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The Price of Bread! – McKana

The Price of Bread!

June 5, 2020

It was in early November, 2019. In my dream I heard:

A Bread $35.00 A Doughnut $10.00

At first, for some reason, it didn’t impress me so much. I see a controversy in what I heard. I kept it to myself and now I remembered and realized that it means something. I looked into my files, here it is as I recorded it. It is not up to us to question.

Economic collapse, famine, whatever it is called, food shortage and price hiking are here. When? is not up to us to determine.

The time of 7 years of plenty is over and 7 years of scarcity on. We are entering a trying time. Remeber
what we posted last year

Famine Next Year – McKana, AUG 15, 2019, 8:08 PM https://444prophecynews.com/famine-next-year-mckana/


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  1. KarenO

    It surely is. When we look at what the farmers are facing, having been unable to process their food for consumption, & being forced to destroy their product, and only recently being able to have it processed for donation – almost as soon as they got that ability, they found themselves faced with a threat of tariffs again.

    Meanwhile, the food lines are incredibly long, and soon the farmers themselves will find themselves facing that problem. The delay the colder weather has placed & the early heat & storms will cause additional issues.

    Here’s another prayer opportunity, dear McKana…

  2. McKana

    It surely is coming Dear Karen
    The last year flooding, the pandemic 1&2, drought, civil unrest, pandemic with flu season, long winter and other calamities, the earthquake we don’t know when but soon, it is one after another.
    Many are seeing famine and the warning is out.
    Prayer and asking for mercy from the Lord is what we need.
    To be honest, this is the time to declare Neneveh for this Nation if the Lord relents fro.the wrath to be pured out soon.
    Lord have mercy
    Blessings to all

  3. 2-19-20 06:01 – Dream

    This dream is a about a young man and I trying to sell vase for $75 to an elderly Jewish couple. I could see the vase in the dream.

    Here’s the problem:

    At some point in the future 3.5 million shekels equals 1 dollar. So, 262 million shekels equal 75 dollars. In order for the elderly couple to buy the vase, 262 millions shekels would have to be paid. This amounts to a 1 million percent inflation rate. Actually a little over 1 million.

    Current exchange rate:

    1 Shekel = 0.29 dollars = 29 cents
    256.79 shekels = $75

    3.5 million shekels = $1,022,235.20

    This kind of economy will crash.

    Third horseman rides fast today.

    A loaf of bread now is about $2 at walmart. With that kind of future exchange rate, what do you think the price will be?

  4. KarenO

    Oh, dear. That bread looks mighty expensive, Glenn! Even flour at that rate of inflation would be a quarter of a million dollars (not to mention what our costs of living in society will be – land, taxes, a roof!)

    I find myself more concerned at the moment about the shelves being full of the basics (and they ARE NOT) like flour & yeast.

    So, God will feed his people. We need to seed our lawns with food.
    If we have fuel in our cars, go to buy wheat directly from the farmer, or product directly from the granaries & grind it at home.

    Be willing to garden, & to search for that which has recently fallen to the ground, & instead of plowing it under, washing it and eating what is good.

    And teach the children how to survive for the day. Because money is not/WILL NOT be the answer we need.

    God will provide for us, as long as we’re not too lazy to “shop” in His abundant world.

    I read a book called “The Power of Positive Deviance” in 2010 – and it looked exactly at things like widespread hunger, & what the people who were surviving in spite of the “problem” were doing, and how they harnessed that knowledge to create a way out of the problem. We also need to look at the very same thing. God’s inspiration, knowing He provides in EVERY situation.

  5. McKana

    Here is one more from the prophecy of JOHN PAUL JACKSON, 2007
    ‘There is going to be anger erupting, violence is going to be on the streets. Rich houses, neighborhoods are going to be invaded, the robbers will say “what is yours is mine”. It is going spread, all you are going to see will be in a multi million neighborhood, chimnies will be standing and burned chars of the houses. Violence is going to be so prevalent, police force will not be able to take care of it, the military forces will be able to take care of it in urban areas not in the rural areas. It will be so widespread. ‘
    “Drought is going to escalate in the lower half of the United States. So much so as it says in Revelation Chapter 6 loaf of bread. There may be bread, what it is going to cost you will be enormous. So much so, they have to put guards on trunks to keep them from being robbed.”

    In the long run, availability is the question, when things get worse, when people don’t have anything to eat, thing what they will do,
    The economic collapse will render the dollar of no value. Then, price will not be a point of talk.

    What is coming is way beyond the imagination of mankind, never seen in history, never to happen again for it is the end.

    Now, for all-Be Ready, Be Prepared in all aspects. The change is going to be sudden, swift and irreversible. All will run for their own dear life!
    Now is the time to be Ready than to be sorry when it comes.!

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