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The Price of Bread! – McKana

The Price of Bread!

June 5, 2020

It was in early November, 2019. In my dream I heard:

A Bread $35.00 A Doughnut $10.00

At first, for some reason, it didn’t impress me so much. I see a controversy in what I heard. I kept it to myself and now I remembered and realized that it means something. I looked into my files, here it is as I recorded it. It is not up to us to question.

Economic collapse, famine, whatever it is called, food shortage and price hiking are here. When? is not up to us to determine.

The time of 7 years of plenty is over and 7 years of scarcity on. We are entering a trying time. Remeber
what we posted last year

Famine Next Year – McKana, AUG 15, 2019, 8:08 PM https://444prophecynews.com/famine-next-year-mckana/


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