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Third horseman rides fast – Glenn R. Geary, Jr.

Third horseman rides fast

June 6, 2020 9:38 AM
Glenn R. Geary, Jr.

In reference to The Price of Bread! – McKana


2-19-20 06:01 – Dream

This dream is about a young man and I trying to sell a vase for $75 to an elderly Jewish couple. I could see the vase in the dream.

Here’s the problem:

At some point in the future 3.5 million shekels equals 1 dollar. So, 262 million shekels equal 75 dollars. In order for the elderly couple to buy the vase, 262 millions shekels would have to be paid. This amounts to a 1 million percent inflation rate. Actually a little over 1 million.

Current exchange rate:

1 Shekel = 0.29 dollars = 29 cents
256.79 shekels = $75

3.5 million shekels = $1,022,235.20

This kind of economy will crash.

Third horseman rides fast today.

A loaf of bread now is about $2 at walmart. With that kind of future exchange rate, what do you think the price will be?


Glenn R. Geary, Jr.

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  1. McKana

    Here is one more prophecy by JOHN PAUL JACKSON from 2007 regarding there current relevant point..
    “There is going to be anger erupting, violence is going to be on the streets. Rich houses, neighborhoods are going to be invaded, the robbers will say “what is yours is mine”. It is going spread, all you are going to see will be in a multi-million neighborhood, chemnies will be standing and burned chars of the houses. Violence is going to be so prevalent, police force will not be able to take care of it, the military forces will be able to take care of it in urban areas not in the rural areas. It will be so widespread.”
    “Drought is going to escalate in the lower half of the United States. So much so as it says in Revelation Chapter 6 loaf of bread. There may be bread, what it is going to cost you will be enormous. So much so, they have to put guards on trunks to keep them from being robbed.”

    When the economy collapses and the dollar is of no value, price of anything will not be a point of concern, availability will be the issue..
    When cascades of calamities strike and when people don’t have anything to eat, think of what they will do.
    The whole point is Be Ready, Be prepared in all aspects before it is too late. What is coming is sudden, swift and irreversible.

  2. Pr. Aarão

    Dear brothers
    I have been studying the scriptures for many years, especially the book of revelation and in prayer to the Lord, full of the presence of the Holy Spirit of God, I understood that the White Horse of the 1st seal would be the United States of America and its rider is his ruler, a warrior nation, since he takes a bow and wins.
    The USA with all its military might today would be a winner in any war.
    He will go to war with the Red Horse, which symbolizes Communism on earth, which could be China, North Korea, and other possible allies.
    The war between these two “warrior agents” will bring the action of the remaining two horses, because the miseries they bring are the consequences of a great war.
    The White Horse rider cannot be Antichrist, (which many in America think is Obama), because Antichrist will be the one who will bring peace and not war.
    He will present himself as the Peacemaker, which brings peace, because if not, he will not be accepted as a leader by the nations.
    The 1st seal will only be opened when the Knight of the White Horse (may be Trump, if reelected) starts the war, and he will win, even if the Knight of the Red Horse has received a large sword (nuclear weapons).
    The consequence of this war will be terrible, and the Church will still be here, for it will only be snatched when the last (7th) trumpet of the Apocalypse resounds. (1st Co 15:51 – Rev 11:15)
    We must be prepared, for “Many will be purified, and made white, and tested; but the wicked will proceed wickedly, and none of the wicked will understand, but the wise will understand.” (Daniel 12:10.)

    Pr. Aarão

  3. KarenO

    Pr. Aarão,

    I found your thought process quite interesting. I can’t see a “peacemaker” in any of the leaders currently on the scene.

    I do, like you, see plenty of fodder for achieving a worldwide “control” of the population coming from Russia & China, though.

    & “White” & “Red” horses could certainly be a flash point there, to create some sort of agreement that would eventually envelop the entire world (If it’s not already in place.
    Every incident that has occurred seems to be another firm step toward the attempt to control everyone on earth, so naturally, I find myself extremely suspicious of the surface events that drive the demand of the people to “do something” to change the existing paradigm.

    All they need to do is create enough destruction of peace & normalcy to get the majority of the people on board.


    Every leader would be quickly eager to provide the requested “respect, peace, & prosperity” if they had a tool (read: implanted microchip with artificial intelligence) reading & correcting mental & physical conditions for them.

    Just a little “software update” to the already implanted microchip for a medical reason would create the demand that everyone have it for the use of identity and commerce.

  4. Pr. Aarão

    Brother KarenO
    5G technology is all about implanted microchips.
    With Bluetooth or similar technology any implanted chip could be read and controlled remotely.
    Everything is being prepared and don’t delay

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