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Pole Shift: The entire world will be thrown into chaos

April 23, 2024 11:44 AM

Saturday, April 20, 2024, 11:33 a.m.

Let’s start, My precious one, first of all, I confess that Jesus Christ is the Word come in the flesh.

My precious daughter, write what I, your Father in heaven, have said.

My daughter, the world you see right now will soon be turned upside down; war is coming to the world, and the smoke of war will consume the lives of millions; many will be displaced and homeless; and not only that, but an even more violent and deadly plague will soon break out.

You have all experienced the damage what the Covid-19 pandemic has done to you, but compare the coming plague, the Covid-19 is nothing more than a dwarf in front of a giant.

As wars advance and expand around the world, global famine will ensue, crops will fail to grow in vast areas, food shortages and scarcity will increase, the supply chains of your daily life will begin to break down, workers will lose their jobs, and society will be thrown into chaos.

In order to survive, many people will begin to gang up on each other, forming one organization after another to steal and rob others of their possessions, food, and living materials.

Things that are valuables to you right now will become worthless at that time; things that you now consider the most ordinary and worthless, but which can be used to sustain your existence and continue your life, will be as expensive as gold at that time, even exceeds the value of gold far away.

The entire world will be thrown into chaos, while extreme weather will bring unspeakable suffering and loss to the people who live on the earth. Polar shifts will occur at the north and south poles, and the climate on the earth will become unpredictable.

One minute it’s a hot summer day, the next it’s suddenly a cold winter day; where you’re used to it being a warm spring day, it can become an icy climate like the Antarctic, and where you’re used to it being an icy cold day, it can become a hot day like a tropical rainforest.

At a time when the whole world is in a state of chaotic and anarchy, and the inhabitants of the earth have no any hope, the son perdition, the man of sin, would be swarmed on to the world’s stage in the cheers of the people’s emotions, for he promised to bring peace and a stable and orderly rule to the world.

Because of his charm, and the lying wonders he performs, so many people will be crazy about him, and fervently esteem him, and worship him as a god, and make statues of him to bow down to, that even My elect will be bewitched and deceived by him.

But the children who are truly Mine will stand strong in My Word and be faithful unto death; they will worship Me alone, the LORD of hosts, the Creator of heavens and earth; they will not love their lives, they will not deny the name of My Son, their Redeemer, the Name of Jesus Christ, who is the Word come in the flesh.

My children, are you ready? Have the clothes you wear been washed white by the blood of My Son, Jesus, the Lamb of God, shed for you on the cross? Is the oil in your lamps full, or have you run out of oil and need to go buy it?

Children, there is no more time, now you must come to My throne of grace with your truly humble and contrite hearts while I still allow you to have the breath of life, confess your sins, and sin no more. I Am faithful and righteous, I will forgive you your confessed sins, the blood of My Son Jesus Christ will cleanse you from all unrighteousness.

Take time to read My Words; take time to come to the feet of your Savior, My Son, Jesus, to hear what we want to say to you through the Holy Spirit; take time to talk to us, to establish a relationship with your Creator, the Lord of your life, in the secret place of the Most High, so that the oil in your lamps is always full.

Children, the door of the ark will soon be closed by Me, have you already entered into the ark through My Son, the only door of the ark, or are you, like those in Noah’s day who did not believe My Word that Noah preached, standing outside the ark with an evil heart of unbelief that just won’t come in?

The trumpet will soon sound, the children who are truly Mine will be lifted up in the air at the last trumpet to meet My Son, your Savior Jesus Christ, in the air. You will hold your Bridegroom, and together you will enter into the Wedding Feast, the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, that I have already prepared for My Son, and His Bride, from that point on, you will be with us forever.

My beloved children, come to Me now and rely on the Holy Spirit that I have given you in the name of My Son, Jesus to help you to prepare yourselves.

I desire that every one of whom I created in My image and likeness, will come to Me to receive the eternal life and even have it more abundantly that I desire to give you through My Son, Jesus, the Word come in the flesh.

Waiting for you with an open arms,

Your Abba Father in heaven.

Please take all to the Ld Jesus in prayer for the conformation.

May God richly bless you,


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