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Think On This Well My Children

May 30, 2020 3:09 PM
The Pen 

Open your eyes to what the elites have planned. NOW before it is too late!
Are you ready to proceed with the next step in their diabolical plan:
Forced Vaccinations? Then The Mark Of The Beast?
Yes Or No?

Those that willingly take the vaccination are doomed. I AM will not lift you up on the last day, for you will have the horns of the goat and the stench of sin, will reach My Nostrils. “Away from me I never knew you!”

Are you so incredulous, so weak as to go to the slaughter without a thought of their true intentions. Is it fear that drives you to accept their evil plans? “We must obey the civil authorities!” Your future, your families, your stomachs, your wallets, your freedoms, your pleasures, peer pressure, “the right thing to do”, “modern science knows all!”

“But the stores are opening, people are going back to work, restrictions are being lifted or eased.” The trap has been lifted a crack, for all to think, the return of yesterday is back. Not So! It is a mirage concocted to calm the masses for a spell. For a spell it is and working well. You have collectively past their test, obedient puppies, slaves all, accepting their lies wholus-bollus. It is a short spell, the Fall brings their kicker!

Pray, Watch, Be Silent, Be Calm. Refuse their poisoned darts! Prepare now for the coming onslaught of destruction, of all you know as I AM will renew the face of the earth, from Top to Bottom, from Rich to Poor, from Land to Sea, from Left to Right, from Up to Down, from Yes to No, Man to Woman. Only in Me will you be Safe and Saved.


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