patented a cryptocurrency mining system (pretext)that leverages human activities… brain waves, body heat, hormone output,blood pressure cortisol stress levels – which obviously rise- as you plot your anti gov’t activities….everything discernible, which ‘they’ will claim, reveals motive/intent to action…and therefore, must be acted upon….especially, potential thought crime, based on arbitrary biorhythms a ‘Minority Report’ scenario…which will give the state the right, to eliminate anyone deemed a, ‘threat to their New World Order’. use of search engines, chatbots and ‘other’ undesirable use. Gov’t will now be able to solve the computationally difficult problem of supposition-to action, which is obviously linked to your unconscious motives, before they are acted upon…The Twilight zone episode: Wordsworth…is… Obsolete.
    “But why?” You say…. T.P.T.B. need to to access you every thought and action-Chinese style-for everyone’s safety. Of course! This validation of personal data, requires that the ( human?) user would need to have the chip/mrk -Beast/check-list approval…to research anything. Microsoft envisages users being rewarded for allowing their bodies to be monitored in this way, by paying them in cryptocurrency…yes, we are about to go cashless…cash is a virus hazard.

    The chip will enable gov’t overlords to not just log brain waves and heat, but also body fluid flow, organ activity and movement, track your feelings/thoughts about your daily tasks… and nights. Tracking brain waves isn’t the only application. They will direct you, to ‘do things’, with thought projections, for which they don’t want or need a patent. Not to mention the chips audio retention capabilities, to enable reverse speech examination. Extra insurance of thought concealment rebellion/potential. See David John Oates, regarding ‘Reverse Speech’ OO7’s classic comment at the conclusion of meeting quartermaster ‘Q’ for first time in Skyfall…”Brave New World,” So it is…for a short season…of… satanic expansion. Followed by Jesus’ 1,000 yr. reign …then New heaven and earth. Daniel p.s. John, will you if it does? P.P.S. The intell is for the eventuality of ‘The Borg’ endgame.

  12. Nuella

    @ DANIEL NOAH , Jesus is God

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