November 14, 2019


(I asked the Holy Spirit if he had anything to say today and wanted me to do for him and this is what was given to me to tell you. He gave me this and another Word which I am to release on the 15th of November)

My daughter, I want you to make a list up for people; a list of what they need to buy for the time is very short. I do not wish any to perish and even though they ignored My warnings beforehand, I desire the list to be released.

Tell them to get all necessary items one needs for survival during a most BRUTAL winter.

They will need items for when power outages occur. If they cannot afford a generator, they will need Parkas, thermal wear (items of clothing mountaineers wear).

They need to stop spending on trivial items. They will have to batten down the hatches and prepare. Food prices will jump to levels Americans have never seen.

(He told me to make a list of some non-perishable items I could think of). Here are some: canned meats, canned vegetables, beans canned and dried, rice (white rice; brown does not last long), rolled oats and oatmeal, rice, powdered drinks plus powdered milk, peanut butter, jelly, trail mixes, nuts, freeze dried foods, canned soups, chicken, tuna, turkey, beef jerky, canned stews and dumplings, flour, yeast packets, condiments and spices, vitamins, bullion cubes, whole grains, pasta, honey, cooking oils and of course, lots and lots of water and water purification tablets, candles, flashlights, batteries, first aid kit, bleach, white wine vinegar (to clean undergarments in when there is no electricity), vodka (not to drink but for open wounds/90 or 100 proof takes infection out but will burn when applied for a moment or two), toilet paper, wipes.

They will need ways to cook and heat their homes. Kerosene heaters, fuel for them, other ways to heat like propane, camping stoves to cook with. He said “do not tell them to use grills; the smell will attract mobs to their dwelling places”.

Tell them to prepare their families for the extreme way of living will be upon them. Tell them to teach them and prepare for dire times. All must get their spiritual houses in order first and foremost.

There is soon coming a time that you will not be able to go to any store to purchase goods. All must be done now. Soon, it will be too dangerous to be on the street.

If one cannot afford much in ways of purchasing alternate sources of heat or camping stoves, then buy canned goods; anything one can eat without needing to heat it up.

My love is still for My people but My children need to forego buying worthless items for the “idolatrous holiday” coming up. Can you eat your big screen TV? Will the next gadget satisfy hunger?

Tell them to buy water systems that do not need to be hooked to their sink. When electric goes that will not be usable.

Think outside of the box children. So many lost are out in this world and they will be found but are living in darkness now so must prepare for survival. DO NOT brag to all how much you have or where you hid it. I do require you to help one another but one must and I state MUST inquire of Me who is to come. I will answer those who ask for My counsel. There will be many that will be happy to steal from you, to turn you in. DO NOT think all family, relatives and friends won’t betray you. Desperate times will call for desperate measures. You live in dangerous times and they will become increasingly more dangerous.

DO NOT be gung ho to shoot but inquire of Me and I will show you the way. If you randomly kill out of fear their blood will be on your hands. If you have truly repented and know Me you should not be overtaken by fear. This is of the enemy. My perfect love casts out fear. You will need certain tools for cooking and survival but do not use these tools to randomly kill out of fear. Tools are useful if used for the proper purposes. All weapons can be lethal if used out of anger, hatred and fear so come to Me and don’t make rash judgments on your own. Let me guide you through this.

Again most importantly, your spiritual houses need to be cleansed and this is by repentance. Children, life will no longer be as you always have known it to be. There is coming a time so very soon and I can’t stress this enough that I AM the ONLY ONE that can protect you in these days approaching so you MUST come to Me. Give your heart to me. I desire to help you.

That is all child.

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 11/13/2019)

Original article can be found here

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    Ms Sophie. I was betrayed by my husband after 40 years of marriage and I have lived the way you are describing for 5 years. This is a wake up call for AMERICA. MONTE JUDAH, RABBi of Lion and Lamb ministries wrote a TRIBULATION HANDBOOK and then sent out Homeland Securities “control of the masses” emergency plan
    To all in 2012. THERE WILL Be No SAFE PLACE In AMERICA! The brute beast vultures have tried to pick the carcass clean with me numerous times in FL, TEXAS and OREGOn and the devil is relentless!

  2. Theresa

    So what do I do if I live in a ASSISTED living and these people are not Christian and I assure you that they are selfish 🦋 I WOULD RATHER SHARE MY THINGS WITH OTHER CHRISTIANS 🌀 🌀

  3. Marc Naples

    See how basic principles of good resistance to evil human beings are given by God!!!!
    All to help family members, and those God brings to us….amen
    I’ve been preparing since 2012….started in small WAYS.
    Most of my messages have been cut off, refused by those who think it’s too unfaithful to prepare.
    It’s all done out of fear….NOT true.
    It’s all panic related act’s…not true.
    It’s not of God…to prepare…untrue.
    Please even see this total confirmation message, from this my sister in Christ….and act now.
    Prepare food insurance.
    Prepare a weapon.
    Not just spiritual prayers daily.
    444 don’t delete the truth…brother.

  4. Maureen Enriquez

    I have EVERYTHING you have listed. It has been on my spirit for a long time that we would experience a brutal winter. Most importantly, I am prepared spiritually & then physically with a lot of water, food, toiletries & supplies. I have prayed that the Lord would send those to us that would need our help. We have told nobody about all of our water, food & supplies. I feel like you have given me confirmation that what I was feeling in my spirit was true. I have not spent money on frivilous things…just food, toiletries & supplies. I have also stocked up on pet food & additional water for our dog & cat. Praise God that he warns His people before He does anything!

  5. TrinidadWarrior777

    This message strikes home with me, due to the fact i’ve had the strong urge deep down to get a wood burning heater installed for months. The feeling that it is essential to our survival is obvious. However what is most frustrating is the fact my family mocks me about urging them to get non perishable foods and things that are vital for basic needs. I don’t understand how our society prefers their electronic devices over what used to work much better. Like basic landlines instead of cell phones. Old game systems over these obnoxious digital consoles that require everything to be connected to Wiifi including Tv’s and dvd players. Being disconnected will do our world some good, no doubt. BUt the freezing Winter does raise red flags and I can’t help but be afraid for families with children. It is better to have and not need it, than to need it and not have it. Even if these things don’t come to pass, I still urge everyone to revert back to old school survival techniques over what todays corrupt world offers.

  6. @ Theresa, you will have to share with them.
    That’s another way of witnessing to the unbelievers, when you pay evil for good.

    God may use you during this period to bring them into the fold.

  7. Christine

    Is this word for USA only? I mean in other countries there is summer upcoming or constant warm temperatures. Blessings

  8. Tara

    Wow my God. Thank you for this word.

  9. mem

    Christine- I wonder if the southern hemisphere will have extreme heat as it will be summer there versus winter in northern hemisphere and extreme cold

  10. sophie

    Christine, I was not told if it will be just in certain areas or throughout this nation and the world. Good question though and will inquire of the Holy Spirit and if I get an answer will let you know.

    Theresa, I encourage you to pray to God and seek an answer like He said in what he gave me for your answer. He understands these circumstances and so He is the one to go to. God can make a way in any situation.

    Much love to all
    Ms. Sophie

  11. Greg

    Most of North America goes into a deep freeze but a smaller area like in Oregon California Washington British Columbia near the Pacific ocean remains mild up to 300 miles from it inland as the powerful artic front comes in but the Pacific ocean is much larger hence a warm effect near our coasts.

  12. Christine

    Thank you, Ms Sophie! God bless you

  13. Thank you Ms. Sophie for relaying the word. This is confirmation of a number of other words I have seen in the last couple months. Even for those who may typically not see brutal cold such as the immediate west coast, gulf coast and Florida area one never knows what could be in store even for those areas as this is a nation under judgment. We may see unprecedented weather extremes coming.

  14. sophie

    Theresa, here is a little more about how provision will be given. The Holy Spirit said to really seek Him for your answer. He said to go into deep prayer about your predicament. He also said “I can lead those to her that I want her to help”

    New Prophetic Word: THIS MESSAGE OF LOVE IS FOR YOU (Ms. Sophie)

  15. sophie

    Christine, read Mc Kana’s word about Tsunami and locations where it will hit and also California will be devastated according to another word by Moriah. Both are on 444 here.

    Events are happening all around the world and all will have something coming their way, if they have not had so already. America will get hit the hardest for she is the whore of all whores of nations. (this is what I heard the Holy Spirit just say so please take it to Him and I don’t know where you live so ask for more information about this).

  16. Liz

    I’m from Toronto, Canada. last month I got “11 feet of snow” after I woke up. Two weeks later I had a dream of a man who was having an affair. I had the understanding that he would be judged through a famine that would come on gradually. Then early this month I saw -26C (-15F) in a dream.

  17. Sara

    This is a wonderful list and merciful warning from the LORD, Sister Sophie!!

    Please Brothers and Sisters, seek HIS guidance HE will give you exact amounts and additional items you should put away. The LORD had us do many things this year that we don’t usually do on our homestead.
    Our FATHER knows what our families will need, things we might not realize, we must ask in prayer.
    Sadly there are those who will rely only on their “preps” and forget/ lose sight of HIM.
    We serve such a merciful, all powerful and exceptionally loving GOD🙌🙏

  18. Mark N

    Psalm 91

  19. Sara L

    Amen, Brother Marc. HOLY SPIRIT led prepping while praising our protector, the MOST HIGH!! ❤

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